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#322183 the pics from today thread

Posted by GSSucks on 15 November 2014 - 07:46 PM


First day out, First time on a skin track, hell of a workout. Alta, from the base up to Catherine's two quick Laps off the back side then back to the base. Around 2600' of vert. Great day with quite a few faceshots!!
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#289958 2011-2012 P.A.S.R. Utah Invasion thread....

Posted by phillycore on 08 February 2012 - 07:39 PM

Doug, First and foremost stop being an asshole. I fell maybe 4-5 times total in 6 days of skiing. I don't go ass over tea kettle on every run, and hell even if I was to in the future if I'm having fun doing it than who the fuck cares!
Of those falls most were due to hidden rocks from thin cover.
I push myself pretty damn hard so falling or getting out of shape from time to time happens and I'm more than ok with that.
I find the falls funny which is why I post that shit up, just like I post my MTB falls up as well.

You don't need to be a douche about everything, I don't claim to be any better than anyone else on here, I am simply out there having fun doing what I love to do and sharing my love for the sport with others.
The last thing I needed to do was go on a trip to JH with some guy who can't get through life without taping illegal substances to his gonads, and who can't control himself in the marked slow skiing areas putting others at risk.
You're like 30 years old man..... you're the true to life version of Jay from Jay and Silent Bob.... Everyone laughs AT you not with you....it's honestly more sad than funny in reality.

I'm a mature father of 3 and skiing JH with a wannabe rapping pothead isn't exactly on my bucket list.
80" in 8 days is epic, but I'll take 8" in 6 days with a bunch of friends who have a great time with no drugs,no drama and not even a single argument the whole trip any day over bullshit and an epic storm.

I'm only going to speak for myself here, but I know seeing the JH thread when I was out in Utah the only thing that stuck out wasn't the epic snow storm.... it was the fact that I felt bad for Johnny and Jeff.
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#316066 Day of the Creeks

Posted by toast21602 on 21 March 2014 - 06:50 PM

Beautiful day at BC. The sun was shining, the slush was deep. It's been a while since I was here. Great aesthetics but wow this place is small. At least it was nice to get somewhere different.

Drove my Subaru impreza thru the 610. Nah mean? ToastLyfe. Listened to some beastie boyzzz on the way up. Holla! Then before I got there I saw a bird fly over. Sick bird! He didn't look healthy like me. Speaking of healthy, instead of my usual stop to parking lot pimp at sheetz to get fries, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and a side of popcorn, I just had a bottle of water and an apple.

Traffic kinda sucked in Alburtis, but I got to hang out along the tracks. "I like trains!"


When I pulled in I was like "where is all the vert? I only go to places with mad steezy vert yo. It all worked out though, because I went straight down ever run like always! ToastLyfe!!!


I booted up in the lot and then got my ticket and headed up the lift! I thought they just put in this quad so I was expecting a HSQ but it was slow!!! Not boner city! It all worked out though, I was able to eat my cheeseburgers that I keep in my pockets in case of slow lifts.


I also got to ski some sick bird terrain and take some mad technical roots in the trees. MSY! Some sections were crispy, the way I like my chicken, but most were spicy!!! Unfortunately I didn't get to experience any titty sparkles. No problem - I like trains!!!


Jokes aside, it really was a nice little afternoon session there and it was nice to check the place out again. Bummed I didn't see any BC PASRs but it's all good. The beer was good, the deck was nice, and the bartender was good looking. Win, win, and win.


Thanks again for the free pass! Cheers!
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#315858 Utahhhhh

Posted by GSSucks on 18 March 2014 - 12:09 PM

Seems like Justo bailed out of this TR so I’ll give the cliff notes of when I skied with them

Snow Basin Friday:
Started the day out with a few beers while booting up in the lot, took a few laps and then had a beer waiting for the snow to soften up a bit. Had some real good cream cheese turns in Strawberry. Finished the day with two hours of lot drinking/taking boots off, ended up at Squatters downtown on the way home for more beer and food.

PowMow Saturday:
Took a few laps, snow softened up and we had some good turns with a bit of work. Had a few beers in the lot, and jumped off some cliffs. Ended the day at the Powder Keg with a good band and cold beer.

Snowbird Sunday:
Took a few laps, snow softened up and we had some good turns with a bit of work. Had a few beers in the lot, and jumped off some cliffs. Ended the day on the tram deck with a 12 pack split between 4 people and an hour to kill it. Got last chair on Peruvian to make it back to the car on the Bypass Rd. and it just so happened we had a cooler full of beer that needed to be finished. Hung out in the lot with some friends till about 6:00 drinking. be4e2uba.jpg

Deer Valley Monday:
Had a pass hookup so we figured why not, it was cold and windy all day. Started snowing around noon with wind gusts up around 60mph, lifts started to close. Got lunch and a beer, took a few more laps and called it a trip. Ended up at the St. Regis at Deer Valley before we left, we were absolutely the filthiest people there and did not fit in at all. But who cares, $60 and three drinks latter we ended up in Park City at Wasatch Brew Pub for two beers and ended the day at No Name Saloon for a buffalo burger and a few more drinks.

Over all it was a good time, lots of beer and some ok skiing, it was good to see a few peeps from PA


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#352909 Killington 10-26-16

Posted by Ride Delaware ? on 26 October 2016 - 11:27 PM

I've wanted to get an October day in for years.  This year I finally accomplished that goal.  


All the pieces seemed to fall into place for an October day this year.  I had a wedding to attend in New Jersey this past weekend.  The girlfriend drove down from NE for the wedding and had taken a couple extra days off after it.  We had considered going to Delaware, but with the temps trending towards snowmaking weather, we decided to go to Vermont to see what would happen.  She would also be closer to home.  


My educated guesses were correct, and Killington started making snow early on Sunday.  Temps were marginal to start, but they got better as the days progressed.  Monday morning they announced that they would open to season pass and express card holders for a customer appreciation day on Tuesday at 9.  We considered buying express cards in order to attend, but temps actually rose throughout the day and they had to turn the guns off.  They posted at 7 PM that they would be delaying the opening and that it could be as late as Wednesday.  They made the call to open at noon, but we didn't see the cost benefit to buying an express card that we might not use more than once.  We decided that Wednesday, the opening to the general public, would be the day for us.


We woke up at a decent hour, packed her belongings for the trip home, and hit the road around 9:30.  It had been snowing on and off since Sunday, and there was some slush on the roads.  We decided to eat some breakfast at the Rochester Cafe before we started our day on the snow.  We arrived at Killington at 11:30 to a decent, but not overwhelming amount of cars, and booted up in the parking lot.  Lift tickets were $55, but I had a 2 for 1, so we both rode for $27.50.  The lady at the window said they had about 500 customers so far.  I didn't know what that meant in terms of crowds, but we were about to find out.


We loaded the K-1 gondola at 12 PM.  Guns were going t2b on Superstar in preparation for the World Cup on November 26.  They brought in extra air compressors to make snow on both areas at once, but I'm guessing that they stretched their water thin and weren't able to concentrate as much on the NRT area.  They had guns going on Rime and Upper East Fall. They usually have guns going on Snowdon for the connection to the base and guns going on Upper Great Northern so that it is ski down from the gondola to the NRT.  Since this wasn't going today, it was going to be a hike on the Stairway to Heaven to and from the NRT.  


There was plenty of traffic going both ways on the stairs, but it didn't take as long as expected.  We got to the top of the NRT in less than 5 minutes with the guns still ablaze and a bunch of people hanging out at the top of the lift.  We strapped in and headed down Rime.  It was under constant assault from the snow guns, which were slightly wet, but since the temps weren't too cold, it wasn't freezing upon body contact.  The slush could easily be wiped off the goggles.


The trail had plenty of people on it, but it was pretty well spread out.  I only had two close encounters and they were both during the first two runs.  The snow was incredibly soft and creamy, but not slushy.  It was a super fun surface to ride on.  The nicest bonus, which I had never really encountered before, was that there had never been a time where the temps had gone above freezing since they started snowmaking.  That meant that there was no icy base underneath and everything was very edge able.  Lower Rime had a fun bump run forming on skiers right which was a nice change of pace.  The base was 12"-18" and growing.  


There was never more than a 3-4 chair lift line despite the amount of people on the trail.  The snow guns were loud, but it was worth the noise.  We only had one or two singles hop on with us the whole day.  They even had a DJ spinning some tunes.  Great vibe all the way around.  


After a couple runs on Rime, we decided to go down Reason, which is the early season terrain park trail.  They had 8 features set up on skiers right down the whole trail.  The base was maybe 8" because they weren't running the guns during the day,  Im sure that its getting some love tonight.  Lots of jib honks were sessioning the park and seemed to be very happy with the set up.  We rode on skiers left and it was an enjoyable run.  The snow was soft and easy to edge.  it was much flatter with better visibility, so we were able to do a little cruising on that trail.


As the day wore on, it became visibly less crowded.  By 2:30 there were only 20-30 people on the trail at once.  Since the gf had to drive home, and it was our first day, we decided to call it after 10 runs at 2:45.  We followed the line of people up the Stairway to Heaven to download down the K-1.  The hike up took about 5 minutes, and by 3:00 PM we were on the gondola headed down.  Temps at the base were hovering around 31 while the temps at the top were in the low 20's.  They were getting decent production.  


Overall, my first October day was one of my best early season days ever.  The lack of crowds, good coverage, and soft snow was more than I could have expected.  They should be able to blow snow into tomorrow before the warm front comes through.  I am sure they turned the guns back on in the park and are adding to the base.  They may even add East Fall tomorrow.  They park a groomer at the top and will probably groom Rime and Reason tomorrow before opening.  Im going to try to go back down tomorrow.  It should be less crowded, and if it is half as good as today was, it will be well worth it.  

















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#338275 the pics from today thread

Posted by jordan on 23 November 2015 - 01:53 PM

Loveland sidecountry on Saturday






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#325408 Woohoo and F*ck yeah

Posted by Barb on 22 December 2014 - 01:59 PM

Were he words I heard being yelled all morning at Eldora. All the mountains got hammered overnight. Since our place in Winter Park is rented out, had to settle for a morning at Eldora. 11" of new snow, I'd say about 8" was overnight.

First day I have skied in powder. Considered just binging my board instead of the skis but I have to learn some time. Wow, if my form was bad before, it was awful in powder. I could barely keep my skis together. Seemed to always have a rogue leg going in its own direction. Started to get the hang of things after a few runs but couldn't stay long, had to cut out at 11. A few pics623394ea4cb2d9520e0f87d7a90c7479.jpg

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#316499 Shit Fuck Weather, Shit Fuck Snow, Epic Time TR

Posted by Johnny Law on 31 March 2014 - 05:11 PM

Location: Daks, Angel Slides, Mt. Marcy.

Dates: 3-28-3/30


Disclaimer: Forgive the shitty pics the weather was not the best.

We were originally supposed to go to King Ravine but the avy danger was too high so and last minute change was made to go to the Daks. With little planning we decided to go out the LOJ, a number of years ago I had a TR on here were we tried to ski Marcy from the top but were once again skunked, this was a redemption trip with a nice little Friday tour as a bonus.

We arrived at about 1am and realized we could sleep in the car or the leanto, the car has heat and thus we awoke in the lot to light snow.

Our home for the next two days. Shortly after our arrival the snow switched over to a light rain and sleet, we made some fortifications to our lean-to and headed out for Angel Slides on Wright.

Angel Slides are the prominent features in the background.

About midway up the weather got shit fuck nasty, in the 10mins or so it took to dig a pit and do tests we saw rain, sleet, snow and lots of wind, this slop came in hard.

We skied, well kinda, the snow was atrocious, super wet, super heavy slop.

This did not stop a member from hucking a 7ft ice feature, considering the snow it was truly shredding the gnar.  

We were now very wet and some further modifications were made to our shelter, that’s not a fire, fires are illegal…..LOL

Perhaps the most impressive part of the trip was a successful Jiffy Pop, in my previous 32 years on this planet I’ve never seen a successful Jiffy Pop.

Dangerous but a good way to dry out your balls.

Saturday the weather improved and we decided to make the long slog to Marcy. Marcy is the third highest east of the Mississippi and a real bitch. Generally we’ve had no luck in the skiing department when it comes to Marcy.

Weather was light snow until about 11am with about 1500vert and 2 miles to go the sun started popping out but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Once we got through the trees, with about 500 yards to go, it went full on can’t see shit with steady 40mph winds, we ditched the skis 100 yards short of the summit and went on foot.

Good views from the top….


Looks kinda like the Moon

This is proof we skied down but this point I was not in the mood to take lots of pics due to a problem described below, the jack rabbit is real narrow and lots of leg work.

Last year I got heinous blisters so I bought some new boots. I rode them before hand to try to soften them up and even wrapped my feet but they got pretty destroyed. I won’t labor the point but it made this a painful trip. Plus on the way in I was clearing clumping snow and broke my pole in half, I made a BC repair but I couldn’t really use it which probably put a lot more work on the left foot. Gotta go see AS’s boot dude.

It was a really dope trip with Pine Martens and lobster mac, thinking about a hut trip next year, maybe 10th mtn.

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#365836 the pics from today thread

Posted by toast21602 on 17 July 2017 - 06:32 PM


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#359252 Taos Ski Valley - 2017

Posted by NMSKI on 20 February 2017 - 08:56 PM

Had a really fun day today. Unfortunately, yesterday's expected storm delivered nothing, but it was fun spring conditions. Shady trees were a little icy, but everything else was okay. I got after it pretty good, skied a bunch of fun groomers, but the interesting runs were Lorelei, hunziker bowl, el funko, blitz, one of the Bambi chutes (3 I think), kachina Main Street, walkyries and ash pond. Pics are of those runs. Hit a hidden rock near the top of kachina main, lost a ski and luckily self arrested and managed to escape bodily harm. Got a nasty core shot in my ski and had to take to the shop for repair. Tomorrow should be spring again, windy and cold the rest of the week but I'll make the best of it!

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#358068 2/5/17..nice snow..lots of PASRs

Posted by Shadows on 05 February 2017 - 03:14 PM

Just got back.
Bit overwelming/akward/surreal; lot of peeps to meet but good day. Forgot how nice early mornings are with good snow.
Spent the last hour/half on the new sticks. Way nice, huge thanks to tarpon. Nicest thing someones done for me in a while.
Pretty much just got to buy a season pass next year and I'm back in it.
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#357116 Jackson hole 1/24-2/1...2017

Posted by moe ghoul on 17 January 2017 - 08:12 PM

First day in pictures:


Attached File  airport_hero1.jpeg   43.8KB   11 downloads

Attached File  49er-ext_1260-1200px__large.jpeg   72.66KB   10 downloads

Attached File  JD and coke.jpeg   155.26KB   10 downloads

Attached File  snake-river-logo.jpeg   339.53KB   10 downloads

Attached File  sausage-sampler-starter.jpeg   36.63KB   11 downloads

Attached File  JD and coke.jpeg   155.26KB   10 downloads

Attached File  cowboy bar.jpeg   177.92KB   11 downloads

Attached File  img_2694.jpeg   40.13KB   10 downloads

Attached File  barfing.jpeg   54.9KB   11 downloads

Attached File  drunk-dude.jpeg   34.24KB   10 downloads

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#351721 the pics from today thread

Posted by Barb on 17 September 2016 - 02:25 PM





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#347118 Blue Mountain - Customer Service Story

Posted by RidgeRacer on 09 March 2016 - 07:26 PM

Not to rehash shit but the 7 of us who post here know that my ski season ended when I got jacked up pretty good at Blue in January. It was an accident. No one's fault. Shit happens. Obviously I'm a pass holder at Blue plus I have a few hundred invested in ski club passes for my girls. So I drop some dough there. Granted it's not PoconoOceanCity's JFBB dough, but dough none the less. (  :D )


Anyway after I got hurt I initially assumed that my $$ was a wash for this season. After getting my wits about me, at some point post surgery, I figured let me call Blue and and see if there is anything they could do. I spoke with a very nice gentleman who advised that I should send a note from my Dr. in order for them to credit not only the un-used portion of my season pass for this year but also the 11 of the 12 unused tickets for my kids since they wouldn't be going without me. Long story short I gathered up everything that they needed and mailed it off.


Yesterday I find a check in the mail from Blue Mt. I called today to try and determine what exactly the check was for. I spoke with a very nice lady who advised that the manager I sent my info to was in a meeting. She transferred me to her VM. The manager called me right back (extremely nice and knew exactly who I was)  explained that the check was for the un-used portion of my season pass. She also stated that a gift card was on it's way (got that today) for the un-unsed ski club passes for my kids. Bottom line, Blue basically refunded me for everything except for the skiing I did up until I got hurt; in a season where they probably took a beating because of the weather none the less. Pretty f'ing cool.


I'm not sure if this is standard for all ski areas. (I don't think it is). But I wanted to share because not only was everyone I talked to extremely nice and pleasant but Blue definitely treated me like a valued customer / passholder. They've earned my business for a long time because of it. It's not like Blue needs additional props around this place but for any lurkers or posters thinking about Blue next year (C1er, etc). Do it. Their customer service alone is worth it. 

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#344411 Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

Posted by AtomicSkier on 30 January 2016 - 04:52 PM

Unfortunately Toast had to leave this AM, but I'm really glad he made the best of his trip here.  His first trip here was a whiteout for the duration, so finally getting to ski JH wall to wall in good visibility was awesome.  I'm glad he had a great time.
The report was for 17" when I woke up around 6am.  That, combined with the fact that it's Saturday, we knew it was going to be a fucking zoo.  We took the 7:15am town bus (which was 100% packed with skiers) into Teton Village, arriving around 7:45am.  The tram line was surprisingly short.  At worst, second civilian box.  30 minutes later, it was a 4-5 tram wait.  9am came and went with the annoucement of a delayed opening.  Probably 7-8 tram wait by then.  Around 9:25am Apres Vous opened up, so we knew it wasn't going to be an insane delayed opening.  Then Casper, then the Gondy, then Thunder.  Boom.  9:45am the entire mountain was cleared to open.  We were solidly in the second tram to the top, arriving at the top around 10:15am.
I'm just going to describe our first run of the day, because the rest don't really matter.  Sure, we got plenty of titty deep untracked turns elsewhere on the mountain, but nothing could compare to the 4139 vertical feet of untracked nipple deep blower we skied right out the gate.  There was no time to fuck around with the upper mountain lifts.  We had a chance to ski a top to bottom Rendezvous Bowl to Hobacks totally untracked, and we were going to do it.  It was so fucking deep, the hobacks could've been 8000 vert and they would've been effortless.  Just point 'em straight and let the snow hit you in the face.  It was fucking bottomless right up to the cat track 4139 feet below.  Pinch me.
Oh yea, it was fucking PACKED today.  The Union Pass lift had like 100 people in line by the time we got down there for the second time.
Just so Phillycore wouldn't hate, we even stopped for some quick action shots.  Hopefully they're satisfactory. 

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#332465 Blue mountain skiers/PASRs honorable mentions!!!!

Posted by GrilledSteezeSandwich on 03 April 2015 - 12:40 PM

This was one of the best ski seasons Blue has ever had. Maybe not for deepest snow or attendance but there were alot of days and nights with very nice conditions. In this thread I'm gonna give some honorable mentions. If you aren't mentioned don't feel bad and next season hopefully some more PASRs like Mess, Ski2Live, TNT and others can ski/ride Blue with PASRs as well.

JohnnyLaw: probably the most dedicated Blue skier..been to like 100 resorts..always finds something positive in even the worst conditions. Drives a mind boggling amount of miles and skis fast would probably be faster than me if I didn't have 50 pounds on him. Plus he rocks pink well for an alpha male.

Atomic Jeff: always down to ski, always has older race dudes drooling over his skiing..plus PASRs official bagel guy!!!

MBike Mike: been on PASR ten years...bumps..beers...bourban..and a wife who skis alot who is a GSS fan!!!

NMSki: PASR beer guy...as crude as most of my good friends..has a nice ski area patch collection!!

Phillycore: been skiing with him for like 8 years...always has entertaining stories..enjoys the gnar..drinks the same beers as the college girls I know!!

Toast: can be in bed the latest of any PASR and still make first chair...closet GSS fan..former Jibhonk

Root: super enthusiastic about skiing and home brewing...is still sleeping in the lower lot at Blue

Justo: been skiing blue longer than me and an excellent skier..

Indiggio: often on first chair...puts in long ass sessions..bump master

Matt Edge: the enthusiasm of being relatively new to the sport..and he loves grinding the spine and always has Stone IPAs on demand.

TheProgram4: PASR old gangstah, sort of like me in that he sometimes forgets he's white. Very good snowboarder and rides every chance he gets.

VTMark: infectious laugh, always has interesting stuff to say..one of the only snowboarders besides -Dan who has passed me..he's fast...won the snowboard division in Nastar nationals 2007

TheDude4Bides: puts in a ton of days..loves the bumps...helped out the PASR race team.

JFBBDan: good skier, always down for a parking lot beer...powder hound storm day skier..can easily be spotted by his trademark orange hood.

Nastar Glenn: He's Nastar Glenn nothing more to say.

PARidge: another JFBB gangstah who saw the light and the light was blue. Likes the trees and spraying people who are behind him. Does real time reports!!
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#329953 Taos 2015

Posted by NMSKI on 24 February 2015 - 09:44 PM

Day 2 started out nice and sunny with some fresh still to be found on the sides of everything that had been open yesterday plus they dropped the rope on the backside which opened up miles and miles of powder runs and really fun trees. Stayed back there pretty much all day. Kachina still closed they better open that shit soon. Strapped on the go pro for some vids which I'll post when I'm back at a computer. Snowing a little bit now in town hopefully we get a little refresher up high tonight!

Mostly scenery pics early today. Was good and I just couldn't keep stopping to take out the camera you know how it is.

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#324574 Dec 11 - Killington

Posted by tarponhead on 11 December 2014 - 03:21 PM

Nice dude! What's the snow like?

Heavy but pow. And the glades were open. Just finished my last run on downdraft and there was still fresh on the sides to surf. Enjoying a beer now and then on the road to B-town to meet son#1 [emoji2]
So fuckin happy right now
Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418329102.115089.jpg   462.18KB   12 downloadsAttached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418329142.129756.jpg   423.25KB   12 downloadsAttached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418329179.613117.jpg   390.93KB   12 downloadsAttached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418329246.396761.jpg   320.84KB   12 downloads
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#321762 the pics from today thread

Posted by Barb on 11 November 2014 - 02:23 PM


Yay snow!
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#313911 Blue Mountain Side Country **PICS!**

Posted by toast21602 on 15 February 2014 - 07:34 PM

The opportunity was here with 26" of snow in the last 24 hours on top of everything that fell last week - so why not give the "back country" a shot. I got the phone call from Justin around 4:00 and off we went. I met him and Rose and the BMBI and we parked our car at the our end point and then dropped off the other at the top of the AT near Blue to ski the gas line that runs close by. When we got there, we noticed two snowboarders that hiked in either late yesterday or early this morning because their tracks were pretty much covered with the new snow or windblown shut.




started right by the AC and ended down near Harris Lane (which is private property)










The hike started with about a 1/4 mile flat/slightly uphill trek to the actual terrain that we were trying to get to. It would have been a lot easier if we had the right gear...








The terrain was surprisingly good. some nice tight coniferous trees throughout the first headwall that we skied until we came to the powerline that mellowed things out. After the powerline the first 50-100 yards were the steepest on the hill and pretty deep. So of course, we stepped out a lip to jump off of it. Justin throwing a 360 in the PA backcountry was a highlight of the descent!!!






Once at the bottom, it was flat and deep and just a short hike out to the private road which luckily crossed the stream so we could get back.






We got to the bottom just as the sun was starting to go down and the cloud cover made for a beautiful sky. Really a fantastic time our there for the two hours that we had and the sunset as the backdrop with the snow was absolutely beautiful. So tranquil.













Hope you enjoyed the little report and the pictures, I know we did :)




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