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  2. I didn’t do any waxing last season.
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  4. Got my skis waxed at the shop so they could tune the edges, but decided to go full in with a setup so I can start doing it myself rest of the season. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. At first I skimmed the post quick and just saw Tussey, Saw Mill, Big Bear... I guess with some of the others it isn't such a bad deal.
  6. Wow, you guys sure are ambitious. I usually dont get my RTMs waxed until the end of January.
  7. Thanks for the Information (TFTI) but I cant imagine driving for hours and hours to ski little tiny anthills with slow motion lifts. I only ski big league mountains.
  8. Today is the first day where foliage is looking pretty nice. Probably 35-40% right now.
  9. What’s the breakeven point on the Empire frequent skier card?
  10. Thanks. Been waiting to see what they did this year. Will pass once again however. Would love to see CB, Elk, and maybe a Catskill resort along with JFBB, montage and WF. Looking hard at the Empire frequent skier card again this year for the ORDA resorts in NY.
  11. It was quite chilly Saturday morning. I think it hovered somewhere around 30. The leaves were past peak, but some tree species still had plenty of color. I was in training all weekend, but my wife hiked to the top of the Valley House chair. The snow line was somewhere around 2,400 feet, so she got to touch the snow.
  12. Did you walk up to touch the snow...how were the leaves??? Cold enough to wear a fleece??? TFTI
  13. @saltyant check this out.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Even if you plan on hitting JFBB and Whiteface you probably break even or come close to it.
  15. Bah! I wish the guy I talked to would have told me that so I didn't have to make another trip up there. Geez!
  16. The wnep card was just posted. $139 gets you a single pass to Greek Peak, Jack Frost Big Boulder, Montage Mountain, Mountain Creek, Shawnee, Ski Big Bear, Ski Sawmill, Swain Resort, Tussey Mountain and Whiteface. Price is a little higher than previous years but I think it's usually only 6 or 8 mountains. https://www.google.com/amp/s/wnep.com/2019/10/21/wnep-ski-card-2019/amp/
  17. They're available to tune, mount, etc. Just drop stuff of at the front desk / ticket counter for the bike park. I already have my stuff back 😀
  18. Did you find somewhere to drop stuff off? The guy I talked to had no idea and didn't even know if they were doing any work on equipment until they open up the shop.
  19. Took that Saturday morning while I was up in VT for refresher. I think they got 2” at the peak. I’m sure somebody got 7” and someone took out the rock skis, but I didn’t hear of any firsthand reports here at the Bush.
  20. According to Jim D a pipe burst and there was some serious water damage in the True Blue shop. When I went up 2 weeks ago it was a hard hat zone. Very confusing as to where to drop stuff off.
  21. To be honest, I haven't smoked pot since college days. I'm all for medical marijuana.
  22. Got caught up a little with him tonight, going to continue our conversation tomorrow. Thanks for the shove. He's now big on running and does it at night time (clearly he doesn't live in grizzly and mountain lion country).
  23. A big, ugly, cinderblock pig.
  24. Schif

    Skison 19/20

    I bet it's pretty amazing up on the hill at night.
  25. I can't imagine there ever being enough snow for that trail to open. Maybe once every 5 years?
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