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  1. 12/14/17

    Is this for real?
  2. Pick me a ski

    I keep threatening him I’m gonna hide them chronics
  3. Pick me a ski

    Yep, the Lange’s were 27.5 Backcountry web site don’t suck
  4. Zee Lights

    You’ll get there
  5. Zee Lights

    You work in this weather?
  6. 12/10/17..best snow..biggest crowds of the year..

    No, they were the chewy chocolate chip cookies. Pay attention
  7. 12/10/17..best snow..biggest crowds of the year..

    That’s cause they just handed out the cookies
  8. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    I’m worried about the quality of physics education in PA public schools...
  9. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    Oh Salty...
  10. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    They gonna get tasered!!!!!
  11. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    Enjoralas is just fine. He is commenting on all the tight panties comments. Some serious fuckery for lines today? Yep. Good turns also,? Yep. Good time with friends? Yep. Salty once paradise opens you will be set. See ya soon!
  12. These idiots at CB

    Nothing unfortunate about anything. Ski the edges, avoid a boulder or two, wait on line. Laugh with friends. Repeat.
  13. These idiots at CB

    ‘Tis the season to be giving. We’ll be opening two more trails tomorrow, Lazy Mile and Upper Main Street! Pay the same discounted price for 7 trails, $39 for 8-hours & $25 from 12pm-4pm. We’ll see you on the mountain!
  14. Opening Day Trip Report - 12/2/2017

    Basecamp echo was a classic
  15. Zee Lights

    Easier glades at Jay compared to Stowe for beginners. Even easier ones at blue