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  1. How's packing going on? Did you already find someone to water flowers and feed the fish? Found $20 to tip shuttle driver? Checked in and paid for luggage?
  2. Show me where I said so.
  3. Yup. As a reminder, got denied of my hard earned priority boarding yesterday, and was cattled in row by row to 100% capacity.
  4. Now that I'm back, I'd like to close this thread... First, thanks to all who've been there earlier this year and posted their TRs. It should be pretty obvious that I was often following their tracks, and it saved me a lot of time on research. The choice of SLC hotels, easy hikes to kill time, advice on good trails and lifts, that was all extremely helpful. We've skied 3 days total (there was a fourth day planned at Snowbasin, but then we had to rebook the flights and cut the trip short). The choice of mountains was primarily driven by their elevation (this is a late trip, so the high
  5. @saltyant, you need another hobby for the summer time. And since you are a fan of Florida, why not get some instructions and go dive wrecks in the Keys? I’ll be your buddy 👌🏻
  6. And what’s that strange blob that we’ve spotted from the air in the way down?
  7. Oh well, so the it looks less of a rerun, here are some downtown pics.
  8. Nah, this place feels like Milly Express today.
  9. Just got there. One hour till boarding 🤣
  10. Btw, the guy on the stone was a slacker. He could’ve hiked higher.
  11. Had some time to kill before the 1pm flight... Hiked to Ensign and beyond. Salty, did you end up going here?
  12. That’s how breakfast is served these days 😂
  13. Some views, which I think, are unique to Brighton. Like the $555 fine.
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