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  1. On the - What Did You Buy So Far - list, you can add a pup. His name is Wally and he's a bernese mountain dog / poodle mix who will likely be in the parking lot this winter. Does Blue Mountain need a mascot like Parker, the mascot of Loveland. https://www.instagram.com/officialsnowdog/
  2. I’m running out of quarantine projects but I’ve been itching to do something with these guys. for my now, my living room just has a bunch of skis in it 😍
  3. Has anyone visited Blue Mountain in Ontario, Canada? I wonder if there's a doppelganger group.
  4. That's A LOT of potatoes, jalapenos, and a huge cucumber (?) Meanwhile in Philly, I've produced 4 small grape tomatoes and a carrot, which is about the size of a nickle.
  5. I have the IKON base pass. Maybe next year I'll change it up to explore new resorts.
  6. @GSSucks - Fascinating! How long did you spend there? What are the people doing on the right hand side? It looks like they're all standing in a line w/about the same distance between them.
  7. I'm going to invite myself to Delps with you one of these days. One of my friends spends lots of time in Bethlehem and bikes, skis, and does triathlons. She might give you guys a run for your money. Woot! Impressive! Have you had it for a while? The plates are sold out so I'm waiting for them to get back in stock. Which bench do you use? Is it the Rogue bench? Is it worth it?
  8. I have a prodeal with Flylow so I'll likely buy something when they launch their new gear. https://flylowgear.com/collections/womens-web-specials In the meantime, I've been spending money on fixing up my basement. Before I "fixed it" up, it smelled like the kind of basement that has a college style beer pong table. So far, I knocked down a wall, painted with Drylok, and I'm living that dehumidifier type of basement life. I snagged a squat rack from Rogue, a concept2 rower, built a jump box, and scored some weights from Dick's Sporting Goods and Target. Just trying
  9. Take it to the covid thread, guys.
  10. On Saturday, Birms was put down peacefully. The vet found cancerous tumors and cysts on intestines. 😕 He led a pretty rad life. I snapped this photo on our last walk. I'm glad he got to experience skiing down Burma Road and hanging out in the parking lot. You may have noticed him lurking by the meats at the Mt Bleu end of the season party.
  11. Rad. I was looking at month long rentals in Salt Lake City. I'm thinking I'll visit family in Denver for December. Then, rent in SLC for January - February. Even if the resorts are closed, I would like to be positioned to tour and do some low-angle BC stuff.
  12. Where are you planning to go?
  13. ...After 186 pages of regurgitated covid information, I think it's time for a Laser Tag thread to come to fruition.
  14. So two things jump out... (1) You said Woodys and I think of the gay bar in philly but I doubt that’s where you’re talking about. (2) Perkins is still a restaurant? I haven’t seen one in years.
  15. I clearly don't check this thread as much. I do know 2 people in Philly who are recovering. (1) One was hospitalized for 2-3 weeks and was on a ventilator (2) The other I've been tentative about posting because of the severity. She was been hospitalized for months and got out this week. She wasn't old. Haven't smoked in decades. Generally healthy, not overweight. She's the mom-type, around 50'ish. Obsessed with grandkids, still working, and normal working-class people. They're private people but I learned so much about the craziness and severity of COVID. It put everything int
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