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  1. Peak just mailed our passes today. Weird since every other year we had to pick them up at our home mountain which was JFBB.
  2. I totally agree. If it weren’t so crowded on the weekends we would have gladly made the switch.
  3. It was trash city, ended up at Barley Creek for now.
  4. Hello everyone, We’re in the Pokes and planned on hitting Montage Water Park today. Just found out they are closed. What’s something fun to do outside anywhere within an hour of Lake Harmony? Thanks!
  5. Maybe compared to the philly suburb and south jersey crowd that frequent jfbb.
  6. It’s funny when it happened to JFBB nobody cared and I was happy to not have to go to the ticket window anymore.
  7. I’ve been cracking up all day reading the comments.
  8. My first year the jfbb only pass with the family discount was $399, then it was $499 but you had to go to the window to get a ticket each day. So when Peak bought it and raised the price to $599 and you didn’t have to go to the window it was worth it. In my head my limit for a family of 5 is $2500, so we’re there again next season. I’m buying 2 of the $299 passes this year to montage and will by 3 more if they discount them again in the fall.
  9. Meanwhile people are freaking the fuck out on liberty, roundtop and whitetail mountain FB pages because they have to buy peak passes next season.
  10. Since the price hasn’t increased we will be buying them and montage passes.
  11. I’m waiting to see peak pass prices, which should come out this week. If by chance they are the same or lower we’re doing passes there again and adding montage passes also. If they raise prices we’re probably doing CB, if we can lock down a ski in/out there.
  12. Still waiting to see the peak pass prices for next season.
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