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  1. woot woot!! I love before and afters of pressure washing. This is my back deck. It's now painted with Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Exterior (deck & dock). I'm hoping to not pressure wash and scrub for a long time....
  2. I was at the Wissahickon ski club in Conshy back in December 2017. Didn't ski, but had beers with friends (and friends of friends). It was cool little spot! It sounded like on snow days, everyone brings a crockpot and they fire up the lift. On nonsnow days, it's like a private club for drinking and hanging out with the other members and snow-lovers. Last I heard, you have to be recommended by a member. And, they were suppose to re-do their new member bylaws earlier this year. The committee (well use to) meet on Tuesdays. Here are some cool little pics that I snapped in 2017. I was enamored with the place. inside decor. There's articles of the skiing history in the area the front patio of their lodge inside the cabin, there's a fireplace and, the ski hill lite up at night
  3. eh. not to be a negative nancy but I'm warry about the NY Post reporting on the finance side. If you look into the author's article history, you'll see that it tends to be very sensational headlines. https://nypost.com/author/noah-manskar/ I think I'll wait until the WSJ writes a more credible article.
  4. even more SomeGoodNews from John Krasinski.
  5. I saw this grilling competition and immediately thought of @enjoralas & the parking lot meats and dessert. https://jscasting.com/hgtvs-everything-but-the-house/
  6. Woot! Woot! We’re binding twins. Hope you love them. Welcome to the club!
  7. Totally get it btw it’s not an actual website 🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. lol @Kyle With no snow and all the ski resorts closed, this could temporarily serve as the home of Pennsylvania Skeeball & Rally. @indiggio, hope you're training for the next skee ball world championship in wildwood http://www.edsfuncade.com/events
  9. I recently got a bunch of targeted digital ads for at-home skee ball machine. It made me wonder, what about my digital footprint says I'm an ideal purchaser for an at-home skee ball machine....... Regardless, I thought about it and googled if there's a skee ball championship on the latest ESPN programming. Turns out you can win $10k if you're a champion skee baller. I can't wait to see if ESPN airs this type of quality programming.
  10. my favorite charts are @mattsurelee on instagram. Quality statistical interpretations.
  11. There's an annual photo contest? I wasn't told any of this in my introduction to PASR 101
  12. Colorado Ski Planning thread has officially turned into COVID-19 updates
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