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  1. First day open is almost always rough for a trail. Whether it gets tilled wet or just pushed flat wet, until it’s had a few days to fully dry there are tons of lumps and cookies.
  2. I wonder if Challenge conditions held after they made on it last night. With Razors closed I’m sure it’s seeing higher traffic.
  3. Upper main got guns on last night, but come around midway lower main was great. Seems like a heavy focus on Razors - doesn’t that have to be edge to edge pretty soon here?
  4. I was referring to up topic where RidgeRacer was wondering why Blue wasn’t resurfacing.
  5. It’s hard to resurface anything at 30 degrees - I’m glad I wasn’t skiing through that slop! Put it down as base snow, sure, just not where I have to ski through it.
  6. Looks like Burma is pretty stacked. I can’t imagine they sit on that for too much longer.
  7. I’ll say it again, Home Stretch was bare until last night. There’s mud tracks on Midway on skier’s right where the cats hit dirt. There’s two inches of rain coming. More than likely some of the Wed-Thurs snowmaking has to go back and patch trails that are already open, and two nights is not a lot of time to open Home Stretch from next to nothing. I’d only say 50-50 for the valley this coming weekend.
  8. Tuts looks ready to rumble, but Home Stretch was bare. I doubt we see the valley before this next weekend - and if they lose depth/coverage in the 2” rain and have to go back ...
  9. Different guns. The Vista guns have their own air compressors, so do the ones on the ski school flat and right by the valley lifts. Most of the other guns need the big central compressors to be running.
  10. I hadn’t heard the new cat broke, is it kaput or just needs some parts?
  11. So a new cat, and there was a concrete truck doing something by the valley lodge today. I couldn't stop to snoop, anyone know if that's related to the other construction?
  12. Wait, lights AND snowmaking?
  13. I guess they couldn't wait for Black Friday? For anyone not getting a Blue pass it seems like a good deal. $99 for off-peak or $129 unlimited. It does seem pretty early in the season, but I don't think they're discounted more than usual.
  14. That has to have been dry snowmaking that didn't see a tiller before opening. Sent from my Life Max using Tapatalk
  15. What's the consensus on the rollers on Sidewinder? I hope they stay, but I don't ski at mach 8 either. Sent from my Life Max using Tapatalk
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