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  1. So two things jump out... (1) You said Woodys and I think of the gay bar in philly but I doubt that’s where you’re talking about. (2) Perkins is still a restaurant? I haven’t seen one in years.
  2. I clearly don't check this thread as much. I do know 2 people in Philly who are recovering. (1) One was hospitalized for 2-3 weeks and was on a ventilator (2) The other I've been tentative about posting because of the severity. She was been hospitalized for months and got out this week. She wasn't old. Haven't smoked in decades. Generally healthy, not overweight. She's the mom-type, around 50'ish. Obsessed with grandkids, still working, and normal working-class people. They're private people but I learned so much about the craziness and severity of COVID. It put everything into perspective. The documentaries and real-life stories that come out of this will be eye opening, for sure.
  3. I know a few people who drove into the gate because they got annoyed with it. then again, it was also the person who drove his car into the lake. so maybe it was more than Gate Hate...
  4. True. totally agree with you @theprogram4 My parents use to own a vacation house in the poconos within a private community called Arrowhead Lakes. Had so much fun there as a kid despite security always busting our parties as teenagers and young 20's. Ok, and in our 30's too. The gated entry was more to keep people away from the amenities like the lake, pool, etc. But, it also gives a peace of mind when you own the house and you have security checking on it. When I moved back to PA, I fixed up the house and rented it on airbnb. Its crazy that so many people have turned their cabins in rentals. But, especially over the years it has created a divide between the owners and renters. Legit the facebook posts and people snapping photos of people doing "illegal" things (such has having a dog in the lake) or pictures of stop sign violations is out of control. The board are usually retired people who live there full time so the people who make the rules are not reflected of those who enjoy it. There's so many people up there who literally have nothing else to do but be snitches, complain, and post inappropriate things. It does suck. But, I love it because it's where my friends I've had since the 1990s all congregate.. we drive golf carts, play shoes, hang out on tubes or kayaks, and grill. It's simple. So although it sucks, I'll be up there pretty much all of the next week. It's definitely a love-hate. Thanks for coming to my ted talk about private pocono communities (I tried to post a picture of Birmy swimming in the lake because I figured that would get at least 2 likes but you can't post video :-I ) so this one will have to do.
  5. oops. i meant pest, not pet. I don't do guns. But, I do provide beer and grilling to anyone who wants to do "close work". I'm going to reposition some security cameras in order to find out his routine. My neighbor said she watched him waddle down our very busy city street, walk up our front steps, and wiggle his body into the burrow.
  6. The groundhog is still living his best life, despite me buying $50 worth of pet removal supplies at Home Depot. I think there may be 2-3 in the area. Look at this fatty, chilling on his figurative front porch of his vacation home... Next up, I'm trying pouring ammonia. If that doesn't work, I may have to host a PASR groundhog shooting competition. With all of the fireworks, I'm sure the police wouldn't know any different.
  7. If you're a renegade, do you do the tik tok dance as well? Can't wait to see it next time.
  8. Does anyone else get the Scott's Cheap Flight emails? Flights from Allentown and Philadelphia to Vancouver are considerably cheaper. Check it out if Whistler is in your ski plan next season. https://app.scottscheapflights.com/deals/2020/06-12-vancouver-200s-rt-bags-extra-sep-may-5cd3d4660?utm_source=scotts-cheap-flights&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=international-deal&utm_term=campaign_1288476
  9. Has anyone else done the cocktails to-go yet? Went to Fishtown on Saturday night, grabbed a Frosé, and wandered around the city. The bars closed at 10pm but stumbled on an establishment that was still open.. Way more fun than being in a cramped bar. I hope they keep the cocktails to-go a thing.
  10. a half a mil for a sponsored race? Why not just buy Jay Peak instead, https://www.quora.com/How-much-would-it-cost-to-buy-a-ski-resort#:~:text=On a rough basis%2C that,and some for much less.
  11. 😉 I used a site called google.com and found this answer. Sounds like it's around $100k-$15m https://partners.lfr95.com/anatomy-of-a-nascar-sponsorship/nascar-sponsorship
  12. visit philly .. you'll find things out of stock or low supply, especially meat and household cleaning items.
  13. seriously so different. Very few things out of stock about an hour outside of Raleigh. In Philly, there are billboards and radio commercials about "tough times", "we'll get through this" and thanking employees for their service. The grocery stores have messages about the check out lines and path in the stores. Instead, that language isn't as prominent here. There are still people wearing masks and social distancing practice in stores, takeout, etc. but it's likely because it's not as dense here. And because of it, it doesn't feel nearly as a dystopia environment. Quite a sharp contrast of the boarded up businesses in Philly.
  14. I'm in North Carolina and it's amazing. There were Colorox Wipes on the shelves this morning. I could start an illegal Colorox Wipes trade across state lines. jk. But. I will be bringing a few home. Businesses aren't boarded up. Got a pedicure for the first time in 3 months. It's a magical place. Life is good.
  15. my brother skied ABasin today. He said.. ”The coverage was decent. And there’s nobody there which was great ...There were lots of good snow up top. Toward the bottom it became icy slush mix” Since I’ve been working remotely and will be for the foreseeable future, I’ve definitely considered making the drive and quarantining with my brother and future SIL. Its tempting...
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