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  1. Great time. Abs hurt from laughing. Thanks for hosting @AtomicSkier!
  2. They did (do?) I went a couple times. Didn’t pay for a ticket. Chatted with a ski patroller and went up.
  3. I know there’s Tuts Lane but that one is so short. with KSL involved, I like the idea of incorporating something about Ray Tuthill … a sentiment to the roots. Something like ? Tuthill Trail Ray’s Run but I also love keeping it as coming soon 😂
  4. Woot! Thanks for hosting @AtomicSkier. I’ll be there.
  5. Schifdog loathes my rain barrels. He makes fun of them on the regular. He asked, “did you calculate the square footage of your rain runoff to determine how many you need” so… 🥸 spoiler: I didn’t calculate anything. I just impulse purchased on amazon. I got these guys. I like them. Amazon - rain barrels i have gutters that put the water on a small garden bed. So I wanted the rain barrels to hold the water and slowly release it. And to prevent excess water from seeping below.
  6. I hope they have contest to change the name ….
  7. Blue Mountain registered "blue mountain resort homes" as a fictitious name. So, if you want to snag a site - it's for sale, @Benm. https://www.godaddy.com/domainsearch/find?checkAvail=1&domainToCheck=bluemountainresorthomes
  8. I read through it and it doesn't seem like a huge deal. I use to work for an advisory firm that did business and estate planning. I'm not an expert but here are takeaways. (1) It's not that big of a deal. (2) Update legal docs: They had a piece of business called Tuthill Corporation. I would imagine that some of those legal documents may be outdated. It sounds like there's a holding company and you can have multiple LLC's within it. So a benefit could be that they're updating their documents to reflect their intentions. It was incorporated in 1974 and amended 3x. Ray Tuthill passed away in 2007, so it likely needed a refresh anyway. (3) Corp to LLC: It's going from a Corporate structure to LLC. They're likely trying to lessen the tax burden of being a corporation. (4) Naming/Brand: There's another corporation called Tuthill Corp that manufactures and distributes engineered products like pumps, meters, vacuum pumps, etc. They're likely trying to get away from the "Tuthill corporation" name. There's also a branding benefit when you move away from a family name to a branded name. It honestly just sounds like they
  9. I'm still batttling with my groundhog. About 3 weeks ago, I walked the dog around midnight. Slipped on some flip flops and headed down my walkway. Took a step down, my flip flop kicked off and I literally stepped on my fat-ass-taco-bell-eating groundhog. He look so annoyed that I bothered him from sleeping on my steps.. About 6 months ago, I put up a trap from Harbor Freight but only caught 2 squirrels and possem. I finally called a pest guy last week. He set up 2 traps and still nothing. I know this 'hog comes by and sunbathes on the side of my house. So, I did what any normal person would do ... I set up an Amazon Blink camera focused on the traps. And, now we wait...
  10. @toast21602, what do you want to do? ski another resort? Backcountry? Crested Butte is lovely. It's great to just setup in CB and embrace the community of it all. You'll likely fly out of Denver, so you can always hit up the other ski mountains on the way to/from CB.
  11. I might take you up on that! Got the epic this year so hoping to spend some time in Colorado.
  12. right?! surgery. They're opening his stomach & remove it.
  13. my dog, Wally, has been detonating farts that are, by far, the worst thing I've ever smelled. Took him to the vet and it turns out he swallowed a nail. I wonder if they'll also find any pebbles from the blue mountain parking lot in there. (but who swallows nails?!!) Also, considering changing his name from Wally to Wallet.
  14. me too! They used the picture from me from like 2007 🤣
  15. Maybe they counted the dude who was throwing cheeseburgers to people in line. Didn’t @Johnny Lawget tossed one?
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