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    I’ve been away from this place for a week and it looks 100x better. They are pushing out Razors/back, lower park, Central Park, and blowing on NMDW, Switchback, and still parts of Razors along with other random fan guns. Challenge is a nice addition and WidowMaker is open as well. I guess the only things not being targeted right now are Sidewinder and Lower Sidewinder? Conditions were decent this morning compared to other Blue Mountain days. Challenge was cookies but then it was closed for a few race team elites. Everything else was 7/10 for grooming and snow quality. Flurries were flying all morning and it was cloudy. Called it quits at 10:00 before I have to head in to work. I’ll probably be up Friday morning next. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You make a lot of unsolicited jokes about doug. There something you want to get off your chest?
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    Is that snowmaking on an open trail in PA? What?
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    Perfectly positioned in a blind corner between food trucks and lockers.
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    You’re welcome and anytime.
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    i am probably riding a train tomorrow. kind of disappointed its at night so i cant really have a TR with pics
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    They should've just increased ticket prices by $3 and nobody would've even noticed...
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    So, JFBB did confirm that vouchers bought before Jan 1, will not have a surcharge. New ticket sales will have the $3 surcharge. They stopped communicating with me when i asked why other mountains serviced by PPL were not issuing a surcharge.
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    If given the opportunity to pay a few extra bucks and stay on site for a wedding I'm doing it every time. Getting bused to and from a venue sucks.
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    Post Utah recap. Knee issues. Limited range of motion, like stairs start to become a big issue. Thursday morning was rough. I found out right away the biggest issue was going to be the lift. Bending that knee to sit on the lift hurt like hell, and with a ski attached to it you dont have much choice but to sit like u are sitting in a chair. I figured out to let the chair push me almost off the platform, then sit down at the last minute, then i didnt have to bend my knee as much. Deer Valley - i have never been, never really on my radar with the posh treatment, but i really like the oppurtunity to check out new places. Sweet groomers. Big time speed runs. I think its true mostly pretty people ski there, and most wont venture off trail. I think the day after a storm, trees might still be good. I was just happy i could actually ski groomers, so nothing off trail for me. “The Bird” (day 2) I have been here a few times, and skied just about every condition possible. Powder day/sun, powder day/zero vis/97 mph winds (same storm that knocked out power to JHMR) and bluebird. So the Bird being the bird, the day starts with real low vis up top, so we made it down to gad valley area to where we could see. Clouds rolled out quicker than anticipated and it lead to a really nice day. Somehow i went from barely being able to walk in ski boots in the am, from the car to the base area, to actually feeling better, which i never would have imagined anyways, the Bird is still just a beast. If you are looking for big vert in one run, this is probably where you do it at. Real good day here, finished off with a nice beer on the deck at the top with the boys. Take time to absorb the view from there sometime. Celebrate the small victories in life Brighton - Bluebird, perfect temp, nice day. i forgot how much i love this place, and i am still in love with it. The whole place has the “blue parking lot vibe” to it. Smaller vert somewhere around 2k, but just super playful. Plenty of off tral stuff when the snow is good to keep those with ADD occupied. We skied this Sat, and it was actually kinda crowded, but we did a decent job of avoiding the longest lines by skiing off the Great Western. This was probably my best day knee wise. We dabbled around a little off trail, Toast found some stuff to jump off of, and i figured out with the knee thing im not super confident making quick turns on steeper, somewhat crudy stuff. I cant lift my leg high enough and bring that ski around, nor can i pressure that ski like i can my right. Brighton has super fun groomers with more character than i think anywhere else i have skied. They run through the trees, go up and down, twist and turn and always keep you looking around. I would say Brightons groomers could be like riding the coolest roller coaster ever. Finished off a great day at the miley lodge for a beer and some tater tots in the sun. Right close to the miley lodge is where the blue crew would set up with apres ski activities. I did not end up skiing into someones driveway this year. Alta (day 4) Cold start to the day. BTW, the collins lift opens at 9:15, so we had a little wait in the corral thinking it opened at 9. Once we got off the collins, we were in the sun, so we just stood there for a few absorbing some heat. Skied off the Supreme since thats where the sun was in the am. Met up with Ryan who was able to guide Toast and Aj to some better skiing being the local. Hiking and sidestepping werent going to bode well with my knee, and i wasnt going to put me or anybody else in a weird way thinking it would be a good idea for me to go with. We met back up at the lift, i stuck to the groomers and they found some other stuff to play in. We called it a day early afternoon. Day 4 and the legs were feeling it. Alta is a cool place, maybe something like a bigger brighton, or smaller snowbird. You always sort of have the feeling its a little agro there, like make sure your pass works or you will be trampled upon. Big shout out to Toast and AJ for letting me tag along. Good people to hang out with. I cant keep up with them at Blue, let alone anywhere else, but they made it work even with my busted wheel. I told them they could ditch me at anytime when they wanted to go explore. I was just happy i could actually ski, and ski something different than the rinse and repeat stuff we have going on at home. We skied the whole time on real snow that God dropped on Utah in great quantities. The only sugar out here went in my coffee. I spent the wait time at the airport this morning setting up Dr’s appointments to hopefully get my knee drained, so hopefully its better for Jackson Hole were we are just gonna get pounded with snow. Oh, and i thought Nmski was the most flatulent Pasr. Toast wears that crown. Dude just farts all the time.
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    Blue had more new snow then Alta, sure. Did Alta have more snow? Sure. We met up with Ryan at Alta today for some turns. He gave us a rowdy tour of the place. We sidestepped/traversed all the way out to Eddie’s High Nowhere/East Greeley bowl which had variable conditions at the bottom. We also skied Spiney Chutes in Catherine’s which was heavy, but soft snow. Towards the end of our day, we saw someone skiing down East Baldy with no other tracks to be seen. Up the mountain we went. 15 minutes later we made some great turns through a chute that lead to some glorious wind buffed pow. Ryan and I look the same in photos. I have the brighter blue pants.
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