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  1. Bummer that I missed it! Glad you got after it. On Saturday night, PPA decided to relocate my car in a 'dude's where my car' x Parking Wars remix. Threw off the ski plans for Sunday. 😑
  2. I was curious who was famous so I just checked out Blue's instagram .... and it seems like they lost their account somehow. When you click on the social icons at their website, it leads to "page not found" and there's no Blue Mountain (Pennsylvania) on insta https://www.instagram.com/bluemtresort/
  3. Hey! What a great day! It felt like the first day back to school. Hearing about everyone’s summer adventures and milestones. In the AM, the crowd gathered by the quad. This was likely taken around 8:45am. The line wasn’t much longer than what’s shown in this pic. you can see Jeff + rando / 2nd and 3rd chair of more PASRs I was so impressed by how many runs were opened from top to bottom. But while riding up, it’s as expected. Quite bare. I loved Paradise. Later in the morning - Where coming soon & paradise meet - I ran into a gaggle of more PASRs and here are some of them skiing down. You can see Jeff, Mixil and others below. by the end of the day, the clouds opened up and parking lot cracked the inaugural beers of the skison
  4. @Schifand I will be there for opening day. then likely Saturday or Sunday with Wally, depending on weather and when we leave NEPA to go back to Philly 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. I was told that PASR is "getting good" now that we're a week away Send the bat signal. Do the roll call. I was totally not expecting them to open this early.
  6. Wommmm wom I’m out. I have a rager of a 2nd and 6th birthday party in NC. have fun though. Throw back some fireball.
  7. Are we talking about rappers popular in the late 90/early 2000s? besides Snoop Dog, a lot fell off the scene. Little Kim? DMX? sure don’t hear about them lately.
  8. Is anyone going to Oktoberfest at Blue Sept 24-25? https://skibluemt.com/upcoming-events/oktoberfest/ I mostly just want to see the lift in progress...
  9. Looks like a handful of people bought 2. Greg Condon got 10. Curious what he's doing with them.
  10. I thought about doing the same thing. Quick trip to ATL but never pulled the trigger on it. I work in marketing but when I see promos like this - I hate marketing. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  11. I think I need more coffee to read this. I accidentally left Wally outside the other day, so I think he’s ready to be a latch key doggo. never been to Stowe. I might try to hit that one up this winter.
  12. We ended up getting the 4-day Epic pass + 4-pack to Loveland to split + Blue Mountain (In hind sight, should have bought the Epic or Ikon when season passes were lower.) For 2023, we'll likely do a Colorado trip at the end of February / early March. And, use the Epic on weekdays + Loveland for the weekend.
  13. If you’re ever in Denver, there’s a sweet factory tour a couple times a week.
  14. can we all just show up with bags of concrete?
  15. I’m exaggerating. But yes it’s the 2nd time. I got Rx’ed the Covid pills because I love science and want to zap this out of me asap.
  16. Si Senor Celebrated the long weekend in Cancun. It had faint sounds of Juicy playing, flowing drinks, and tiny swimsuits at an all inclusive hotel that felt like it was catered to 35 year olds who still like a good party. caught these sunrise pics the morning we left (Then unsurpringly realized I also caught Covid. Cue up a tombstone for me, steeze.)
  17. omg omg. Can I nominate you for Queen Eye on Netflix? Then, Tan can take you shopping so you have more than 1 blue dress shirt.
  18. Has blue sold all their chairs yet? lovelabd is selling their chairs for $650 https://skiloveland.com/liftlottery/
  19. maybe @Johnny Law should be the one giving fashion advice here.
  20. @Kyle- Roses are hardy. It'll be okay. If you prune roses, do it soon. Once it hits June, it's typically not recommended.
  21. I would recommend wearing a jacket. It probably will have a cool breeze. Better than being in sticky Philly.
  22. Gorgeous bike ride on the SRT / Valley Forge with @Schiftonight.
  23. never everything you see on Facebook is fact though... Got a new job so not as much time to drift off I guess
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