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  1. Yep, PASR is still ADD. Awesome. See you fools within a month
  2. Yup yup. New ski clothes on you is like leap year - not often.
  3. Yep! But not lowering price so I have brand new ski pants when I turn into a fat ass again
  4. Never been used (last years version). Size XL. Dropped 25+ lbs over off season. Even a belt is not helping me. $200 and they are yours
  5. Awesome. So we symmetrical don’t give a fuck about each other.
  6. No one cares what you spent
  7. I’m back row right side. Crappy quality photo though
  8. Relieved. Judging by the title I thought this thread was about my sex life
  9. How’s your chorizo game? Asking for a friend
  10. Yeah, so much more available for a LOT cheaper. Turn of River lodge will have rooms for $70/night or so. Or can stay even cheaper in bunk room below [emoji38] And superstar has a glacier on it. Should be able to ski into June if they want
  11. Everything is on a spectrum. There got to be some things that can be added to sway the near miss folks
  12. No you don’t want that. If they voted and failed they have to wait at least a year before voting again. They will go again soon. Before June perhaps
  13. This is so awesome! Enjoy peak!!!!
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