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  1. Won't be getting a pass, but hoping to get a few days in! I'm down to some old-ass Line fat skis only from 2009, but I'll still come rip a little.
  2. The Jeffsy is awesome! Go for it, you won't be disappointed. I considered it, but I need the Capra with the frequent bike park beating I'll be doing. You can get it with a decent build kit and carbon frame for just over $3k, insane value for a 150mm trail bike. Helllll yeah! 29ers are making serious waves now in the gravity world. Lots of them are popping up in the World Cup now and quite a few wins are happening in the EWS this year. 2019 is going to be littered with 29ers. Most companies are even offering their DH bikes with 29er options too, and not just a frankenstein'd 27.5 frame with bigger wheels. Actual race tested stuff. Interested to see how the flip chip will be. Most of them seem gimmicky, I don't really think the .5 degree on the the headtube and seattube will exactly turn it to a XC bike, but the increased BB height is definitely intriguing. From what I've read, the 29 Capra vs. the 27.5 is a wayyyy better with climbing and pedalling efficiency though for obvious reasons. I just need to sit, spin, and get up the hill anyway so I can hurt myself on the way down. I'll save the lycra and cadence meter for my road bike. Love how this thread is turning to a bike discussion haha BTW - im waiting for fedex as we speak...I'll post pics in the bike thread!
  3. Apparently. Just redesigned the capra this year and it's pretty dang awesome. Gotta say I'm into the direct-to-consumer stuff a lot more now. The value you get is freakin' amazing and they actually listen to their riders and customers. A similar build kit from Trek, SC, Kona, or Specialized would be an easy $1500-2k more.
  4. great point. it's pretty much useless
  5. Just figured I'd throw this up here in case anyone might be interested. I was bit by the enduro bug HARD and just took advantage of some end of season pricing, got a new bike that will be my do it-all rig. Part of my self-adulting and convincing that the purchase is justifiable included selling my DH bike to offset the cost. So please, help me help myself be a better adult. I absolutely love this bike, I bought it in the beginning of the summer and went through the whole thing. It runs very smooth, problem free and ready to rock. Loads of travel and super playful. Excellent jumper, and absolutely mobs through pretty much anything. No major crashes, just your typical scratches from blasting a bike down a mountain. Super secret PASR friend discount price - $1700. -Size M, setup for someone 5'6-5'10 150-180ish lbs -FR730 Frame, 190mm Rear Travel. Marzocchi R Coil -Boxxer RC Fork, Medium Spring. Bought brand new in box, only has 3 rides on it (retails $850) -Fresh Minion DHF's, maybe 5 rides on them. 2.5 front, 2.3 rear. Setup tubeless -Syncros bars, seat, & 27.5 wheelset -Fresh ODI Grips -Truactiv Stem -Shimano Deore Brakes 203mm/203mm Rotors with Fresh Pads -Truvativ Ruktion 165mm Cranks -SRAM X5 8-speed Derailleur
  6. I think he's insinuating that an indoor ski hill in NJ just outside of NYC would be a suicidal nightmare. Especially on a weekend. I mean it sounds like a cool idea, but you'd have to be into skiing park features for it to be worth it.
  7. oh you bet. throw on the rock skis and have at it. but seriously that post was about 98% sarcasm. I was having too much fun skiing through things you shouldn't ski on today.
  8. well cropped, yes, untouched mcsnow, yes. I actually hiked up about 30-40 yards into the woods and dropped into a pillow line (4 inches of fake snow covering a bunch of large rocks) to rip this one patch. skiers right on bunny's elbow there are some goodies to be found. if you're ambitious enough you can spend some time in those woods. if there ever is some snow you can probably get 1/2 the way down the trail in the trees. I was spotting some gnar lines inbetween boulder park and draufganger, too.
  9. So happy to see this thread is still going!!!!! Posted this in my TR thread, but what the heck, I'll throw it in here too. Boulder today:
  10. BACK FROM THE DEAD! After over a year away from snow, I was finally reunited once again. Ripping down the 17 second runs at Boulder today got me so fired up about PA skiing that I just had to dust off the PASR account and write up a TR. Me and a lady friend (also an avid PA skier) spontaneously decided to go skiing today. Original plans called for Blue, but once we found out they were blowing snow on all open trails, we tagged along with her park lapping brother and headed up to Boulder instead. So I got myself an overpriced $55 lift ticket, then broke out the waterlogged, delam'd, and completely destroyed pair of afterbangs and started hurling myself onto some rails like it was 2007. It was not like riding a bike. I quickly realized that a job, commuting daily to school, and limited coverage health insurance should govern the amount of time spent in the air and on obstacles until I got my mojo back, so we spent most of the time lapping bunny schuss with the occasional run down Boulder Park (which they were blowing on, go figure). Let me tell you - we were schralping. I must of racked up 1000 gnar points, easily. Seriously though, I had a great time dicking around in the woods and just skiing on stuff you shouldn't ski on with about 3 inches of snow on it. I found my way down about 1/2 the length of bunny schuss almost completely in the trees. All those years in VT has paid off, I guess. Right around 1, LOVE park opened, so we lapped that for a bit and I started to get my rail game back. The larger features motivated me to perform better, I guess. Overall, snow condition was great, nice coverage and firm, grippy, fast snow. Despite the tiny-ness of Boulder I still had an absolute blast just being on snow again. For the rats, the setup is pretty decent around the mountain. I can only take boulder in small doses though (unless they have jumps). We bought blue tickets beforehand so now I can at the very least get another day in this season. Needless to say my ski itch is back in full swing, so I'll likely start stashing away some moolah and treat myself to a blue pass next year. Times have been tough financially this past year, so skiing hasn't been really an option. I was going to get a JFBB college pass last season, but I was without a car so I decided to ditch at the last minute. Same story for this season, but I think need to be on snow at least 20 days a year again to regain sanity. Life is rough not being on two planks. Here's me catching some fresh tracks: Hope everyone is well! PASR forever!!!! Me and dbamf actually got together two weeks ago and I'm sure we'll be on the mountain soon again...
  11. burlington has changed a lot. it's not the same even from when I used to go up when I was still in high school back in like 06-07. to put it lightly it's overran, too small of a town with too many college kids making up the population. just being at champlain for 2 years the erollment almost tripled and I'm sure UVM has as well. to make things worse, barely any of them live on campus so rent has gone through the roof. I was paying $1500/month for a 2br which is pretty much on the cheaper end of things. you can find plenty of places for much, much cheaper in philly. their economy is wacked up there, they need to expand. it's basically like the NYC of vermont. everything is PACKED and super expensive. not to mention they're really disconnected from the real world up there. I loved the mountains obviously but I got sick of the people and the town. It's just not a good place to live for an extended period of time.
  12. It can be done, I just have to make time for it. I'll mostly be going during the week on the days when I get out of school early...possibly some night action. I only work at night fri-mon but fridays I'm usually out from 7pm until 5-6am. Saturdays and sundays are doable I just need to be back in philly by 5ish. Ideally if I can get one midweek day and one weekend day in every week I'll be very happy, but I can survive with just one day a week as well. With the pass being only $249...and typically the longest season in PA it'll pay for itself rather quickly.
  13. yeah, it's total bs. even their "college rate" is still too much at nearly $500. 22 is too young! not everybody goes to school right at 18 and graduates in 4 years....especially skiers, since they tend to move around and waste time when their young chasing snow. what about those in masters and doctorate programs? usually an older student is much more financially stressed than a typical college kid, 18-22, anyway. I work 30 hours a week and go to school mon-fri. it already costs me $20-$30 each day just to get to the mountain being in philly...I just want to be able to ski just a little bit without having to shell out major bucks to do it. how could I forget? I think that was the night I rear ended your car on 22. haha. I'll have to make it up to blue at least one day this season, if there is a PASR day I'll definitely come out for that.
  14. champlain screwed me with 15 credits left. long story short, it was going to take me 2 years to take 5 classes, and I literally ran out of electives...they wouldn't let me take classes outside of my major either. so basically I had to drop to part-time if I wanted to stay. being on an academic scholarship, I need full time status and a 3.2+ so they pulled it because of my drop to part-time status, I pretty much was forced to leave. that school sucked anyway, and UVM was too expensive to be an option. thankfully drexel came in clutch and accepted most of my credits, plus they offered me a nice scholarship because of my grades and age. couldn't say no, so now I'm here. doing that full-time and working a bunch. life is a lot simpler and I'm spending much less money to live than I did in burly, it was getting old. really got sick of the town. I want to just finish school, save money, and move back out west in a few years hopefully. I'd love to be back at blue but the $249 season pass deal is what sold me. Blue won't even give me their college pass since I'm 23, so I'd have to pay over $600. I'm not even sure how many times I'll be able to get out anyway, hopefully once a week but it might be less than that. For $249 it makes much more sense.
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