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  1. Good to know! thanks for the insight! We have a house that is a 2-3 min walk to a trail/lift that is not the town lift. So we should be good. We prioritized booking more of a ski in/ski out house since there are 9 of us. Makes it easier logistically and no car rental is needed.
  2. I also just booked a trip to Utah in late Feb. We have a place in Park City from Feb 20- 25th. It's been quite a few years since I've been there so I'm excited to check it out
  3. It surely looks that way. The other wives were back home in Philly. They don't know how to ski
  4. Friday 2/24: We flew United from PHL to Denver flight 3:30pm flight. The airplane seemed old and didn't even have movies to watch which sucked. We arrived with no issues. I think it was in the 40's when we landed. We got off the flight and headed towards baggage. Our bags showed up very quickly and so did our ski bags. Unfortunately, we saw a guy take a ski bag that looked exactly like ours but we assumed he would have checked the sticker. He clearly didn't because we grabbed "our" ski bag only to find out it wasn't ours. So we rushed to customer service who called and got in touch with the person. He was on this way to his rental car so he eventually looped back around. It was really frustrating because who doesn't check the name on the bag. He was very apologetic though. We headed over to Budget to get our 4runner. It took quite a while but no issues. We were finally on our way to Breckenridge around 8/9pm. Dark drive but clear roads which I was thankful about. Our house was about 15 minutes outside of Breck and sat about 11,500 in elevation so we were all huffing and puffing. Saturday 2/25: We slept in a little bit and headed to the mountain around 9am only to find traffic was terrible because it was a gorgeous blue bird day. After about 45 minutes of driving and finding parking, we got a spot and finally headed to the gondola to hit the mountain. Perfect day of skiing. A bit warm but we cruised blues all day on Peak 7 and 8 with 2 of the people who aren't super great skiers. We stopped for lunch and a beer than headed back out for more runs. We ended up calling it quits around 3pm. He headed back to the house and sat in the hot tub. The other half of the group went off and skied alot of the mountain. it was super crowded since it was such a nice day but it was a nice low key day Sunday 2/26: A lot less crowded. We had no issues driving into town and finding parking. We were on the mountain around 9:30am with clear blue skies again. We skied Peaks 7 and 6. We ended up calling it a day around 1pm so my husband and I could walk around town and grab food and drinks. We had hopes of doing a group dinner in town Saturday night but it was snowing pretty hard. By the time we were ready to leave 1 car was stuck in the snow so we stayed in and made dinner. Monday 2/27: Best day of skiing. No crowds, fresh snow, blue skies. We got to the mountain early and took a few easy runs to warm up. We did a bunch of tree runs. After lunch we headed up the t-bar to horseshow bowl. We got on the t-bar and Nick sat a little hard and the bar disappeared from my behind and I was dropped haha Luckily it was only about 20 feet so we skied back down and got in line again. Second attempt at the t-bar was successful. We had alot of fun in the bowls. We skied until close and took the easy trail all the way down to the parking lot. The group met up and we headed to dinner at the Kenosha Steakhouse. Food was alright but good atmosphere. It was our last night so we ate and walked around a bit. Tuesday 2/28: Flight home was uneventful. It was a fun trip. I hadn't been out west skiing in a few years so it was nice to be back. That's all I got for now.
  5. I'm heading to Breck next Friday and pretty excited. Haven't been out west in while. I'll try to provide a decent trip report...
  6. Thanks for saving your buddy pass for me year after year. One of these years I'll use it.
  7. I'd gladly take one... I would maybe even ask for autographs
  8. What does one do with an older helmet? Mine is well taken care with no falls/crashes but it is probably 6-8 years old. I feel bad throwing it out but how safe is it to pass off to someone else?
  9. Glad you got to enjoy the snow after the storm. I was out skiing all Saturday and it was great. Pretty damn windy off the Gondola but it was excellent to ski on fresh snow. The snow was really piling up. I was hoping to get stuck in LP so we could ski again on Sunday and enjoy all that fresh snow that would hopefully cover whatever ice patches were still showing.
  10. Great day full of spring skiing. Got to the gondola around 9am and headed up alone. Much better snow coverage from the day before. It ended up closing in on high 30s with full Sun and blue skies. The snow was soft and buttery. Ended the day with a Lake Placid IPA which was delicious. It sounds like a snow storm coming which which will be awesome way to end the trip. Minus my little Acura trying to drive home Sunday with that much snow
  11. Wednesday 3/9 I think it was low 20s this morning. Snow was crunchy, frozen and granular. Sounds terrible but once the sun came out and the temps went up to mid 30s it softened a bit. Caught some corduroy this morning which was nice and soft. there was some collegiate racing going on which was fun to watch from the lifts. We did a bunch of runs before stopping for lunch. We got nachos to split and I have Brisket Mac and Cheese with a water. I had to call it quits for the day so I had time to hit the hot tub and drink a Beer before cleaning up for 2 mandatory work meetings. Short but good day.
  12. I’ll continue this thread with more updates from Wilmington/Lake Placid/Whiteface. March 5 to 13th. We arrived Saturday 3/5 to mid 50s and rain. It poured most of Saturday night and all Sunday. It cleared out a lot of the ground snow. Today it is quite chilly with a temp of 25 and windy. Although the sun is peeking through the clouds today. I had to work yesterday and today so no skiing reports from me today. Everyone else went out today but are all beginners so I’m excited to hear the recap of their adventures. more to come.
  13. Forgot to post pictures. I’m terrible at trip reports.
  14. Skier. He skied a few times when he was younger so he was excited to try again. He took a private lesson Thursday and since then we’ve been cruising blues and greens. He wants to go skiing again before we come back to Whiteface in March so maybe we will take a trip to blue one of these weekends.
  15. We've been in Wilmington/Lake Placid since Sunday 1/2/2022. First time skiing in 2 years and it felt good to be back out. Worked remotely most of the week. Took off Thursday and today to get some laps in. Typical Northeast ski conditions. Windy, dry and chilly. Snow has been decent though. It was fairly empty yesterday and today which is always nice. Feels like you have the mountain to yourself. We will ski again tomorrow which looks like it will be 32 and sunny. Sorry I don't have the details like most of the trip reports. We skied a fair amount of vert. Rode the gondola most trips so we skied top to bottom a bunch. Ate at the bottom lodge and usually ordered from the BBQ menu (they have a smoker outside the lodge with some good eats). So yeah Ill post some pictures tomorrow. Visibility hasn't been great so not much to share.
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