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  1. jordan

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    That big avy chute on Peak 1 (the tallest peak in your photo) is new and was created in early march during a 100-year+ avy cycle. They are calling it silent bob chute because the smaller one to the right is J Chute By the way, you are skiing in-bounds. In-bounds avalanches are extremely rare in the US. You would have a better chance of getting struck by lightening.
  2. jordan

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    zuma may not have corned up, but I promise you parts of Pali and North Pole are still wintery, chalky snow. I was just there Sunday and skied powder on the gullies and east wall with my kid You are in Colorado, and need to play the aspect game this time of year. I am a Loveland guy on convenience and lack of crowds, but the terrain doesn't hold a candle to the basin. Especially now with the steep gullies in bounds.
  3. jordan

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    Hike the north pole and drop into first notch or north pole. SHould still be cold winter snow up there. Hit up the steep gullies (SG1 has a traverse out to Pali about 2/3 of the way down so you dont have to hike out). Zuma cornice should be about good to go by now (corn) A-Basin rocks my socks. So glad they are off epic next year.
  4. jordan

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    Ill be at Loveland on Saturday, but I am coaching.
  5. jordan

    the pics from today thread

    This was a one of those weekends that put me on cloud 9 as a dad My son, Ben placed second at the Loveland ski club Big Mountain Comp saturday We then boogied down to Aspen and caught the big air final at the X Games saturday night (and got on live TV!) Then we skied Highlands yesterday, and everyone (including my 9 year old daughter) made it to the top of highlands bowl in about 30 minutes.
  6. jordan

    Crested Butte 1.22.19

    Sweet pics! Gotta get up those T-Bars, Barb. That's where the best skiing is!
  7. jordan

    the pics from today thread

    Me and my Junior All Mountain team kids at Loveland on Saturday. Got on the snowcat and caught the rope drop on Velvet Hammer. It was pretty sweet!
  8. jordan

    the pics from today thread

    sand skiing is surprisingly fun!
  9. jordan

    Any good CO winter break deals?

    When you put it that way...copper will be hard to beat. with lodging on site you are limited to copper, breck, vail, keystone and beaver creek. All of those locations will be crowded that week. Christmas is not as crowded, but christmas eve can be. GSS is right that Dec 26-31 is far worse. Of the list noted above, Breck has the best terrain, Keystone is probably most interesting for kids and copper is middle of the road in both departments. If you want to ski really good terrain, I would try to sneak away to the A-Basin for a day if Pali is open by then.
  10. jordan

    Any good CO winter break deals?

    Copper kinda sucks TBH, and it will be incredibly crowded that time of year.
  11. jordan

    the pics from today thread

    It'll be nice to maximize pre-work laps on powder days when I only have an hour or two to ski. However, in general, its just too fast for that location. I enjoyed the 6-minute ride to the top between laps on the steeps. The kids are kind of pissed that there is a bar (loveland's first lift with a bar).
  12. jordan

    the pics from today thread

    Saturday opening at Loveland! Great to be back on skis!
  13. jordan

    Any good CO winter break deals?

    Loveland Transferrable 4 pack $169 https://skiloveland.com/4-pak/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqr2N74aR3gIVycDACh3iOg8zEAAYASAAEgKDpvD_BwE A-Basin non-transferrable 4 pack $189, transferrable 4 pack $229 https://www.arapahoebasin.com/tickets-and-passes/season-passes/ That's about all you'll find as far as lift ticket deals <$100 per day.
  14. twin boys (12) and twin girls (9). They are not my biological kids, but are my kids in every other way. They all are good skiers, but one of the boys has really taken to it. He is the one on the ski team. Here he is ripping Headwall at crested butte: