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  2. WTGAI!!! In 2016 I drove almost that exact route, from Southwest Denver to Durango (actually ended in Cortez). It truly is a spectacular drive but it felt like Root 160 was never going to end. I love how you gradually transition from mountains to the start of desert terrain. Make sure to ride the Choo Choo train in Durango and write a report!
  3. Have a blast! I can't wait to hear all about it 🙌
  4. Only 486 miles to Durango...
  5. Last week
  6. AC is cranking but later this week there are cooler temperatures in the future. When it’s 80 for the high temperature and high 50s for the low im cool with that. That’s good boardwalk weather listening to that hot town summer in the city song.
  7. I went and bought another window unit ac for one of the bed rooms today. I'm ready for fall.
  8. Yeah, and also makes sense that they would have started at Camel, since they would have needed to get to a certain point on that lower house before opening the waterpark, I would think.
  9. I did some yardwork sunday morning, was ok till the sun hit where i was working. then i went to play cars in the garage, that lasted about 15 minutes before i was covered in sweat. I really hate it when its just too fucking hot to be outside.
  10. I didn’t go outside at all yesterday and today I was outside maybe five minutes with a customer.
  11. After working in the yard all weekend I'm done with summer. We grilled burgers last night and I even ate inside.
  12. This weather absolutely blows. It was so stupid hot yesterday by noon, i was inside. this is more like it.
  13. Nice evening on the river. A few Trulys and a few bald eagles 🦅
  14. At least his balls aren’t in Stevie Nicks purse.
  15. Ever since my wife pointed out the scrotum on the Fleetwood Mac album cover (somehow I never noticed it) I can't stop seeing it. I was always like dude's wearing a weird ballet belt or whatever.
  16. Reminds me of this song and this album.
  17. That is what I heard but I don't know if it is true. Seems reasonable.
  18. That is very plausible and a benefit to Blue being picked up by whoever owns camelback I can’t even think of the company but they have a P.O. box in Colorado so are legit.
  19. I'm pumped for the Indy Pass again. Looking forward to some Greek, Montage, and Shawnee days.
  20. I wonder if they're not using the same contractors for both mountains. Maybe they just finished concrete at Camel so they moved that crew down to Blue
  21. It depends on which floor. I usually park in the top floor so I have more 'privacy' for changing in and out of my clothes.... You got to walk down a flight of stairs and the walk is really not any further than from where you all park to the 6/pack or quad..
  22. Camelbacks lift will be done. Maybe you can get a pass there and hang out with the nuuuu yooorkas
  23. Locker room wow...fancy schmancy. If you boot up at your car? How far is the walk?
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