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  1. This was a great read. I will definitely be down for something like this next year.
  2. I was the snowboarder lurker guy. Thanks for the beers and grub, good times. See you guys next season and I'll try to post some more instead of being a creep, haha.
  3. Okay I am heading up in the morning with my brother. I didn't see anything listed on the website but it is up there now, "One Park will be open with features and jumps and will update after tonight."
  4. Thanks, figured I would head over there instead of Blue as long as they had something setup. Plus I have a ton of 10$ off coupons to use from Dunkin Donuts. So will they have features on One Park or just a few things on some random trail?
  5. train36

    10/11 quiver thread

    Never Summer Evo 158 I use to have a few boards but always kept bringing out the Evo so I got rid of the others. It has a mix of rocker and camber which makes it good for various conditions. I ride it in on the ice and in the park around here and love it. Took it out to Utah and handled great in the pow thanks to the reverse camber. I really don't see a reason for another board. If I pick up one it would be another Never Summer, most likely a Premier F1 or Heritage that is a little longer and a little more suited for freeriding.
  6. I like that they are open to putting in some glades. I hope they open the ticket windows earlier. I had a pass last year so it wasn't a problem. I will not be getting one this year so I hope they open them at least a half hour before the lifts open. They use to wait till right before the lifts opened to start selling tickets, not sure if they corrected this last year or not.
  7. I doubt I would use this but it is a good idea for families and groups to keep track of each other. Here is the link : Vail
  8. I was there a few years ago and it is a cool mountain. Some tree runs and they have a little bowl type thing from what I remember. I was there when they did't have any new snow but it was still fun. The park was terrible last time I was there. I wouldn't compare it to Northern or Western resorts but it is cool for a PA resort. With some fresh snow it would be a blast. Lots of old slow lifts when I was there , don't know if that has changed. There were people building their own jumps and stuff on the side of the trails and ski patrol didn't seem to mind.
  9. Thanks for all the help. We booked La Quinta 2/19-2/14 , got a pretty good deal and went with the economy rent a car. Can't wait to get out there and hoping for some snow.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like we might just book that Extended Stay if it is decent and close to Canyon Sports. Should be booking it today.
  11. I had a friend who stayed there and he said it was fine but you never know. I found La Qunita for around 600$ total so we might just go with that to be safe.
  12. Damn Johnny thanks for all the info. I will look into those places. The extended Stay is in Sandy not Midvale. Here is the address : 10715 Auto Mall Drive ,Sandy . Thanks again.
  13. That sounds like a pretty good idea . Neither of us have any idea how to put them on though but it can"t be too tough. Well we would still be able to drive and catch the bus without them but that does sound like a good plan.
  14. Well our plan just to pick a place and go failed cause a couple people bailed. Me and a friend are going to Utah Feb. 19th to Feb. 24th. 5 night stay and 5 days of riding. We are trying to do it cheap. Right now we are planning on staying at the Extended Stay in Sandy, taking a direct flight and renting a cheap car to get us around or at least to the park and ride for the bus cause renting an SUV is big money. Doing this it will cost 533 a person on priceline, pretty cheap. If there is a better place or a place close to one of the buses that would be nice to know. We just figured that if it isn't going to snow we will be fine and get the option to drive to Pow Mow or Snowbasin where we could score a day or two after a storm. If it snows we will just park and take the bus up the Canyons. Does this sound like a good idea? If we rented an SUV it would add a couple hundred each to the trip, doesn't seem worth it.
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