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  1. The mountain Blue 1-8-18

    I’m not complaining, if I lived closer I’d get lot of RAW sessions in.
  2. The mountain Blue 1-8-18

    Work 180 days a year and have off 185 days a year. Although I wish we were off more in the winter.
  3. Trip Report - 1/7/2018

    Tuesday after Presidents’ Day is the norm
  4. We loved it there. It was a great place to get my 3 year old on the snow. They were very slow at opening terrain. When 100% it is a fun hill with an awesome base lodge. My 2 oldest daughters learned there.
  5. We were season pass holders there for 5 years. 2008-2013
  6. How's the storm? Closing at 4?

    Closed, I’m staying up!
  7. How's the storm? Closing at 4?

    I came up after school yesterday, I’m getting reports of over 10 inches at home. 2 inches here at JF. Hoping school is canceled again so I can stay up here tonight.
  8. I didn’t wait in one line all week at JFBB. Showed up for the fireworks last night and had indoor seating next to the window in the main lodge. Conditions were perfect all week, I’m looking forward to some type of January thaw.
  9. Trip Report - 12/29/2017

    We get 25% off one guest pass per day. Not as good of a deal as before when we got 4 $25 buddy passes per season.
  10. Trip Report - 12/29/2017

  11. 12/17 - the place to be

    Next time you’re there stop by lot 7 for a beer. I do love JF and agree with toast, quicker lifts would make it so much better and I would also add a small lodge at the base.
  12. Anyone Worked as Ski Instructor at Blue?

    Sorry to hear that. I left my old district after 17 years. It was the best thing I ever did.
  13. Anyone Worked as Ski Instructor at Blue?

    You’re quitting teaching altogether?
  14. TR: 11/18/17 Rainy pre-Thanksgiving laps

    3 trails yesterday. JF opening Saturday with 10 trails.
  15. BC Still Sucks

    My goals since turning 40 is to get as many days as my age.