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  1. LMFAO 🤣 I have been to Mexico as well. They are really going for the Mexican look. I hear Italy looks Italian as well. Who knew?!
  2. My thirteen-year-old and I got out on the citadel yesterday. This was a big deal for him and was his first true ski-mountaineering adventure.
  3. Close 😀 One drainage to the north of Mayflower (Humbug Creek) drainage.
  4. Getting some turns in on Saturday and social distancing. GREAT snow out there...
  5. JF is the best true skiers' mountain in PA. If you are too dumb to see that, that's on you.
  6. didn't Vail offer 2 times the market value of Peak Resorts?
  7. Naa, Camelback is better if you value groomers and quantity over quality. The off-trail skiing at jack frost is really unmatched in PA, and is the only skiing in the state that somewhat resembles what real skiing is like.
  8. It sucks when vail buys an already popular western resort, but I see this as being nothing but good for JFBB passholders. Its not like vail passholders are going to make the pilgrimage to jack frost to ski the elevator.
  9. Camelbeach rocks! seriously. don't listen to the naysayers.
  10. Why the heck would you go to Montage water park when you are closer to Camelbeach, which is one of the top water parks in the country?
  11. That big avy chute on Peak 1 (the tallest peak in your photo) is new and was created in early march during a 100-year+ avy cycle. They are calling it silent bob chute because the smaller one to the right is J Chute By the way, you are skiing in-bounds. In-bounds avalanches are extremely rare in the US. You would have a better chance of getting struck by lightening.
  12. zuma may not have corned up, but I promise you parts of Pali and North Pole are still wintery, chalky snow. I was just there Sunday and skied powder on the gullies and east wall with my kid You are in Colorado, and need to play the aspect game this time of year. I am a Loveland guy on convenience and lack of crowds, but the terrain doesn't hold a candle to the basin. Especially now with the steep gullies in bounds.
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