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  1. Would Vail ever sell off shitholes like JFBB? It really feels like they are running it into the ground.
  2. Rain just turned over to snow, heading to the hill and then the bar.
  3. One of the East mountain doubles started smoking around 1:30, they limped it to get all the people off and then shut it down.
  4. No it is nice there. However the surrounding area not so much.
  5. I think their last season open was 2002ish. I was hoping to teach my girls there. That’s how we ended up at Eagle Rock.
  6. Nope, it was down for maintenance, then waiting on parts, now just done...
  7. I’m surprised they were open, Sunday was really bad. They also didn’t groom before opening either day on the weekend. Quad is done for the season too.
  8. I’m not sure if I’m proud to say that I’ve enjoyed all of his reports since day one around 2005.
  9. It’s rated as one of the top ski towns...
  10. Floyd’s is not open. Crowds have been concentrated on the trails accessible from the double and triple lifts. Never a line on the east mountain lift yet this season. E2000 has been pretty quiet, they’ve been letting kids up there which is a first this time of the year.
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