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    '06 Vokyl Karmas 169cm w/ Scratch 120's '03 Line Darkside 165cm w/ Reactor 10's '03 Atomic SL9 160cm - r11 w/ Atomic 612 '95 K2 - 268s at 170cm Rock Skis '92 K2 - Vintage snowboard with binding '06 Fisher RC4 World Cup-158cm r17 w/ FR11 '05 Fisher RC4 World Cup-153cm r14 w/ FR11 '05 Fisher RC4 World Cup-143cm r11 w/ FR11 '05 Fisher RC4 Competion-143cm r11 w/ FR11 '04 Fisher RC4 World Cup-138cm r10 w/ Look '04 Vokyl PRO Junior-150cm w/ marker bindings '01 AXIS @ 120cm hanging on the wall '06 Armada AR3 with Rossi at 150cm '06 Armada AR3 with marker@ 150cm '05 Armada AR3 with Rossi at 140cm '03 Line Ghettoblasters-133cm hangin on wall '05 Volkl Blizzards at 163cm for the Mrs 2 Pair of Elan-135cm for skiing rails in yard 2 pairs of antique wood skis with bear traps 11 pairs various lengths of Rollka grass skis
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  1. Papasteeze

    Warren Miller

    Can we embed vimeo here? anyway. listen to this! Allstar on Warren Miller
  2. Papasteeze

    so i just saw in Deep

    Petits opening segment and the closing tribute are the only memorable parts.
  3. Papasteeze

    Warren Miller

    Another update... from Warren Miller himself... Truth Please people, do not support WME in any way. Read the rest of the story here
  4. Papasteeze

    What's up with Buckman's?

    A buckmans bump
  5. Papasteeze

    Warren Miller

    Nothing really came from the hearing yesterday, however from a reliable source: Nothing really came from the hearing yesterday, however from a reliable source:
  6. Papasteeze

    so i just saw refresh

    Go watch it sober and listen to Josh's lead in and his 10 year history. I am thinking you will change your mind.
  7. Papasteeze

    What's up with Buckman's?

    there already is http://www.paskiandride.com/forums/topic/14307-warren-miller/
  8. Papasteeze

    What's up with Buckman's?

    I know the WME on 11/8 is probably tradition. But please. Do not support them. There is a huge campaign to discredit them and those who sponsor them. I can help set you up with another movie which actually has WM in it and is much more a flick more suitable to BC and the families who go to BC Other than that. Thank you for all that you do in continuing to support the local ski and ride scene
  9. Papasteeze

    Warren Miller

    just an update:
  10. Papasteeze

    Sean Jordan ranked 31st in World - Slopestyle!

    Sean is gonna be big this year!
  11. Papasteeze

    bode's back!

    post count up
  12. Papasteeze

    Warren Miller

    There are some iconic sound bytes in the movie. He sold WME/gave it to his son who subsequently sold it a year later to the Bonner Corp which owns dozens of magazines. I imagine that's where/when the apparent disowning occurred. This is WME's 60th anniversary year. The non compete clause must have expired. I would think there would be a better case if Warren Miller was to bring suit for continued use of his name since obviously this action is contrary to his wishes. Vague but yeah. That would silence WME. I encourage those that would like to see this action stopped, that you write the sponsors of WME professionally and express your feelings and subsequently write Level 1's sponsors and your support. My emails to WME's associates and sponsors all started with my name, age, location and length of time skiing along with a short history of my involvement. I went on to say things along the lines that I will not support anyone associated with WME and intend on doing my best to educate those who view their films of this travesty. This is Level 1's statement: BTW this thread was created before the suit. I need to make it clear that the warren miller narration is in the movie without use of advertising it. In other words Josh Berman is celebrating his 10 years of movie making and made mention of how he grew up on WM. and WM comes on to say "thanks Josh..................." WME is so missing the point. dumb asses.
  13. Papasteeze

    so i just saw refresh

    bullshit Warren Miller FTW!
  14. Papasteeze

    Warren Miller

    Warren Miller Entertainment is not Warren Miller and what he embodies. Do not support this company. Warren narrated in Refresh by Level 1 - Warren Miller Entertainment is suing Level 1 for intellectual property What is wrong with this picture? read the update here: http://newschoolers.com/web/forums/readthread/cat_id/1/thread_id/484817/page/2/
  15. Papasteeze

    Went crazy, bought a second season pass

    anyone got anything on the colorado pass this year? deadline? cost? gonna go google