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  1. Ended up with a friend who scored 515 on the waiting list for the available 2700 vaccines released today, so my wife and I have an appointment for 4 tomorrow.
  2. The site, but I think there’s more to it. That avenue is no longer available to us suddenly. So I’ll be logging on at the 3 available times offered each week and trying my luck again. I haven’t got close yet. I feel like it’s being run by the Vail reservations department.
  3. No we haven’t. It’s illegal for teachers to strike in NJ.
  4. And just like that, we got canceled. NJ has done nothing for its teachers. Yet we’re going back in person 5 days a week on March 15th. Replacing 6 foot social distancing with 3 feet.
  5. I’m going with my wife today, my school got us in with secret passwords and all.
  6. Should have met renewals in the middle. That was one of the reasons we left frost. There was a significant increase when they were bought by peak and then another significant increase when they were bought by Vail. Wasn’t worth it for 5 passes if we couldn’t get to VT or CO. It will be different when we retire and have the ability to travel for more than a weekend in the winter.
  7. Seems like a fair price. They should have charged $649 for new pass holders and $599 for renewal passes. Make people feel better.
  8. Last year was $499 for adults with a valid season pass from another mountain. Kids prices were the same.
  9. Renewal Rates for super pass holders until March 8: 30 and older $529 6-29 $349
  10. On Wednesday’s we are all virtual. I have a few students that day trip every Wednesday to Blue. Tons of families are taking ski trips this year, since missing school isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be.
  11. They’re pretty good about wearing masks. Maybe 5 out of 100 need to be reminded to pull them up over their nose.
  12. And we’re going back 5 days in person. 3 feet is apparently the new safe social distance in schools.
  13. It is a good deal. Have you seen pricing on foreign cars or full size SUVs lately?
  14. Not at all. She has an intimidating presence to her. I could see how that could come off. At the races the parents hike up to the viewing area. The joke always was, all the moms look half dead by the time they make it up there and Cecily looks like it’s her wedding day.
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