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  1. There’s about 1800 there dude copped two guns
  2. That’s not a response. Say the words you do t care about the constitution
  3. He did everything constitutionally. Let the states handle it not the Fed’s problem.
  4. So you should be encouraging people to not wear masks and social distance. Make that paper
  5. I’m rooting for Ebola to make a comeback. We need a good mass die off of humans on this planet.
  6. You’re such a bitch. I hope one of those guys kicks your ass but you’d probably run to Mommy and daddy to sue them. If you lived in the Soviet Union you’d be proud to snitch on your neighbors. You are a tyrant and unAmerican.
  7. 🙄 I can already tell this is going to be full of whiny paranoid bitches
  8. What brand do you use?
  9. I'm done with this summer bullshit! fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I really need to get an AC for my truck. fuck this fucking shit!
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