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    homeless PA skier with an Ikon Pass

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  1. @toast21602, what do you want to do? ski another resort? Backcountry? Crested Butte is lovely. It's great to just setup in CB and embrace the community of it all. You'll likely fly out of Denver, so you can always hit up the other ski mountains on the way to/from CB.
  2. I might take you up on that! Got the epic this year so hoping to spend some time in Colorado.
  3. right?! surgery. They're opening his stomach & remove it.
  4. my dog, Wally, has been detonating farts that are, by far, the worst thing I've ever smelled. Took him to the vet and it turns out he swallowed a nail. I wonder if they'll also find any pebbles from the blue mountain parking lot in there. (but who swallows nails?!!) Also, considering changing his name from Wally to Wallet.
  5. me too! They used the picture from me from like 2007 🤣
  6. Maybe they counted the dude who was throwing cheeseburgers to people in line. Didn’t @Johnny Lawget tossed one?
  7. @AtomicSkier- What's the rocket ship about? PA Space and Ride?
  8. Does anyone use rain barrels for collecting rainwater and using it in your garden?
  9. There was no room at the Inn. I had some visitor who hog my king size bed.
  10. @Schif- You can barely see the temp. With the $5 that you're saving, you might want to check this out. 🤪 https://join.skillshare.com/photography/
  11. Nothing says welcome to Philly, like horns honking and people yelling at you to move. It would be off brand if someone wasn't being nasty.
  12. on the weekend of the end of season party, there was a waldo at Bleu!
  13. I have but not as much time as you. Every city has a bit of gentrification going on.
  14. Did you go to Fiesta Jalisco (in the plaza with the McDonalds & Office Max)? http://www.fiestajalisco.net/ I love that place. You can get margaritas by the PITCHER. After doing some 14er hikes or camping back in the day, those margaritas were looovely.
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