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  1. Carmelized onions (white/yellow) and finish with maple syrup (light hand here) put on top of favorite cheese burger construct
  2. Why wait for crew? Just go if no takers. Northern Vt has largely escaped the worst of this pathetic winter. https://www.turnofriverlodge.com https://hosteltevere.com $40/night. Go
  3. And this has what to do with OP question? (Keeping it civil)
  4. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Blue is all sorts of f*ked up but to be fair, the 6’er fiasco they had techie from EU coming over. Non standard failure for sure. It’s a PA ski bump, not friggin Vail. I can’t get too harsh on them for the 6 pak problems. My 2 cents for sure
  6. Sir your timing is impeccable
  7. Day 2: Lincoln Peak Woke up to -8F. Van was probably 15-20F. Fired up propane.waited for warm up before change to ski gear. Lincoln was the plan and butts in chair by 8:30ish. Bluebird skis and no wind. Snow was still awesome. Skied until noon now heading home. Skied really really good today. Not as good as yesterday but still grate!
  8. Ok , spur of moment trip when buddy calls with tricked out sprinter van wanting to chase storm north. Leave late Friday afternoon and white knuckle winds/ northern rides to Mt Lincoln base to park and blend in. Night temps are low single digits and 14”+ has fallen [emoji41]. We bagged Lincoln in favor of Ellen figuring crowds be less. Opening bell run was powder powder powder turns. Lined up for upper mountain lifts opening 15 min before load time. We were 6th chair (north ridge express) and hit exterminator. [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41][emoji41]face shots all the way down. V-tah!!!!! No skiing pics cause powder day and go go go. Woods skied awesom. Rolled to 3 pm and collapsed . Tonight will be even colder. So here are some dirt bag skier van pics
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