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  1. looks like they cancelled the Earned Your Turns events and are issuing refunds. Not surprised though. I hope they do it during winter when there's actually snow on the ground
  2. I think you like stirring the pot
  3. Lame. saltys had good adventures but a lot of filler and fluff to sort through
  4. technically.. you could do it in snowboard boots. The ratio of dirt to snow will definitely favor the dirt.
  5. I would hope that Ikon would have higher standards than Camelback. "Aspen like residences coming to Camelback" is just clickbait for a catchy title. Aspen has some of the highest property values in the country and is significantly more remote than Camelback's 2-hour distance from NYC & Philly. "It's a $150million dollar project for 105 residences into a timeshare." "Lifetime packages begin at $24,000. Founding member membership dues are $840 annually." https://ownserenite.com/membership/ Meanwhile, the average home value in Aspen is $5.4m+...
  6. I have a backpack for you.
  7. haha! totally agree. I'm signed up too. i hope they realize there's interest in ski touring and possibly consider it for next year. (fingers crossed). The few times I go to camelback, I only go there because of their loose uphill policy.
  8. per us', the Blue Mountain site is whack. Here's the better link about the "Earn Your Turns" event. https://www.skibluemt.com/upcoming-events/spring-back-at-blue/
  9. Saw that Blue is allowing uphill ski touring on April 11th. I'm pretty pumped about it. https://www.skibluemt.com/outdoor/omt/challenge-race/ https://www.pretzelcitysports.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/21-Palmerton-Snow-Burn-Trail-Challenge-Individual-Form.pdf On mobile, it shows an "earn your turns" events but the desktop version doesn't show it. Weird. Is anyone planning to do it? Or, is anyone else coming to tailgate in the parking lot?
  10. They had Wikipedia and YouTube when you went to high school?
  11. Who does the graphic design of the PASR magazine cover? They have great photoshop skillz
  12. I’m so glad I don’t have the job to manage on the ridiculous complaining. If you have a family of five, that’s on you.
  13. I’ll be in Asheville for the weekend. please post any dancing videos.
  14. I thought it saved $200+ initially but as I read it - it’s such a small difference. regardless, I still have a grad student ID and staff ID (from when I coached)
  15. Skiing out west with newbies is always memorable. My brother & sister came out to Vail back in 2009. My brother lost his ski in tree well and my sister was rescued by a sexy Chilean man when she couldn't breathe due to the lack of oxygen. It's one of our favorite family memories.
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