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  1. Stu, Revello’s is where I usually stop on way back home. I don’t know what time they open though.
  2. Absolutely. Beacons shovels and probes. Even inbounds this mountain demands your respect. At the end of Thursday we fished a skier out of a creek where Lower Sublette meets the cat track to Union lift. It looked like the hazard was marked off,but he totally yard saled it. 😢 when we came upon him i thought the worst cause it looked ugly. I am not medical person but I asked him what day of week, where are you, etc ... He insisted no Patrol but we accompanied him back to base. Not a mountain to go solo
  3. Another trip in the books to my fav mountain. Was on mountain Mon-Fri and I thought the lift lines moved pretty good considering the covid protocols etc... If I had any disappointments it would be Casper Bowl was closed all week. Did one hike up Headwall on Monday. Friday might have been the best snow day I ever had. It was just dumping all day. Free refills! A couple laps out the gates on Why Not and Rock Springs lines. Many thanks to my buddy DJ for guiding us. Even the ladies went for the small huck off Mikie Likes It. Not much for photos or videos sorry but we just went a
  4. Reservations for the White Room? Oh yes thank you Broken Goggle JH
  5. Some Feb 1 action in the place called Jackson... Big inversion day. First one I experienced it here. Headwall was mostly nice and soft but a bit chunky in sun exposure. The play of the day was north facing trees like North Woods shown here
  6. ‘Twas very good day. the reduced capacity at all the establishments Line waiting for lunch at Bridger. No way 4 people to Gondola maybe a good 6-8 inches of snow over course of day Sublette and Thunder all day Toilet Bowl was crunchy early last run best run Tower 3 Chute down into Ducks Ditch
  7. Back in Jackson 2020 Part Deux ... So not a lot to write about past few days. I was hearing people were death sliding down Rendevous Bowl Sunday cause it was just rock solid. The snow Tuesday was much needed but it was a heavier wet snow. As afternoon went on the hard pack stuff resurfaced. A few tram rides Tues and Wed morning but mostly exploring thunder and sublette looking for stashes Thursday morning was hardpack but not unexpected with the 40s most week and teens at night. So working around other side in Casper and Apre Vous lifts. They softened nice with afternoon c
  8. I am sooo ready to go back 😢 The pics of Cody never get old Steeze ...... ever go in mid March?
  9. I left Jackson Saturday. I took Delta JAC -> ATL -> PHL Anyways flight was delayed a bit because with all the people and luggage they announced aircraft would exceed takeoff weight requirements and they were looking for a few volunteers. I was already seated and ready to go once I heard about it but yea I would have listened to offers.
  10. In the morning a little out of bounds action going through the gates and riding WhyNot? first backcountry experience and wow just wow ...
  11. My last day. Sorry didn’t get a chance to meet up with the other crews here hiked up to hit Beartooth line snow was niiccceeee
  12. In the morning before it cleared out What a great day
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