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  1. Saw him at the Capital theater in Passaic NJ (about 3 miles from my house). He crowd surfed and my friend and I passed him back
  2. Totally not appropriate but I’m lmao. How much weirder can 2020 get? “Coronavirus: Monkeys 'escape with COVID-19 samples' after attacking lab assistant” https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-monkeys-escape-with-covid-19-samples-after-attacking-lab-assistant-11996752
  3. Jersey opening up quite a bit more starting mid June. Now over 20k tests /day ((2nd in country per capita). Murphy said in briefing today he wants all peeps tested. Not just frontline or only for symptoms/exposure. Big big help in getting businesses open. Test sites in CVS etc
  4. With US passing 100k deaths the US with 5% of world population has 1/3 of covid-19 fatalities reported worldwide. Yes, many countries suck at reporting real #’s but still eye opening
  5. Lol We use webex which is the standard platform but remote bandwidth is a challenge at times.
  6. Generally agree but running large meetings and connectivity issues at times is getting old
  7. The 10th covid vaccine has just started phase I trials this week (safety only, not efficacy)
  8. Correct. Talking about boomer contact tracing And apologies to GSS because my boomer brain interpreted his remark in my perception (aka old fashioned contact tracing)
  9. NOT apps! NJ and MA have been recruiting contact tracers like crazy. Tests lead to contact tracing
  10. “There are ways to achieve contact tracing and privacy” . Yes it’s people walking up to you and asking who you where with. Lots and lots of people doing this. What’s your problem with this time proven mitigation?
  11. BS. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for a classic epi management technique to mitigate disease spread. Read. Learn.
  12. Would you actually think about what we are trying to accomplish? Fuks sake people are fuckin idiots
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