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  1. Lol, I think I mixed up my flight somehow...
  2. Holy cow, another trip to the Skiers Paradise! A place with endless groomers and highest number of sunny days in Alps. A rough start with crazy outbound weather with snow peaking right around the departure time. When it hit, it hit hard, and I even started looking at rail options, but then miraculously the snow took a break, and I zipped to EWR in no time at all. Stupid United flight this time. Far from the luxury of Emirates, longer en route, but timely departure and free booze in the United Club. The only thing left before departure is deicing. Whoo-hoo, looking at the webcams and forecast, it's gonna be truly epic. Lots of sunny days has its unfortunate side effect on snow quality or even availability, plus this time I'm flying earlier than ideal, but the storm that drowned Venice in December dumped enough in the mountains to last till now.
  3. What I like about your reports is how spot on they sometimes are, and how they just convey the general mood on the mountain. They don't just mention casually about that trail being ROTD, they get into things like guns roaring, kids piling up from buses, DW being scraped, Paradise spitting out an occasional flock of cautious beginners down the DW or that lift capacity exceeding the amount of open terrain. I kept of thinking the same thing: wow, no lines anywhere, and yet such a crowded feeling on the slopes. I can only add that if you looped the quad you'd see groomers in action and as somebody said on the lift that night: "damn, I wish I had one of those".
  4. Yeah right. Last Saturday was a blast. That's what I'm talking about! Tomorrow's gonna be winter, weekend's gonna be pure, distilled misery.
  5. Didn't know you were a fan of water sports. Tomorrow is the way to go! Everybody who's planning on coming this weekend instead of tomorrow just can't think of a good excuse to skip work.
  6. Well, first - nice to see you here again. Second - WTH?? Drive all the way to BM and not ski at all? You didn't get injured by any chance?
  7. Have mercy. Thanks to me GSS skied full 91 minutes today vs his usual 90.
  8. Btw, what did ya all do to salty so that he withdrew himself from the site?
  9. IDK why everybody is so in love with NW/DW. Sure, it was nice, but also thin and narrow. Paradise had better quality snow (really the best today) and was wide, smooth and thick. Also for some reason the troopers are not enforcing speed limits yet, so it really is a blast to ski. Lazy was trash from the start. Second time in a row for me.
  10. Last Sunday the very left gate of the quad was buzzing and saying "Wrong Lift" every time I tried passing through. Regular tickets worked fine there. Other gates weren't a problem for me either. Go figure...
  11. GSS, what are your friends on the weather forum predicting for Sunday? Seems to be some PM rain, but when?
  12. Wow, you really were getting a Royal treatment today! Personal Vista tour, Shawnee ticketing advice, even mirrors retracted. You didn't by any chance first overdose everybody by fruit by the foot this time?
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