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  1. Yeah its pretty bad from what I've seen. Sanibel island is cut off from the main land after the causeway collapsed. One of my favorite fishing spots...my friend has a house a few miles inland, haven't heard yet how the house held up. Central Florida got hit hard too, my cousins house near Orlando flooded pretty bad
  2. I bet a chair with wheels would be a lot of fun on a train
  3. Fished the Delaware for a while today. Fishing kinda sucked but not complaining
  4. Whatcha doing up that way? As for your food question...If it was morning, Krispy Kreme?
  5. She did great. Shes usually pretty shy so I wasn't sure how it would go. I was told to stand back and not disrupt anything haha
  6. Yeah reading phillies went through the same thing with funding earlier this year. She may be taller than me...wife is a little shorter than me but my dad and father in law are both pretty tall
  7. My daughter got picked to be the "play ball kid" at the Iron Pigs last night.
  8. Living up to the Kyle name I see...
  9. Yeah, definitely planning on adding a day at burke into a trip next season. Wondering if they'll add any other Resorts.
  10. Perfect day for beer and a baseball game
  11. Now you'll need a truck to tow the boat you're going to get.
  12. Yeah they're awesome bindings. They're no longer making them so I got another pair while they're still available
  13. Picked up a new board for next season...Never Summer Shaper with Union Contact Pro bindings. Never Summer had their boards 20% off for the end of the season. I'm hoping it'll be a good all around board. My Capita board is awesome but edge hold isn't great (which I knew when I bought it).
  14. If a bunch of dudes in cleats ran through toast's lawn he'd lose his mind
  15. Not as good as mixilplix's video but my favorite part is @antman12at the end. Also at the end of @Mixilplixs video you can kinda catch Antman and I throwing snowballs at Ben
  16. Great day, sucks that its closing day but it was an awesome season. Sidewinder was awesome today and the parking lot was great as usual. Picked up mary Ann's donuts and @mbike-ski had pork sandwiches and sausage that was delicious. Snowing pretty hard this afternoon which probably made for a cold pond skim
  17. 80mph is child's play. @momskeeztoohit almost 200 mph earlier this year
  18. Looks like @Benm is in Jurassic Park
  19. But but but my jorts had front cargo pockets Also @mute1080 had sweet jorts
  20. Today was awesome...not the best conditions on the mountain but the parking lot and jorts and shitty skis were incredible
  21. I'm bringing a 1 burner stove also. Other than heating up the sausage gravy it'll be available, I'll bring extra propane
  22. I got plenty of beer (including some for beer-mimosas), cups, sausage gravy, and bloody mary stuff (vodka, bloody mary mix, olives)
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