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  1. nice fall chill creeping in today. AC is off. I aint mad.
  2. Not to hijack and make things all about me, but I caved and bought my pass on Saturday. Looking forward to catching up with all you fools and for the love of god, someone update me on this lot meat situation
  3. If you're into it....A-basin ditched the Epic pass and went private. I'd expect tickets to become pretty cheap and lines a lot smaller as a result.
  4. The last time I went to Blue to ski was probably 2010 or 2011, I had a pass the winter I was back in PA between living in CO and VT. In the past 5 years I maybe skied 10 days, all either out west or VT trips. I skied Boulder once in that time period. Gonna be interesting for sure, but I'm kinda stoked to actually ski Blue again...
  5. I agree. I've been getting really depressed in the winter, I don't do much other than work out and spin on the trainer with the occasional bitter cold bike ride. I need to ski just for my mental health alone, I really do miss it. Going out west is nice and all, but with all the money I dump into bike related nonsense I'd prefer to scratch my skiing itch with as little coin as possible. I'd be happy with 15 or so days at blue and a VT trip or two. Wanted to ski last season, but we were saving for a house...so any and all extra cash, time, and energy went into that. I can comfortably piss off now 1 or 2 days a week to go skiing. I no longer have any excuses.
  6. He's been getting out west a lot, not so much into the PA scene anymore. I don't blame him, but there is something that I miss about the magic that is blue mountain.
  7. I doubt I'll convince him to buy a pass but I'll definitely drag him up with me one day...
  8. I'm out of touch these days. Got a pair of last year's Chronics for about five hundo mounted with bindings. Quietly contemplating taking the plunge on a Blue pass as we speak....
  9. No habla? Read the manual? I bought skis. They're slippery pieces of fiberglass that attach to your feet
  10. So I just ordered a pair of skis....the stoke is rising. I've decided to make skiing a thing again in 2019-2020.
  11. Nothing more than a strategic move to sell more epic passes and further overcrowd resorts out west. All this acquisition shit is becoming so destructive to all the mountain towns.
  12. Won't be getting a pass, but hoping to get a few days in! I'm down to some old-ass Line fat skis only from 2009, but I'll still come rip a little.
  13. The Jeffsy is awesome! Go for it, you won't be disappointed. I considered it, but I need the Capra with the frequent bike park beating I'll be doing. You can get it with a decent build kit and carbon frame for just over $3k, insane value for a 150mm trail bike. Helllll yeah! 29ers are making serious waves now in the gravity world. Lots of them are popping up in the World Cup now and quite a few wins are happening in the EWS this year. 2019 is going to be littered with 29ers. Most companies are even offering their DH bikes with 29er options too, and not just a frankenstein'd 27.5 frame with bigger wheels. Actual race tested stuff. Interested to see how the flip chip will be. Most of them seem gimmicky, I don't really think the .5 degree on the the headtube and seattube will exactly turn it to a XC bike, but the increased BB height is definitely intriguing. From what I've read, the 29 Capra vs. the 27.5 is a wayyyy better with climbing and pedalling efficiency though for obvious reasons. I just need to sit, spin, and get up the hill anyway so I can hurt myself on the way down. I'll save the lycra and cadence meter for my road bike. Love how this thread is turning to a bike discussion haha BTW - im waiting for fedex as we speak...I'll post pics in the bike thread!
  14. Apparently. Just redesigned the capra this year and it's pretty dang awesome. Gotta say I'm into the direct-to-consumer stuff a lot more now. The value you get is freakin' amazing and they actually listen to their riders and customers. A similar build kit from Trek, SC, Kona, or Specialized would be an easy $1500-2k more.
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