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  1. omg omg. Can I nominate you for Queen Eye on Netflix? Then, Tan can take you shopping so you have more than 1 blue dress shirt.
  2. Has blue sold all their chairs yet? lovelabd is selling their chairs for $650 https://skiloveland.com/liftlottery/
  3. maybe @Johnny Law should be the one giving fashion advice here.
  4. @Kyle- Roses are hardy. It'll be okay. If you prune roses, do it soon. Once it hits June, it's typically not recommended.
  5. I would recommend wearing a jacket. It probably will have a cool breeze. Better than being in sticky Philly.
  6. Gorgeous bike ride on the SRT / Valley Forge with @Schiftonight.
  7. never everything you see on Facebook is fact though... Got a new job so not as much time to drift off I guess
  8. Shit. Like a week later I sign back in and there's 5 more pages to read. You've all moved on to the next topic, I'm sure, but here's some comparisons. $1990: https://www.etsy.com/listing/752267811/ski-chairlift-swing-fully-repurposed-ski $1900: https://www.coloradoskichairs.com/shop/2-person-ski-chairlift-swing-powder-coated-orange-or-any-color-replica-ski-lift-w-wrap-around-bar/ $1800: https://skichairlift.com/ $1400: https://www.coloradoskichairs.com/shop/2-person-ski-chairlift-powder-coated-blue-or-any-color-no-hoop/ $200: Big Boulder 2-seater chair sold in 2021. Whatever yahoo is buying Bleu's chairs for $1200 clearly doesn't know how to google.
  9. I don't think it's inevitable. There's so much open space. It's not like their limited by physical constraints that other mountains have. Also - there are plenty of other big name mountains that don't choose to charge for parking.
  10. ok, you're stealth. I appreciate the info! Is their facebook blowing up with suspicion? I feel like I should make it unofficially official and update their wikipedia page.
  11. @Schif had to be like ... "did you see PASR recently?!" This is huge news. I'm surprised its not on their social or email teasing the upcoming changes. Will this make the cover of the next PASR magazine? Also who is going to snatch the sign from the warming hut? Are they selling the chairs? I have so many questions.
  12. Yup!!! The parking situation is a shit show in PHL. Glad you snagged some off airport parking and called ahead. 👍🏼
  13. In Charleston for the weekend and spotted this yacht. Heard it’s for sale for $40m. Heard yachts like this can rent for $250k a week + staff. but if you look closely, there’s a floating tiki hut with a motor and a bunch of bros on it. spotted this giant shipping boat - Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Learned that it has a bunch of BMWs on it. Turns out it’s like a giant parking garage that floats. then just normal sailboats soaking up the sunset light
  14. I can’t imagine other ski resorts wanting tiny little double chairs tho
  15. Do you think they'll add a mid-lift on/off spot where the doubles are? Also definitely would be interested in buying a chair if anyone on PASR has the intel ...
  16. Could we do some ski touring up Blue?
  17. What is wrong with you? Are you like a part-owner in Blue Mountain? Some secret heir to Bleu? I doubt they're operating at a loss for the entire season.
  18. Hahah those gloves have been through a lot. The gloves ruined the pic. with the Whistler trip, I bought new Hestra and Air Canada paid for them 💃🏼❤️🧳 pretty pumped about it. Have fun in CO!
  19. Hahah that’s awesome. our scoring didn’t have a scale. You either got a 6 or 8 … or a 8,959
  20. Judging with mixle was so fun. I kept one set of signs but passed another set to some randos. @indiggio- where’s this pic from? I snapped this photo of MTB grilling in the lot. Looked gorgeous.
  21. I’ll be there for closing day with Walls. post Villanova shenanigan from last night have made this morning slow… brought extra clothes for pond skimming and scoring numbers for anyone who wants to be a judge
  22. When you say edging …. How specific do you think ski patrol is? cus’ Home Depot has edging in the garden section 😬🤷🏼‍♀️ But I’m sure that’s not what you reallllly need
  23. I just gave notice at my job … and have a new gig starting on Monday, April 25th important life question …. Considering a spontaneous trip. where should I go? (1) New Orleans and hope that Villanova makes it to the championship? I have an epic pass so that gives me some options like: (2) park city? - never fully skied it (3) Stowe - never skied it (4) Colorado and connect with my brother and some old friends.. skiing like Vail, Beaver and Crested Butte?
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