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  1. Fun night. Chatted with @momskeeztoo and Marty on the walk out. Sounded like they had a grate day and we’re still there after 5.

    Rain held off but it did get quite dark before sunset and was hoping the lights would come on.

    Razors was my ROTN with a close second to TCS after skating for it since only the 6 was open. Ending up with a full chair after meeting up with @mbike-ski, @Dirtwolf, @NMSKI, and mini @NMSKI. Mini NM is quite the ripper and hopped right into Barney’s without even a pause at the top.

    59° when we left at 745 so hopefully they have some magic to keep the snow around.


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  2. 5 minutes ago, enjoralas said:


    I’m headed to pick up the boys in a few and I’m going to give them the option of skiing of going to a playground for a few hours. Kinda hoping the pick the playground. Not feeling 45 minute Paradise laps tonight

    Lol we gave her the option for skiing or grandparents and now it’s a date night. Making her ski tomorrow night though since we have a lesson set up.

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  3. 37 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

    Good news, it’s now on Sunday.  I wish I had family lunches.  I had a family supper Thursday night at the Apollo grill...

    Pumped. I hope you picked up the tab since you’ve been working so much.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Schif said:

    So we get a $50 gift cetificate to be used anywhere on the mountain right? What If I hold onto that and use it to buy my 23/24 season pass? 

    Pretty sure you're good to redeem it then. They just hope people lose the card before that so I'd recommend taking a picture of the bar code. It'd be cooler if they would let people upload it to their account like Panera for future use.

  5. Rained on the drive to the mountain last night at 5, but once you crossed over to the north side it was a winter wonderland. On the snow around 530 with mBike and Boo and it was still snowing. Wet, heavy snow and main, switch, razors were chop city. Thought it was going to be a leg crusher kind of night until we found TCS. Some untracked on top and the groomed last face was grate. Lapped that until a little after 7 and then headed out.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Kyle said:

    First “normal” sporting even in 2 years. No masks, no Covid card checks, “full” attendance. Felt great. 

    It’s also a travesty they charge $2.89 for a CUP OF LIQUID CHEESE for your chickies and Pete’s fries. $27.99 for a 24oz bud light, crab fries, and a cheese cup. 


    Thanks for making me hungry for crab fries. It's a Philly sports event staple for me with a Victory HopDevil.

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  7. Awesome day at Blue. Didn’t get behind any car on the way up so knew crowds would be light. Glad we hung out in the lot because round 2 was full of soft serve and sun with no lines. On a Sunday at noon, I’ll take it.

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