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  1. Hillcrest lodge (stupid name - it’s at the bottom of a hill) is on the K access rd and it’s cheap too. Problem is it’s cheap so if hanky panky going on down the hall you hear it. My go-to, especially for solo travel is Turn of River Lodge (more on this later). Not on k access rd but 1 m from sky ship Gondi on Rt 4. Not my fav starting point as it takes 20 min to ski after loading though. My pro tip is park at corner of lot trail access next to snowdon bubble chair. Super short and easy access and car is right there for lunch and tinnies. Other convenient start is bear but car is a bit farther away. If staying at ToR two great breakfast spots, First is about 0.2m down Rt 4 toward k access rd on your right. Dream makers bakery. A little $$ for breakfast Sammy (~$8) but crazy good farm-to-table Vt goodness. Problem is their midweek hrs are no good. The second option is Water wheel trading post. Mom/pop operation and will have half dozen local pick up trucks parked in front scoring breakfast. Cheap homemade breakfast sammy’s and is about 0.8m on left Rt 4 heading toward k access rd from ToR. Last suggestion is sun up bakery on k access rd on right just before hitting rams head area. ToR is a throwback. Got a huge common area with huge fireplace, tv (folks play jeopardy every night - I suck at it but blame it on the boxed wine) and access to full kitchen so that’s where I ate dinner almost every night. Lot of regulars there (ski instructors, mountain ambassadors patrollers) but always welcoming. Last trip I went with 2 other guys who never been there and they loved it. Bunks downstairs is $40/night (separate woman’s and men’s dorms). Private rooms available upstairs with shared or private baths. Another ski option to consider is Pico if they got most of their terrain open. Cheaper than K and worth a day if you’re in the mood. Good luck
  2. 2008/2009 was my first season at blue and they had twice day grooming
  3. Getting tired of blue taking 4 years to open one new single trail. Does Barb really care about the skiing? Huntah got sold and wham bam thank you mam they got a whole new ski area. Your welcome to tell me to bite it if new owners get rid of the VIP line though...
  4. TAlk to Ms Mute instead of posting to us assholes during dinner [emoji38].
  5. Day 6 First civilian chair at snowdon. Pure carpet. Best groomer conditions of the trip. Traversed out to bear and back. Just knocked it off and heading home now. k’s ops folks are amazing. Snows coming because I’m leaving of course. Will be grate shape for MLK weekend
  6. Day 5: 9 o’clock start. No visibility. K did a great job recovering. Conditions were hard pack to soft on trails where snowmaking happened yesterday. No bumps or trees though. Mountain ambassador said K went from 130+ trails to ~75 from this last thaw/rain. Ouch! Bear mountain skied best but notable call outs were East falls and mouse trap.was a fun day but beginning to feel like Charlie Brown sitting out in the pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin to return. Come on winter! Snowdon 6 opening bell. It’s there somewhere... Winter(ish) returns This would pair so well with my crocs:
  7. Day 4 Arrived at snowdon lift at ~9:30 (pro tip, park in corner next to lift. Easy access to lift and car for lunch). Guns blasting all over mountain. 25F and receding winds. Ice baby ice. Wow! Swept mountain from snowdon to bear and back. Bear ok. Outer limits and wildfire closed so no bumps. Some guns blowing wet so almost went over the handle bars a few times. By end of day mousetrap-down was skiing grate because guns blowing good product. Got word two bumper friends joining me Wednesday. [emoji41] oh yeah, I’m talking to my skis now so I got that going for me... Couple of hero to zero pics
  8. Wish I knew, would have been fun
  9. Day 3 Late start but arrived at Pico 10:30 ish. Was not planning on skiing but sun came out. Never been but this place has potential. Reminds me of a smaller smuggs. Only lower mountain open as upper lift was not spinning. Winds still blowing but calling bs on wind hold. Upper trails had enough coverage to connect the dots. Sun soon disappeared then the rains came. Then the snow came. Then the sleet came. It even started doing something that looked like baby squids. This state got some weird weather... snow was mixed. Frozen moon craters on some trails to fluffier surface with occasional frozen rivers that you traversed at speed. Blue skies by 3. Skied until 3:30 and called it a day. Would recommend going back when more terrain is open.
  10. Update: weather forecast completely different from yesterday. Thinking Pico now. Never been
  11. Day 2: We decided to start at bear because snow was best there yesterday. 8:sumptin start time as our legs feeling it and crew was banged up from yesterday. 45F ish and snow was soft and flat. Bumps where still set so had to wait to soften. Woods were no longer in play. Took a break at 10:30 (hot chocolate) and we were all decidedly still nicked up from yesterday so decided on low-hanging fruit goal of skiing over to rams head and back. While on lift line at rams head heard someone call us out. Was the 6 Canadian girls staying at same hostel. They asked to ski with us and we like ‘ok’. We headed back to bear and first run apparent they were bunch of ringers arcing turns etc. Collectively they skied Japan, Norway (combined sail surf trip) and heli skied BC back country. . We were ripping back, having fun riffing off of each other’s lines and basically skied as a fun unit. Outer limits was stupid hero snow by afternoon yet superstar was still ice ((slide 30’ at Mach silly until you saw some snow and turned). Anyway, skied until 3 when we felt first rain drops. Girls wanted live music so hung at bear lodge for apres and song. Finished night at hostel chatting bs-ing around the family table. I told them it was like skiing with their Dad’s but no one was buying them dinner (they got a good laugh at that). I’ll miss their stupid accents. Girls and my crew going home today. Rain is here and I’m pretty sure I’m not dropping K$ for today. May hit local library, do some work and try to make a dent in my pile of unread New Yorkers. Awesome 2 days skiing. Winter returns tonight so see what miracles Killy ops can do (?)
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