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  2. Yeah I saw. That’s so fucked up...as a young black man TP4 I don’t think you should visit Sweden..
  3. thats a shame. did you see trump is working to bring home A$AP Rocky?
  4. Maybe too late but I forgot to mention Beltsville, Mauch Chunk lake Park or the lake at Hickory Run if lakes are your thing. You can't really escape the tourists. There are a higher percentage of tourists at certain places (CB) than others but they're everywhere. It is what it is.
  5. It was trash city, ended up at Barley Creek for now.
  6. I’d rather not hand out with any trashy people.
  7. as someone who has lived in all 3 areas, NJ and NYC people are significantly better to hang with than scranton/wilkes barre people (unless you like heroin)(or are Schifdawg, he's good people)
  8. jordan


    Camelbeach rocks! seriously. don't listen to the naysayers.
  9. This. i would rather go hang out with the trashy people from PA at Montage, than the trashy people from NJ/NY at Camelback. But i would also rather just run under the hose than drag myself to a waterpark.
  10. Not as many trashy NJ/NYers is my guess..
  11. jordan


    Why the heck would you go to Montage water park when you are closer to Camelbeach, which is one of the top water parks in the country?
  12. Looks cool sort of reminds me of lost river caverns in hellertown.
  13. On topic..on hot days like this I have the hot town summer in the city song stuck in my head...I’m staying indoors today except when I go to Whole Foods later and go out to see my friends band tonight...air conditioning set at 66 in hotel room...wooo
  14. https://no9minemuseum.wixsite.com/museum I really want to check this out, so if by chance you go, let me know what its like. Notice they recommend you bring a light jacket since the mine is about 50 degrees year round.
  15. Elixir is the shit..he gets away with a lot of fuckery because he’s young. He’s always sneaking into comic cons and even snuck into the NBA all star game. @theprogram4 NELK is taking a little summer break 😞
  16. Out of all places your kids will like Camelbeach the best..can also do mountain coaster, alpine slide and zip line. Funny cause half my summer loving friends are down the shore this week.
  17. there are 2 fireworks stores near camelback
  18. the city cleaned this wall above recently and it got hit a few days later lol
  19. Depends on what you're looking to do. Off the top of my head...H2ooohhh, bushkill falls, Kalahari, Ricketts Glen, camelbeach, hawk falls, Boulder field, train ride in Jim Thorpe, Lehigh gorge, stores in Jim Thorpe, there's a nice driving range / mini golf in sciota with some good eats nearby. If I think of anything else I'll post
  20. Hello everyone, We’re in the Pokes and planned on hitting Montage Water Park today. Just found out they are closed. What’s something fun to do outside anywhere within an hour of Lake Harmony? Thanks!
  21. I was blasting / singing Man's not hot in the car the other day. The kids were appalled. Haha
  22. 81 degrees at 11pm at night and soupy outside on the drive home from beer league hockey, the storms that came through earlier did nothing except make it feel like a swamp.
  23. Yesterday
  24. We’re going to French Creek, so not cooler unfortunately, but we do have a small AC unit in the camper plus a few small fans.
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