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  1. poconoceancity

    the pics from today thread

    Are they going on your F150?
  2. poconoceancity

    JF 1/6

    The liberty season pass holders got away without having to buy the peak pass this season. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled when their pass prices double for next season.
  3. poconoceancity

    PASR's 15th Anniversary

    I’ve been here a long time. Jeff was a kid in HS when I joined. Now he’s a grown ass man.
  4. poconoceancity

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    This week doesn’t look good. Conditions were good today at frost. Still lots of unopen trails.
  5. poconoceancity

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    It’s too early to worry about this season?
  6. poconoceancity

    Any good CO winter break deals?

    It’s great that you got them out there. Most guys in your situation would never get their kids into such pain in the ass activity to do with kids.
  7. poconoceancity

    Saturday 12/22...PASR Day...

    Blue has really stepped up their game the last few seasons with opening early and closing late. My crew is almost ready to convert.
  8. poconoceancity


    Nice! I respect your loyalty to Subaru.
  9. poconoceancity


    Is that Doug’s new whip?
  10. poconoceancity

    Skison 18/19

    Peak is fucking pathetic. They only care about mount snow and hunter. 5 “resorts” in PA and only one is open this weekend. Not to mention BB was barely half open last weekend and the whole property is a total dump anymore.
  11. poconoceancity

    Weekend Roll Call thread...12/8-12/9..

    He won’t next year when he can’t get 3 passes for $599.
  12. poconoceancity

    Zee Lights

    Lazy lights. 15 minutes and under $100.
  13. poconoceancity

    December 1-2 roll call thread!!!

    The longest 20 years...I’m 13 years into the struggle. I see why people never ski/board again after having kids. I never did the minivan thing.
  14. poconoceancity

    Day 2...November 24th...

    I don’t know if I can do BB for a day trip again.
  15. poconoceancity

    Day 2...November 24th...

    Nope, we bought a new house and have to throw away tons of stuff in this house before ski season. We’re listing it after New Years. I’m going to try to head up there this Saturday, unless something else on my Peak pass opens in PA.