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  1. Powder Day 2018 Mega Thread

    Ah, bumps. That makes sense.
  2. Powder Day 2018 Mega Thread

    I'm just teasing, @saltyant Though I don't see how taking off skis and walking is actually safer than side-slipping and/or traversing, unless you don't know how to do either, in which case why are you on something that steep?
  3. Powder Day 2018 Mega Thread

    Yo, I know how to use my edges and keep my damn skis on.
  4. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    I can't imagine Salty asking a woman out until he's met and evaluated the 3.5 other billion women in the world and analyzed their relative merits. (I'm only kidding, Salty!)
  5. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    Dude. When they offer next year's pass in February and you don't buy it, the trash talk you received over your 170 RTMs will seem like sweet talk whispered in your ear by a beautiful lover compared to the firehose of absolute filth that will rain down on you for your terrible, terrible decision.
  6. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    That's because me and Salty wrecked the place.
  7. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    Hey, good for you; that's no small thing. I'm way older than you, but even back in the 1980s, UVM was considered a "public ivy" and was very selective for students from out of state. I spent some time in Burlington because my Vermont cousin went there and we were good friends. I saw Phish play at Nectars and had some amazing gravy fries. EDIT: The dorm scene was pretty crazy , though. And I went to Syracuse, which wasn't exactly tame, either. But UVM: wow.
  8. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    Thank you, I will. And I will be in much better spirits!
  9. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    You should try three months of listening to them whine about college admissions. Oh sorry you might have to go to your second -choice school which is also AMAZING and for which you will not have to be saddled with student loans for the rest of your life. Sorry you have easy access to an incredible education that 70% of Americans can't even conceive of. Jaysus. Time to step away from the desk and start drinking.
  10. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    That is a fair point, well made. Thanks for the perspective!
  11. 01/18 - Mountain Creek

    Fair point. I bought it because I have family in central Vermont, including an elderly mother with some mobility issues. As a result and by necessity, I've been driving up there a lot recently to help her get by and get the house on the market, etc. so she can move into an assisted-living situation, which is where she really should be (her choice, too, but we're stuck until the house sells). So I figured it would at least pay for itself the times I'm up there during ski season. Tbh, I haven't been using it as much as I'd planned, but I think February and March should see me up there more often. I'll at least get my money's worth out of it. Whether I buy it again depends on where I'm living next year.
  12. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    I can't fucking believe I wasted today grading essays for a bunch of the most petulant and obnoxious students I've ever had instead of skiing. . If I could nominate every last one of them to graduate tomorrow I would. Or maybe they could go live on a fucking desert island until June. #$%^&*()_+@. EDIT: Sorry. Not having a great day. First time in my career I don't enjoy being in the classroom with kids. And when they cut into my fun time, well. Shit just got real.
  13. 1/17/18...Powder Day!!!!

    Ah, but you've read my stupid blog so you know how much I like an excuse to putter around in the workshop.
  14. 1/17/18...Powder Day!!!!

    Spring skiing last year is why I now know how to do p-tex repairs. I work for 6-packs of IPA, btw.
  15. 01/18 - Mountain Creek

    My Max pass includes Mountain Creek, but my Blue season pass always wins that battle. Can't justify the drive to Vernon, but a great trip report! I feel awkward listening to music with other people on the lift (except for snowboarders). Am I just old?