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  1. Philly convention center has about 4,000 vaccine shots that will expire today or tomorrow and they basically opened it up to anyone and everyone. No appointment needed. Haven't read up on the fine print but it seems they are allowing anyone. I don't get those who get the first shot and are hesitant to get the second..it makes no sense to me.
  2. I did my entire master's program online. Although I signed up for the virtual online program specifically because I didn't have the time to drive to a PSU campus each week. So it was different than what people are experiencing now (what you wanted/paid for vs. forced virtual) but I enjoyed doing my program online.
  3. I wear a mask to run outside and my gym obviously requires you wear them while working out. Yes, its annoying but that's the world right now. It's been over a year of mask wearing, how are people STILL complaining as if no one else in the world is dealing with the same inconvenience. There are worst things in life than wearing a mask.
  4. I had my second Pfizer last Friday and has little no to side effects. I did drink that same night and woke up with a headache so it's hard to tell what the headache was from. Perhaps I was fatigued Saturday but again hard to tell if it was from staying out late or from the second shot. Either way, the headache and fatigue were minimal. Happy to be fully vaccinated.
  5. Doing stuff. I'm RSVP'ing yes for next year. Make sure to save your buddy pass too, I'll definitely use it next season.
  6. I've been waiting to sit down and read through this entire thing. It's everything I hoped and wished for. By the pics and videos, it looks like it was an excellent day!
  7. My parents are getting their first shot today which I'm thrilled about. I'm getting my second next Friday. It seems vaccine/appt information in the city has gotten much better and it isn't as confusing. The FEMA convention center spot is running like a well oiled machine. I'm hoping things continue on this path so we don't need to push our wedding. We took a big chance picking a wedding date in 2021 but I think we will be fine. We just need indoor catered events to resume by August
  8. I know when I'm tagged in something it has to do with a buddy pass haha I guess I should make plans asap to come to Blue if I want to ski this season
  9. I'll make it one weekend.. It's been a while since I've skied with you guys. I probably still can't keep up with any of you haha
  10. also I should add that I am not saying no one got covid by attending. I'm also not saying getting together in huge groups is a great idea during this all but Trump had rallies all year. What's the difference? Not saying either is right or wrong. People will do what they want in the US because we can. Most people will never change their mind on what went right or wrong this year so how about we just all say we agree to disagree and just try to make it out of 2020 alive and move on?
  11. I was personally at these peaceful protests in Philadelphia and I can promise you MAJORITY of people (I saw as I wondered through center city) had masks on. Again, I was not every single spot in Philly so yes media or social media coverage could have shown different. Plus anyone wo spits into each others faces is gross. pandemic or not, that's gross.
  12. To me, it's really not a big deal in the City. My life since March has basically been these exact guidelines. If you've been a half decent human who cares about friends, family, strangers, grandparents, the US, the world, these new guidelines starting Friday really don't make a huge impact.
  13. In the long run - who knows. I feel like healthcare costs are always in the fast lane. I handle the benefits for our company and BCBS notified us that they will be issuing a one-time medical premium relief credit for the month of December. We will not withhold medical insurance payroll deductions for any of our US employees in December. Which is nice for alot of our lower paid employees with families. That could be a few hundred back in their pockets. Even looking at our stats/claims over the past few months, its so odd compared to a normal year. We are just hoping it doesn't backfire when we
  14. I voted by mail because I wanted to. I absolutely was not afraid. All my closest friends who voted by mail also were not afraid. It was an OPTION that was provided. If the only option was voting in person...well that's what I would have done. But when you give options, people are allowed to decide what works best for them.
  15. we already made new plans for Thanksgiving - I refused to visit with 3 different families in 1 day. It's actually a nice excuse because usually we spend the day just driving between houses/families and its not very enjoyable. We also started talking about Christmas plans. Both my parents are high risk so I made it very clear I was not comfortable seeing a bunch of people for both holidays.
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