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  1. Doug..Have you ever stayed at the Grand? Its pretty nice. (Not sure I would pay to stay there for Presidents weekend...) I would recommend the Greenbrier Inn to anyone who wants a nice room (not super high class, but nice, and large) for about 130-140 midweek-weekend in the winter. About 5 miles from K. Better than dropping whatever it is for the Grand a night...
  2. But not many give them to families... Plus they are probably going to be working Saturday 8-4... Ash, who left?
  3. Do you have a table or counter top you could use that you could put vices around? The biggest problem I have had is using tables/benches that aren't too solid, and they wobble while your trying to work. A pain in the ass. Vices- plan on dropping $100 for a decent pair.
  4. Out of your way, and not open till the season, but I still say that Marc up at Camelback is the best guy anywhere around PA. He can do just about anything for skis/boards. Then again, for a tune, its probably not as important...
  5. Stay away from Mammoth lift #23. Esp on a windy day.
  6. I guess in the past they have had issues with kids not trying in classes after they got there pass, but either way its still a good way to encourage students to try
  7. Interesting Killington is letting local school kids who make honor roll first quarter or semester or something get a pass for $129. If they can't afford the $129 then they can get one for $50+ 20 hours of community service (not related to Killington).
  8. I don't doubt there are a few, but not that many of them. To give you an idea of how much $400 million is...you could buy: Killington about 4.7 times (85.2 million) Camelback about 8.3 times (48ish million) The canyons about 4 times (probably going to be sold for 100-110 million)... All for a little state run ski area. Should be great for bell if they actually go threw with it.
  9. 400 million for a state run ski area seems like a pretty big deal to me. Its not a huge ski area, or one that has massive skier visits. We'll see what happens Remember, Belleayre isn't Vale, or Stratton, or Aspen, the land around it really isn't worth that much, so they are going to have a very hard time building houses that people are going to drop ehh I'm gonna say 500,000+ on.
  10. Got Killington beat by 6 days...If they open.
  11. No more instructing? Even with out the great KB?
  12. Not sure, but I'm doing an internship (35ish hrs/week) up at Killington from Dec. till March... So I'll be up there working or skiing probably everyday all winter. May swing back by PA in March and try to bum a pass off someone or other for a day or two...But I might just stay up here
  13. No CB pass for me this year I guess I'll have to deal with Killington
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