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  1. Imagine if you could glamp in the winter. Ski in/ski out
  2. Just got my renewal gift card from Blue in my inbox, stoke is rising! Thought I'd pop in and say hi. Making it a point to get in a solid day count at Blue this year. I wonder what I'll blow my free $50 on?
  3. first - I wouldn't go to camelwhack if it was free. I'd scratch that off the list right away. like many have said, montage is a well kept secret. every time I've been, it was pretty dead and the lower half of the mountain is all "expert" terrain, so it funnels the crowd even more. the terrain is also a bit more interesting (IMO) in comparison to blue. in your specific case though, being equidistant to montage/blue AND primarily skiing off-peak, I'd go blue. the lifts and snowmaking capacity are just far superior. you'll get a longer season, and probably twice as many runs on empty midweek sessions due to the high speed lifts. that long haul lift at montage is agonizing...and at blue, you can ski top to bottom runs with a high speed chair back to the top every time. if you said you only skied weekends though, I'd probably say go for montage. blue can handle the crowds OK, but at this point they're operating at like max capacity far too often. you'll have much shorter lines at montage on a weekend which cancels out any gains you make from the high speed lifts at blue. if you are considering blue though, I'd jump on getting a pass ASAP. they have been restricting the quantities a lot. I missed the boat this year, and was PISSED.
  4. nah, line chronics (park skis). black/blue/green topsheets with bright orange bases. I probably look like I'm 14 in ski gear
  5. Was up yesterday too, skied 4:30-6. Took 4 trips up the quad, 3 up main street chair before I decided to call it right as the sun started going in. Come around > midway > lower main was completely dead with primo snow (come around jumps were also choice for an older out of shape park rat with nothing to prove), so I stayed for a while. Big park was a sugary mess with landings scraped off, but still sampled the big booters, hit a few rails then dipped over to CA>MS. Looking forward to a full on spring day in there though, glad to see Booter mtn back in action. Felt like a time warp, just with substantially better rail choices, slightly more engineered jumps, and obviously not on sidewinder. 11 days skiing 99% park at BC really showed itself...skied god awful and my legs are toast today. One run down challenge had the heart pumping...already looking forward to next season... P.S. Look for the guy with the bright red fulltilts, that's me!
  6. Saw this today in my email. $289.99? Haven't been to MC (on snow) in over a decade but wtf is up with this bargain basement pricing lol S
  7. Thinking about it...I would pay a grand for occasional passholder only hours (didn't blue used to do this?) and some sort of actual skip the line type of thing. If we're turning skiing into six flags, might as well offer tiered season access and fast passes... My true hope is that mass society melts back into the nothingness it came from within the next 5 years or so, so I can get back to enjoying the outdoors again. But I guess every schlub skis or snowboards now (even on the most off-peak, terrible nights) so if I have to pay more to actually enjoy myself, whatever.
  8. long way from 2006 prices, but hey it's still easy to break even with where lift tickets are at now. kinda weird that comparing things to 2006 now is like 1990 back then. actually seems normal if you look at it that way.
  9. I'll be up dawn patrol tomorrow and sunday probably, assuming they are open tomorrow.
  10. aren't they right next to the lodge though? makes it possible to boot up inside, then toss a bag in on your way to the snow.
  11. Really wish they had smaller seasonal lockers. Truth is, I'd love a boujee season of warm lodge booting with a place to stash a bag. Not paying $249 for it though. Am I allowed to parking lot pimp if I'm a lodge booter though?
  12. Came here for this discussion and looks like I was right! Pulled the trigger today, 0 hesitation. $649 is definitely a lot to ski blue for the season, but honestly I'm kinda stoked to not see a 7 in there. After 11 days this year at BC...I'm about over it, don't think I'll renew. Reality is, I love the park, but If I'm not there at 1pm on a weekday...I'm miserable, and those opportunities aren't always there. Pumped to actually ski runs too. Now, the race is on to cram as many days in before closing to stretch that value. Of course they had to open the sales up on a rainy day with an early closing 🙄 See you all at Blue! Happy to be home.
  13. Hah that sounds about right. BC is definitely the home of the tough guy gaper. Good to know about tuesdays though. Probably just avoid it from here on out, I almost landed on several demon children.
  14. Was also up yesterday...wtf was going on with all the kids? I think I watched at least 3 kids die in the park, one of which took a slam to the neck/head after sending the jump full speed, doing a half backflip and completely overshooting the landing. Stood there at the drop in with his dad (on rentals), as he laughed...and WE went to check on him. Glad to see BC hasn't changed one bit. Hands down, best day of the year though (even better than 1/31). Sun, smooth snow, bumps were primo. 11/10 on the JADIP scale. Skied from noon-4, it's rare I stay out that long, so you know it was good.
  15. Fo' sho. Assuming they sell passes in march, I'll be up then. Def going to go up at least one weekend this month though.
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