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  1. I'll be in the lot around 8. Let's go!!!
  2. welp, looks like im a few minutes behind the 8 ball. I'll see you fools Saturday bright and early.
  3. Dude if blue lets BEAR CREEK open before them, I'll be sad.
  4. Justin

    Zee Lights

    👀 groomer alert...
  5. It's dat champagne powder everyone is chasing...
  6. I don't think Steamboat gets crowded at all, especially compared to the major Vail resorts. Obviously there is a bit of a confined effect during peak times, since there is nowhere else closeby really for tourists to spill over into, so when the town is full the mountain is full. Plenty of terrain to disappear into though. Up there with Telluride and Crusty Butt. If you want to see crowded, go to Breck on a weekend after 10am.
  7. Even Bear Creek is blowing.
  8. Justin

    Zee Lights

    samesies. I use the same pass for the bike park, and when I bought my ski pass it stopped working 5 minutes later when I went to use the lift. my expectations are low for it working opening day.
  9. Justin

    Zee Lights

    this may very well be the most excited I've been to ski at blue in a long time.
  10. Justin


    anything is skiable with the right amount of dedication, and disregard to your bases. boulder has some of the best glade skiing in PA with this attitude.
  11. I quit my last job because I was in malvern too much, consulting in hell (vanguard)
  12. I feel an opening next weekend in my loins
  13. I at least try to shut off reality. I'll set my lineup in the morning and then go dark until I put it on. Not a bad strategy though
  14. @theprogram4 this is gonna sound sacrilegious, but I've been into DVR-ing games lately. I never thought I'd get to that point, but my need to go on outdoor adventures can't be limited by 1:00 games anymore. I slam my head into the corporate world throughout the week too much to be locked inside for the 2 days I get to do whatever I want. in other news, some elk stoke....still technically PA....
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