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  2. I might come into work late tomorrow and hit up Blue tomorrow AM I agree conditions are gonna be grate.
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  4. https://www.ouraynews.com/news/ice-climber-killed-avalanche-south-ouray Not part of the ice park but very close by. Happened yesterday, incredibly sad. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Tomorrow morning is going to be great. See you there.
  6. Last year, I skied MLK day after coming back from Florida and it was amazing. Razor's Edge was a magical carpet of fluffy white snow all day long. Was hoping for the same this year but sounds like it will be krap. Guess I'll just wait til next weekend.
  7. Based on my drive here which i usually see 1 car, its gonna be a shit show. Followed a bunch of cars here.
  8. They just want everybody to know that they’re expert skiers from jersey.
  9. I think so too. Early runs, early parking lot.
  10. Lipstick on a pig and crowds. Slower drive to the mountain as well. Can’t wait!!!
  11. Jerry helmet sticker game right there...
  12. Can't wait to see what's in store for today! 🤣
  13. Guess I’m not missing anything working. Hopefully better conditions on Monday
  14. Lol, I think I mixed up my flight somehow...
  15. Y’all bailed on Razor’s first run and missed out, sorry! It was the best conditions all season on any trail so far. BMR must have payed the law down, as the snow and grooming was par excellence! Everything else was meh in comparison. Lazy was horrible as was DW. It’s like they never made snow in 20’ temps ever before. WTF?? Paradise first run was great, subsequent runs were meh. Ended up running Challenge ditch which had nice snow all day long.
  16. The snow today was hilariously rough lol nmdw I'm not sure where else I've ever seen something like that before. First two runs on challenge were a perfect carpet too lol Hopefully this precip will at least smooth things out, surface could be firm
  17. PM session sounds better than am other than missing hanging with you fools. Variable conditions with A LOT Of bad skiers out there. So many it never made fun snow piles until about 4-4:30, until then it scrappy/ nice / scrappy. Highlight was 2 runs after they Dropped the rope on razors and late afternoon skiers left on NMDW. Left around 4:45 sleet down low and a lil snow in top. If it doesn’t turn to all rain overnight should be good tomorrow as long as the groomers don’t fuck it up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  19. Looks good barb. Nice life.
  20. Should be good. Snow incoming? Have a good time.
  21. Holy cow, another trip to the Skiers Paradise! A place with endless groomers and highest number of sunny days in Alps. A rough start with crazy outbound weather with snow peaking right around the departure time. When it hit, it hit hard, and I even started looking at rail options, but then miraculously the snow took a break, and I zipped to EWR in no time at all. Stupid United flight this time. Far from the luxury of Emirates, longer en route, but timely departure and free booze in the United Club. The only thing left before departure is deicing. Whoo-hoo, looking at the webcams and forecast, it's gonna be truly epic. Lots of sunny days has its unfortunate side effect on snow quality or even availability, plus this time I'm flying earlier than ideal, but the storm that drowned Venice in December dumped enough in the mountains to last till now.
  22. This year we opted for a private guide and arrived in Ouray a week before the Ice Festival. Kind of nice how quiet it was. Starting our hike in. Our climbing area. My friend Shannon always kills it. My friend Natalie is an incredibly fast climber. Here is me totally stressed that I can hardly keep up with her pace belaying her. The climb out, always feel steep. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. zzslope


    Thank you, great info, I saw that ToR place on line.
  24. Put skis on the de Havilland for some flights from the snow.....
  25. They're actually advertising on social media about how they spent all night grooming. Showing time lapse videos of groomers making their way up and down the slopes last night.
  26. First run down Razors wasn't bad so I had hopes the rest of the trails would be the same...That ended quickly when I went down NMDW...It was like riding down a gravel pit.. Went down Paradise just after the groomers got done with it and it was pretty bad...Left after about an hour cause of the conditions/crowds...
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