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  1. Shooting for dawn patrol session on Friday and Saturday. I missed last weekend so I need to play catchup. Somewhat hell bent on logging 3 november days...
  2. epic layoffs begin: https://www.reformer.com/stories/corporate-layoffs-announced-at-mount-snow,590715?fbclid=IwAR2Ptwk45amWfj69IQmv-Vz4wsC_hElqkM0mhtq28FzUpl0Vn7WDR9s_6TY
  3. I almost went to see them at Parx just for the novelty of it. Montage must be hurting.
  4. I had a binding break on me one time skiing trees solo at stowe in dick deep powder. Spent about an hour looking for my ski, couldn't clip back in, spent another 2 hours or so wading through dick to chest deep snow of varying densities back to any sort of trail since skiing tight, steep trees with one ski wasn't gonna work. When I finally found my way out of the woods, the only option to get back on the trail was to jump down a 10ft or so cliff, or else turn around and keep fumbling through the woods to find a better exit, so I jumped. I legit thought I was going to die out there, since I got stuck around noon and would lose sunlight. I would have been seriously pissed if I died skiing VT.
  5. also out for this weekend, I am bummed to miss another week of november PA skiing. I'll be back up black friday for an early AM session provided they don't do some wacky evening opening.
  6. It's ridiculous. At least I made out good with property value. I'll take the dirty looks as I go home to my totally updated, quiet $265k house on a full acre, while people pay $500k+ to ACTUALLY live in Kensington.
  7. It's silly. I'm in East Fallowfield, but still am 19320. I still write Coatesville on everything, East Fallowfield Township is too long to write and/or explain to people, lots of online shopping doesn't take the address too. Wish we could get our own zip and just detach from Coatesville fully. Usually when I say I live in Coatesville, its followed by a disgusting, judgemental look. Idk why our area gets such a bad rap from the general public, even way out in the burbs. It's OK and even considered somewhat ritzy to live in places like Germantown, Abington, or Cheltenham, when literally half of those areas are total and complete trash.
  8. there was a lot of PASR activity in Malvern a week or two ago, I know that.
  9. Of course they shared the one without the larger crew...
  10. If you want to go with a twin tip, I'm a huge fan of the Line Chronics. They are such a great PA ski, in my opinion. If you want to do any park dabbling, I think it makes the most sense to get something that can do it all, and they can handle pretty much everything you throw at it. Still a freestyle-focused ski, but great as an all-mountain ripper, even good in the trees. Very fun, lively, durable, affordable, and playful ski with a medium-stiff flex. I picked up last season's model for $300 a few months ago. Not limp dick noodles, but not skin suit stiff either. Would definitely be a good option if you want something that can dabble in the park, but still be well-mannered on groomers. Call me a snob (or anti snob?), but I feel like if you have any desire to ski park, it's unnecessary to have 2 pairs of skis for PA when a twin tip with an all-mountain bias can handle the job. If you want something for more gnarly terrain and trips that involve no park skiing, get a second pair to keep around for that purpose. I also prefer a more playful ski for groomers, love launching side booters and goofing off, so that definitely plays a role into my opinion. I will rock chronics exclusively until I'm dead or in dick deep powder (of which I then break out the bacons).
  11. At this time tomorrow, we'll be a few runs deep. Think about that
  12. can't muck up those wedding shots...
  13. I still can’t believe blue is opening mid november with a full week of snowmaking prior. God damn insane
  14. Damn, oldschool. I remember we used to bump this a lot with @librider and @Shadows back in the keystone days.
  15. I love the ok boomer thing. It's about time we lose the uneducated boomer opinions of the millennial generation, that are based on romanticism of the past and unrealistic expectations of younger people with an entire different set of challenges than what they had when they were our age. But hey, none of this belong in the Skison thread. Let's go ski.
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