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  1. still looking for someone to hang out with my son David. (he's 8). A few people on this forum said they would be at Boulder once in a while. If I can't find someone to hang out with him all the time, he is going to be miserable. He started last year and has done all the runs at boulder. He wants to learn more about the terrain park. We are up there 2 weekends a month. Please pm me if you are interested. thanks
  2. wow we would have made the drive for that! David is pouting today.
  3. If the mountain was opened we would be going. I would love to go but its over a 3 hour drive for us. I am sorry I won't get a chance to meet some of you guys, especially Nipples. David really wants to meet him.
  4. My son snowboarded alot with a Big Boulder instructor named Philly last season. Since BB is no longer offering their snowmonster program with the season pass, I am hoping to find someone who wants to snowboard with him. We come up from Jersey 2 weekends a month. My son David is 8 and has boarded all the trails at Big Boulder. He loves the terrain park. I started snowboarding last season also but he is far more advanced than me. He is not looking forward to hanging out with his mom on the mountain especially since I can't seem to make it off the beginner slopes. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with "philly" or knows of someone who might like the job (pay neg) of hanging out with David this season please contact me. We go to the mountain when it opens and he's usually tired out by lunch time. my email is mousetrapgal@hotmail.com. thanks
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