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  1. Zonked

    PASR's 15th Anniversary

    I'm still not even sure how I found this site 15 years ago. Although I haven't skied with any of you in the past few years, PASR has been a super awesome site to be apart of. I don't chime in too often but enjoy reading all (well, most) of your posts.
  2. Zonked

    We should do this...

    yoga is amazing. If you've never done a hot yoga class, you guys are missing out. 30 girls in spandex pants and fancy sport bras bending and folding in different ways. What guy wouldn't like that
  3. Zonked

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    I have two friends that live in Key West. They are packing as much shit as they can and assuming they will need to make a new life somewhere else for a few months if not forever lol. They had one last fun last night out though. no tourists, just locals out drinking.
  4. Zonked

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    leggings and Ugg season is rapidly approaching.
  5. Zonked

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    Favorite restaurant in Steamboat is called Laundry. Make sure you at least grab a drink and app there.
  6. Zonked

    Weekend roll call thread...

    I know this will come as a shock to many but I won't be up to ski this weekend
  7. Zonked

    Thoughts on Steamboat

    So what I meant was I skied Aspen Snowmass aka Snowmass and nothing else.
  8. Zonked

    Thoughts on Steamboat

    Aren't there like four mountains included in Aspen/Snowmass area?
  9. Zonked

    Thoughts on Steamboat

    I've been to a few of mountains (not just in CO) but over a 15 year period so it's hard to say. I barely remember some of the mountains. I do remember really enjoying Breckenridge. For the past 4ish years though, I've only been to Steamboat. I also never skied Aspen - we went for dinner one night or something while in Snowmass. I forget I've been to: Steamboat Breck Park City Squaw Alpine Meadows Heavenly North Star Might have gone to one or two others but can't remember.
  10. Zonked

    Thoughts on Steamboat

    Steamboat is decent. Not my favorite mountain but I enjoy it. My parents go out for a trip every winter because we have friends that have a place (house in town and a timeshare) there so they usually meet up. We have our favorite restaurants and bars in town. We have our favorite runs. It's fairly routine when we are there. It's an easy trip for me to tag on along on so I have advantage of it.
  11. Zonked

    3/4-3/5 weekend roll call thread.

    Maybe I'll show up
  12. Zonked

    Steamboat 2/10-2/14

    Yup. Hayden to Dallas to Philly. We had dinner with friends in town last night then three of us stayed out for a bit. I was hurting this morning. Kinda mad at myself for missing first tracks but there's always next year. I hope to make my way up to Blue soon.
  13. Zonked

    Steamboat 2/10-2/14

    Well I'm headed home today. I was planning on doing first tracks this morning before heading to the airport but I was really hungover so I missed my chance. Oh well. Back to Philly I go.
  14. Zonked

    Steamboat 2/10-2/14

    Nope, my parents just rent a condo every year. They always books early so it's fairly cheap.
  15. Zonked

    Steamboat 2/10-2/14

    Perfect Sunday. Absolutely beautiful today. Felt like spring skiing today. 9:00-1:45 today Wish I could stay out for a few more runs but my legs are tired and my face is burnt.