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  1. @enjoralas- what’s your Colorado plan? I’ll be in the Denver area from feb 1 until I drive back to Philly. Hoping to ski Abasin if I can snag a reservation
  2. Friday and the weekend could be really fun. "Cautiously optimistic" https://opensnow.com/dailysnow/utah Haven't had a powder day since March 2019 .. hoping for some good karma to kick in.
  3. Might call out sick tomorrow 😷 I’m hoping the dog day care will take my broken dog and that I get to ski Alta. During the week, I’m hoping to skin up Park City again (before or after work) or do Brighton night sesh. This weekend, I’ll be at Deer Valley and Alta.
  4. I think he would love it again if he didn’t just get 2 staples. I think he got knicked on when he ran up to some strangers on cross country skis. in more important news... it finally started to snow!!!! 😍😍😍
  5. After my adventures earlier on Sunday, I decided to ski tour up Park City Resort because my pass is still blacked & I wanted to ski. I checked out the website. It says you start at the First Time lift and follow Homerun lift up to Angle Station. Doing a ski mountain (that you’ve never been to) in reverse with no signage can be confusing. So I kinda followed people around me and took this route instead. Also, there’s a ton of crazy fit people who do this like it’s a walk in the park. I started around 6:30’ish. I saw about 10 people coming down and another 10 goin
  6. Yesterday, I headed to American Fork Canyon (kinda by Lehi) with plans to ski tour from the Tibble Reserve with Wally. instead, I found an Utah family playground. and this kid was adamant about moving a soggy couch by himself. I really see him playing Sausage Sunday with PASR bros or doing keg stands at the ABasin beach in his future. We putzed around for a bit but the snow coverage was pretty low so I headed back to SLC. It looks like the snow water equivalent is about 50% below the median. I saw this on a FB Utah touring group. Thought you all might want t
  7. Where is that? lines haven’t been bad at all. There were like 8 groups in front of me at Brighton but for the most part you ski right up. snow coverage is very meh on the chutes and doubles blacks, but it’s better than Pennsylvania.
  8. It’s a black out weekend for my pass so I’m trying to find some trails to ski tour in. Yesterday, I drove a whopping 15 minutes to Millcreek Canyon. I did about 3.5 miles. Here’s a link with the basic information. https://wbsguide.com/1003.php I had Wally with me so I had to stop to talk to random people who wanted to pet him and it was frustrating to wrangle him since it was his first time skiing. He’s not ready for Burma Road yet.. Lots of signage always helps. and more signs I had Wallys 6 foot leash snapped around the bottom belt of my backpack. It worke
  9. Haha. It’s a blackout weekend and I bought the base pass because I was unsure of 2021 life. It’s cool though - I have some mellow backcountry plans. Hoping to skin up Millcreek Canyon (https://wbsguide.com/1003.php) and possibly do a ski dance or 5. We need a snow storm
  10. Why do you have on SLC? It's super easy to get into the mountains from there.
  11. Have you all heard of cloud seeding? I never heard of it until last night. I read an article and started digging into it. If any other snow nerds want to dig into this, this is what I've been reading: https://coloradosun.com/2020/11/27/vail-finances-colorado-cloud-seeding/ https://water.utah.gov/cloudseeding/
  12. We have 3 competing Utah threads. I want in on a competition. I could also use RTMs
  13. After work tonight, I visited Ensign Peak. If you land in SLC and want to do some trail running with a view, this spot is easy to get to. It’s almost directly behind the Capital Building. signage for Hell’s Canyon and Ensign Peak view from the statue area and more views On the way back down And back towards the start
  14. Interesting that you sign up with LVHN. I was recently directly to signup here for philly vaccine distribution https://pfc.covidreadi.com/
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