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  1. I don't trust them to be on schedule enough to make a preseason purchase, but it's interesting that they've bundled skiing and waterpark passes together: Sn
  2. We had a blast...btw, the league trophy has been recovered... No worries, Santa. Fuck off. Sno had the best snow all season. Better than Elk. The NF had edge to edge coverage during the 10 days of 50 degree weather when all the other hills were showing grass. Stay at your bunny hill filming preteen boys.
  3. Let's see...RightEmpire's history: Hate on TT C6: I dont know what the fuck your deal is, but apparently no one cares about this but you. You posted the same fucking question 50 times and your not going to get an answer because he doesnt want to give his name to some random person on the internet. Please, JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH, ITS GETTING OLD. Why the fuck do you care? Just be grateful that hes giving you information about the mountain thats not publicly disclosed yet. No one cares who he is or what he does at the mountain but you. Leave the guy alone, he obviously doesnt want to
  4. You sure about that? I have over eight thousand fucking posts. You are obviously just another Big Boulder park bitch on Rob's mini dick. I used to be tolerant of him until HIS family started having a bunch of little pricks CALL my home phone and make threats. Leave him be? He should crawl under a fucking rock. I have a challenge for you...try and be honest. Ready? If someone posted your home phone number and told a bunch of kids to call it and make threats against your mom, would you just roll over and take it? How about if he threatened to do it again? And you stick up for him?
  5. Keep in mind, too, that Rob DOESN'T have skillz and doesn't ski at Sno and has said he listens to opinions of others who also never ski/ride Sno---as in the "Sno Sucks" thread on NS by BB riders who had never even been to Sno. Just for perspective.
  6. I guess you missed all the damage Rob tried to inflict during the time when SMLLC needed support during the purchase. Not that he was able to make a difference, there was enough lack of support that allowed Washo to squeeze the new owners out of an extra million dollars. What did the county do with the million dollars? Gave middle and upper management county employees a small raise and created a fund for courthouse "enhancements", whatever that means. So when I hear Rob make any input on what Sno should or shouldn't do, I tend to view it as the same old bullshit from a blowhard who tried t
  7. I can't wait until the rest of your family quits so you can just live on your fishing MB year round.
  8. From howstuffworks.com: * It can absorb up to 100X its weight in water (1). * It can stick to baby's genitals, causing allergic reactions (2). * Reported to cause severe skin irritations, oozing blood from perineum and scrotal tissues, fever, vomiting and staph infections in babies (2). * When injected into rats it has caused hemorrhage, cardiovascular failure and death (4). * Banned from tampons in 1985 because of its link to Toxic Shock Syndrome (1). * Has killed children after ingesting as little as 5 grams of it (5). * Causes female organ problems, sl
  9. Yep, and I just met with my architect who is developing plans for conversion to female dormitories in two of them.
  10. Yeah I saw the pipe from 81 today, too. And Lower Fast Track is sketchy but it looks like WL has a ton of snow left along with the rest of the NF. I'd say June 1 for the last snow.
  11. Ski

    Street skis?

    I know what you're saying, but wearing ski boots is the whole point...with grass skiing, you get a very similar experience to skiing because you are working/flexing your ski boots. That's all. Chippy might end up a bloody mess on the pavement, but he's young and will heal just fine.
  12. I can just see the gift shop...
  13. Ha, Sno is the perfect mountain for me and my family. I only tell people to come if they are interested in (relative to the Poconos) steep headwalls, great snow, no crowds, and what has become one of the best junior race training programs in the region. Doug would not be happy here. Nor would Jeffy. And, conversely, I feel like I'm going for a jog on the Garden State Parkway when I'm skiing at Blue. Penguins are a pain in the ass.
  14. They are smooth on a grassy hill, but ground hog holes are a mo fo, Philly...I hate f*cking ground hogs.
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