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  1. poconoceancity

    Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Any road conditions reports for 476? Thinking about heading up around 230.
  2. poconoceancity

    Hey Salty..

    It’s a great hill, have a tough decision to make for next season. There’s literally nowhere to stay that meets our standards. Driving 40 minutes works for some but not all of us.
  3. poconoceancity

    18/19 Season Pass $399

    I agree on all points. I bet jf closes the first Sunday in March and B.B. the last. There are zero improvements being made there and every other hill in pa is constantly adding new stuff and improving existing stuff. It’s so small and boring anymore, we just like how we know everyone and the kids can run free. If they ever get around to letting us know next seasons pass prices, that could be all it takes to make us jump ship. $599 early pricing is great for peaks ny, vt & nh resorts, but horrible for jfbb.
  4. poconoceancity

    18/19 Season Pass $399

    They are too busy pulling off the greatest season pass sale in PA ski history. Totally genius. The season is over in 10 days, if by chance it’s not, they are done profiting. So they sell thousands of discounted passes and will sell thousands more when they raise the price to $499, which is still a great price.
  5. poconoceancity

    18/19 Season Pass $399

    They have sold a record number of season passes at a great price. I don’t think they are looking to give anything else away anytime soon.
  6. poconoceancity

    18/19 Season Pass $399

    Slower than ever...
  7. poconoceancity

    18/19 Season Pass $399

    It’s very tempting. I called to double check on the 6th grade $60, thing. As of now they are doing away with it. I thought about grabbing a blue and jfbb pass for myself, so I could bring my daughter to blue with the $60 pass.
  8. poconoceancity

    18/19 Season Pass $399

    Truth! I’m over jfbb, but my group isn’t. I’d even switch to CB or Montage at this point.
  9. poconoceancity

    18/19 Season Pass $399

    I’d love to see peak buy blue also.
  10. poconoceancity

    Spring Mt Snow experience?

    I don’t think they ever stay open past the 2nd Sunday in April.
  11. poconoceancity

    Spring Mt Snow experience?

    We were there last st Patrick’s day weekend. Conditions were good, should be better this season with the upgrades to their snow making system.
  12. poconoceancity

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    3 inches so far at Jackson Frost.
  13. poconoceancity

    Hey Salty..

    Is blue closer?
  14. poconoceancity

    Hey Salty..

    Salty, how far is CB from your home in hazelton?
  15. poconoceancity

    1/17 - powder day

    I’ve been good, just a weekend warrior this year, since I started a new job. Maybe when my season is over at Frost I could daytrip Blue or rent the penthouse at your hotel.