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  1. SallyCat

    Crested Butte 1.22.19

    You're welcome to a futon in Brownsville. 40 min from K-ton and Magic, 30 min from Okemo. On-mountain night-hiking/snowshoeing, skinning. Brownsville Butcher and Pantry has amazing food and beer, including River Roost.
  2. SallyCat

    Crested Butte 1.22.19

    I miss the parking lot. Hope you all are well and gettin' after it! VT is great; fell into a great community here in Brownsville. Amazing people, outstanding beer everywhere, unbelievable mountain biking and skiing when I can steal time from work. Headed to Magic for two days tomorrow!
  3. SallyCat

    Crested Butte 1.22.19

    Wait, is calling Salty "Sally" an insult? Because I feel like it's a least a lateral move if not a slight upgrade for Salty. I mean, one of us has big-girl skis and occasionally eats vegetables... 😁
  4. SallyCat

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Oh, lord, it looks like Palmerton outside today: January rain ruining formerly-great snow. And a serious freeze coming behind the rain. The EMS scanner was squawking all night with people sliding off the road into ditches and creeks, and fire truck crews being saying "uh, we can't get to the scene, it's too icy." Our Thursday night beer-league race was canceled. Suicide Six closed early. These are dark days.
  5. SallyCat

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Staying overnight in the ski lodge, sleeping on a patrol gurney. We won't get the big accumulation that was initially forecast, but it should still be fun in the am to skin up before work. It's 30 minutes home and 30 minutes back all to do 4 hours of work and then sleep. May as well work here by the fireplace. And the open beer taps.
  6. SallyCat

    12/27..nice snow..nice weather. Another PASR day.

    They totally ignored your comment about bringing your skis into the bathroom. Their social media person missed a lot of opportunities for jokes about length, width, ripping...I mean, the possibilities are vast...
  7. SallyCat

    12/27..nice snow..nice weather. Another PASR day.

    His face, when I told him who I was, was one of my favorite memories of Blue. Definitely play cards with him for money: no poker face. 🙂
  8. SallyCat

    11/16-11/18 Weekend role call

    Dunno; I work all the time so haven't been down there. They let me transfer my season pass to a friend, which was very awesome of them. But we got a rainstorm last Friday that destroyed what could have been a great base layer; everyone is frantically blowing snow and trying to be marginally skiable for the vacation week.
  9. SallyCat

    11/16-11/18 Weekend role call

    Part time. Tiny mountain. Should get some good patient-assessment practice, though.
  10. SallyCat

    NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    Upgraded my intake system.
  11. SallyCat

    12/20...the calm before the storm. Lots of PASRs!!!

    Remember when I said something nice about Eaf? That was weird.
  12. SallyCat

    12/20...the calm before the storm. Lots of PASRs!!!

    It's freezy-raining here now and judging by the scanner, I-91 is basically ejecting cars off the road every five or ten minutes. At least tomorrow will be a quiet day at the mountain.
  13. SallyCat

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    That boat is an OC-1; Blackfly Ion. Really comfortable, slow as a pig, but nimble and surfy. http://www.blackflycanoes.com/