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  1. eaf

    Zee Lights

    The weather's too sticky during summer to be sticking around I have to cool off elsewhere.
  2. eaf

    Zee Lights

    That's actually rather cool. I remember, once I missed the last ride up and had to take a shuttle to my car. Now they'll have no excuses and I fully expect to get a tow up.
  3. eaf

    Zee Lights

    Oh well. At least there is snow. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 🎶 As a side note, I am getting rusty. I need to start quoting properly.
  4. eaf

    Zee Lights

    You broke my heart. Are we getting a new trail at least?
  5. eaf

    Zee Lights

    Wait, it wasn't bought at all? Not by Vail and not by that shady local company?
  6. eaf

    Zee Lights

    What did I miss over the summer? I think I saw Blue bought by some obscure buyer, so likely no benefits for the passholders and hopefully no changes to the VIP lanes. Then JFBB scored epically and so did our board singer. Anything else?
  7. eaf

    Zee Lights

    Yeah, Atomics... I feel like I need to get rid of them somehow. I think last year I've been on them twice or thrice at most... Anyhow, my go to skis these days are either blue or green. Where is that King of the Hill, I need my avatar to match!
  8. eaf

    Zee Lights

    Purple?? Why in the world am I purple? I mean, green or rad I'd get, but purple? Can I file a petition to change my color?
  9. eaf

    Zee Lights

    Yippyyy! What a glorious week! Snowmaking started in Poconos, and a foot of early snow in Dolomites. Pugski is bombarding me with at least half a dozen of new "for sale" threads daily, and I've just winterized my sprinklers. If the season is not 5 minutes away, I really don't know what to think of all of this.
  10. Thanks for the report and pics. They'll be an eternal reminder that VT is not worth even a thought in May.
  11. Please. Unless you're driving BMW or Mercedes, you'll be a nobody.
  12. Skip the pics. Go straight to video.
  13. What?? You don't even smoke the real stuff, just some juice??
  14. What amazes me most is how far the grapevine stretches. Who would've guessed that people in Tahoe or Colorado knew rumors about some PA mountain far far away. Two weeks... Wow.
  15. Also explains another new almost twin pair of skis. Salty, I envy you so much. Will you ski the red or the black one?
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