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  1. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Annnnd maybe you should look at the web cam
  2. 3/9 Packed Powder Fun!

    I loved that book
  3. 3/9 Packed Powder Fun!

    Wishing you nothing but awesome successful vibes (however you define success)! Your ski game will get a huge kick start rolling Vt daily opposed to our beloved pokes
  4. Shawnee - 03/03

    He was probably hammered. He needs to wear that
  5. Platty 03-Mar

    Walking down the access road pick up stops and ask if we need a ride. Heck ya. More like 3/4 mile walk. I must have been staring at the snow on the walk up and not notice the walk [emoji41] Slopes never crowded, lift lines moved. Lazlo made serious bank today
  6. Platty 03-Mar

    Left at 6 for bell with #2. Have a bogo voucher. New they had no power as of 5:30 AM but hey, gotta try. Thruway was a packed conga line of every skier on the ice coast heading north at 80 mph. Got to bell before opening and was told nope. Maybe noon. So I pooped in the dark and proceeded to platty which have not been in at least 7 years. Let me tell you if you have never been. Platty is the mother fuckin tits McGee!!!!!!! Idk what they got 20, 25?or 30. Already tracked out when we got there ( lots full, had to walk maybe 1/3 mile from road parking spot). But endless endless pow bumps of medium density snow. All day long. Top half of the triple Lift line was bumps. I’m not talking under the lift. I’m talking waiting on line to load the lift. I’m in heaven and of course I gotta keep up with a 20 yo. Some folks going in woods. I made some side excursions running the outside bmp lines but nothing serious. All day long soundless powder bumps! Not the conditions our intrepid PASRs got yesterday but a best of the year date for me. Legs are cooked . Drinking a bomber sized bottle of polish beer waiting for #2 to get kicked off the mountain. Platty I love u A good sign on drive up
  7. End of season party dates??

    Yes they gloriously cover Razors and Razorback top to bottom with bumps
  8. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Speak for yourself
  9. Ring my Bell

    Jelly! You guys should just get a room
  10. the pics from today thread

    A year after the “big burn” I was fishing the firehole in August. Afternoon storm rolled in and temps plummeted. Being August I was only wearing a t-shirt so I would spend a few minutes fishing, then go near geysers to warm up before getting back to fishing. They were less restrictive back in the 80s [emoji41]
  11. Jackson hole 2018

    Holy shit that was good
  12. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    You are set at goldminers. I’m a puruvian fan myself. Make sure you go to the bar at the puruvian - top 3 ski bar in North America. Truth. Don’t know if you have been there or not but no where gets tracked out faster then Alta / Snowbird so be prepared. Far right (skiers perspective) at Catherine’s will hold on longest. If they open east castle then the effort will be worth it. Devils castle and lower woods will hold on for a while as well. After things get tracked out drop any line between high rustler to gunsight will be awesome. Be careful not to get cliffed out in eagles nest area. Jelly, enjoy. PS. If you got nothing bigger then RTMs then rent
  13. the pics from today thread

    How are the crowds? I know it’s been pretty cold there lately...
  14. 2/26 Happy Warm Spring Birthday to Me!

    Happy birthday SC! Jelly cause work has me shut down until Saturday
  15. Soooo what are gonna do when you are lapping the VIP line while your daughters wait with the filthy masses? Can teach em to wiggle past reader/net I guess