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  1. I was up last night and the lights are actually really good. They will need some tweaking to get properly positioned, but I was really impressed with how bright they lit up the trails. They look like some kind of LED light. I can't image how much they spent but it has to be a LOT. The "glade" has been there. It isn't really cleaned out in there so it is very borderline to ski in there.
  2. I love the snow capped peaks in the background!
  3. Glades might be "open," but I would ski at your own risk. There are a lot of sticks and rocks in there.
  4. Sunday Mornings are also a good choice as they are usually even less crowded than Saturday.
  5. Awesome write-up. I too would be interested.
  6. Glad to be back. Based upon the bankruptcy filings and it appears they are using a cash reserves (which are not much) and are getting post petition financing. The key will be for them to open and start throwing off some cash from ticket sales. I have a copy of the budget from their bankruptcy filing, but don't know how to post a PDF.
  7. I really like the Court has taken an aggressive stance on the time frame for the sale. Fingers crossed!
  8. 1. Instead of a high speed lift install a conveyor loading system. See. It allows a fixed grip lift to be run at a higher speed and with less miss loads. For a mountain like sno a high speed lift isn't needed or probably appropriate. A conveyor however might be perfect. 2. Plant some trees ready NOW. I know they planted trees to the lookers right on the iron horse lift, but those that lived this first "winter" wont be 5' for at least 5-10 years. I think a smaller number of bigger trees similar to what was planted above the phobe lift would be better ascetically and as a wind break.
  9. I've measured it at about 32-33.
  10. Bumps on white yesterday were good, but the bumps on boomer were fantastic. I like the fact they blew snow on the trail last night. Made the bumps nice and soft. Very awesome!! Good job sno keep it up!
  11. 4 trails + bunny hill open. whistler and switch were open (one is the terrain park); cannon ball & boomer aslo open. Boomer was awesome they are letting it bump up.
  12. Lift ride is about 10.5 minutes last I check. Never a line at the lift either.
  13. Santa's comments make a good point. I think the biggest problem is an utter lack of marketing and communication. The lack of communication with the media is a massive problem, but underscores their utter lack of marketing effort. Understanding the mountain might not have a ton of cash there are low cost marketing options they can use. For lack of knowledge or ability they just don't. The mountain could be good as the terrain is solid and the snow making is some of the best in PA. The mountain cannot handle the crowds of blue, but it could handle a lot more people than it does. I ho
  14. 9.5 million Mortgage 5 million loan from the state 1.5 million in taxes and receivables due -------- 16 million in total debt that seems like a LOT!!! I mean even if open this year what is the long term plan you need to be selling a LOT of season passes at 600 a pop to make those number work. Even if you sell 1000 season passes that is only 600,000 dollars. Assume 50,000 skier visits at $25 per ticket is 1.25 Million. You are looking at maybe 2 million in income - I don't know how you pay the operating expenses let alone start to service the debt. Between the state loan (90
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