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  1. Does the PA skison have legs?

    Comment all you like, but expect pushback if you're going to be all negative toward someone. I would assume that anyone over age 40 probably has a lot more heavy shit going on in their life than meets the eye or that they talk about casually. That's why most people try not to be dicks to each other.
  2. Does the PA skison have legs?

    I'm also working part time while caring for an elderly parent who needs so much help I haven't even spent a night in my new place or moved out of my PA apartment. But if you want to be all jelly of my rock star life, Eaf, go for it. Don't assume shit about people's situations.
  3. the pics from today thread

    Holy cow, that's awesome. Congratulations!
  4. Does the PA skison have legs?

    I think Eaf is questioning my life choices again and/or doesn't register hyperbole. Hey, if it puts your mind at ease , I'm fine financially. I do have savings. I'm simply enjoying a bit of decompression and humor before jumping back into the 40-hour world again in the next month or so. Vermont just voted in a mandatory minimum wage of $15 an hour. I could literally take ANY job here and make as much money as I made teaching high school. So no, I'm not worried, I'm very happy and optimistic for the future and aware of my good fortune. Most people I know have been happy for me in return, but you do you.
  5. Does the PA skison have legs?

    Do the legs have to be shaved? Because I'm enjoying unemployment and that sounds like the sort of strenuous upkeep I'm super uninterested in.
  6. Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    There should be a few groomers off Superstar. Blues mostly, but they get bumped up really quickly. Hard to say with this weather. It's been rainy, but tomorrow is some sort of wintry-mixpocalypse, then a long stretch of high 30s at night, so who knows. It feels like May is the new April up here this year.
  7. Magic Mountain 3/29

    Sunday's forecast is for freezing rain and flaming meteors or someting equally hideous. I'm gonna ski tomorrow if I can in the morning before I have to run home and let Comcast into my life. Celebrating my Vermont residency with some Galactica.
  8. Magic Mountain 3/29

    That is some Jedi-level attention to detail! Thanks! I was surprised at how sad I was to know it was my last day. Will hit the bike park a few times in May before I depart PA for good. Okemo still has great snow coverage but they're shutting down everything except what you can ski off the Sunburst Six chair. Major bummer. Killington shut down Bear Mountain and Ramshead but still has a ton open. It snowed today and the temps have not been spring-like at all yet! There's a warm-up coming, but it's bringing a lot of rain, so I'm not sure when I'll get to ski next. Sunday for sure. Family obligations and real estate stuff until then. Oh, Suicide Six is opening a lift-served bike park this summer. I have a free pass; will be fun to check it out.
  9. BMMC 2018

    I was sure sure I had that right I spent ten minutes looking it up in the Oxford Dictionary usage guide. You are correct. On the other hand, I do what I want.
  10. BMMC 2018

    Oops, I was going to make a joke about my new life philosophy "Whatever. I do what I want."
  11. BMMC 2018

  12. BMMC 2018

    Me and Indiggio are the pasr early risers.
  13. BMMC 2018

    You could do it Salty, but you might need your ice axe.
  14. BMMC 2018

    Ready to see some great skiing! Then do so mediocre skiing.