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  1. eaf

    Killington 5/5

    Thanks for the report and pics. They'll be an eternal reminder that VT is not worth even a thought in May.
  2. eaf

    May Day, 5/4/19

    Please. Unless you're driving BMW or Mercedes, you'll be a nobody.
  3. eaf

    May Day, 5/4/19

    Skip the pics. Go straight to video.
  4. eaf

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    What?? You don't even smoke the real stuff, just some juice??
  5. eaf

    Vail buys Blue - Article Inside

    What amazes me most is how far the grapevine stretches. Who would've guessed that people in Tahoe or Colorado knew rumors about some PA mountain far far away. Two weeks... Wow.
  6. eaf

    Aspen/Snowmass 3/30-4/6

    Also explains another new almost twin pair of skis. Salty, I envy you so much. Will you ski the red or the black one?
  7. eaf

    4/2 Sunny and empty

    Oh shit! I already quit skiing MC and Shawnee because of that, and now this? It there any lift he didn't abuse yet?
  8. eaf

    Aspen/Snowmass 3/30-4/6

    You two look so good together! ❤️
  9. eaf

    Aspen/Snowmass 3/30-4/6

    Holy cow. That's like buying a bottle of Remy Martin to compliment a still more than half full Hennessy. Both XO. Have mercy.
  10. eaf

    4/2 Sunny and empty

    Just skiing ain't good enough?
  11. eaf

    Vail buys Blue - Article Inside

    They said "someone" But WTH, Mountain Creek is still open?! That's the surprise of the day now!
  12. eaf

    Vail buys Blue - Article Inside

    Yeah, Toast totally ruined it with the very first response. What a party pooper. My heart soared when I saw the screenshot.
  13. eaf

    Vail buys Blue - Article Inside

    This is great, Salty!! Do you think there will be spring access this year to current season pass holders? I was procrastinating all day yesterday and didn't put storage wax on yet. Do post updates!
  14. eaf

    3/30 ..Closing Day?

    Your math is abysmal. In reality you paid for the first 8 of your visits, which barely covered December, and then skied for free, you cheapskate! Should be ashamed of yourself.
  15. eaf

    Closed today!

    That's another misconception. Just look at $189 window prices and the $699 cost of Epic passes as Doug said in another thread. Someone coming to the window would think that wow, what a deal, the pass will pay itself off in just 4 visits and then I'll be skiing for free. What he misses in that comparison is why the price of the one day ticket is so freaking high in the first place. Skiing is not worth $189 a day at any resort. And nobody's skiing for free at Blue. I pay for the contract in advance, they agree to keep the lifts spinning. I'm at a loss on a President's day weekend when every family shows up paying them window prices. They're at a loss on a March weekday when season pass holders can finally ski the trails without feeling that they're sardines in a can. So it's fair. There was a mountain called Alpine that liked to randomly close on their season pass holders. They felt they could really abuse that, also probably thinking along the same lines that it's not profitable to spin the lifts when there are no people. Well, maybe for another reason, but they didn't even up well.pp