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  1. tarponhead

    New Purchases... What did you buy so far

    I skied for ever with custom footbeds cause I have crazy high arches and always had to have inserts for running (predisposed to plantar fasciitis) so I just assumed I needed for skiing. This year on a lark I removed them and found I liked skiing without them much better. Hard to describe why. Lower to the ski kinda thing? I dunno but I’m not going back to footbeds again
  2. tarponhead

    Jackson hole 2/5-2/13...

    I did’nt. 5 days JH for $430 and one day Grand Targhee for $113 ( includes bus). But may get ikon for next year cause duh...
  3. tarponhead

    2/19...night moves..new pants.

    Was Salty with you?
  4. tarponhead

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    Getting deeeeppppp at mrg!
  5. tarponhead

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    Pls make this happen!
  6. tarponhead

    2019 saltyant Trip Stoke Thread

    Ha ha ha ! No. Not you.
  7. tarponhead

    Smuggs/Stowe 2019

    Yeah, MRG did not suck today either
  8. tarponhead

    Jackson hole 2/5-2/13...

    Ok, thx. Got to snoop around on google more. May bring fly rod if it’s shit-fuck conditions due to freeze-thaw
  9. tarponhead

    Jackson hole 2/5-2/13...

    How far is snake river from the village?
  10. tarponhead

    Weekend roll call 2/16-2/17

    Sorry man
  11. tarponhead

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    Early season. Got it, thx.
  12. tarponhead

    2/12/19 Root got ‘recked on Razors Runout

    Regarding SB, I don’t understand this. They made you ride up HG lift?
  13. tarponhead

    the pics from today thread

    5 miles from work so some weeks I go in all week and some weeks hardly any face time at the office
  14. tarponhead

    the pics from today thread

    Good day to be working from home. I love being able to do that
  15. tarponhead

    the pics from today thread

    That’s why I asked. Amazed they don’t bother jumping over