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  1. Yeah, I was there once: https://www.paskiandride.com/forums/topic/19428-ski-arlberg Flew to Zurich, stayed in Warth at Airbnb about 20 mins away from the lifts. Haus Huber was like $800 for 7 nights, 2BR apartment. Warth was really quiet, but also on the outskirts, so I think while we initially planned to ski all the way to St. Anton, we realized that it was a little too far and it would really be just get-there-and-start-going-back-right-away kind of a day. We did ski their White Ring route and crossed through Lech a number of times. Liked the atmosphere there, but it was certainly not a
  2. I have a feeling that this Moderna may be worse than the actual stuff. I have NEVER felt this bad in my life, can't believe it's only a vaccine. And it all started so well. No side effects from the first shot except for the sore shoulder. Peachy 8 hours after the second shot, well maybe the shoulder felt a little worse, but then... Temperature started to rise, first felt almost pleasantly warm, just in time for bed, but it soon changed to chills, oh what a wonderful feeling it is when you feel both hot and cold. Had to find an extra blanket, but by the middle of the night I got so ho
  3. How's packing going on? Did you already find someone to water flowers and feed the fish? Found $20 to tip shuttle driver? Checked in and paid for luggage?
  4. Show me where I said so.
  5. Yup. As a reminder, got denied of my hard earned priority boarding yesterday, and was cattled in row by row to 100% capacity.
  6. Now that I'm back, I'd like to close this thread... First, thanks to all who've been there earlier this year and posted their TRs. It should be pretty obvious that I was often following their tracks, and it saved me a lot of time on research. The choice of SLC hotels, easy hikes to kill time, advice on good trails and lifts, that was all extremely helpful. We've skied 3 days total (there was a fourth day planned at Snowbasin, but then we had to rebook the flights and cut the trip short). The choice of mountains was primarily driven by their elevation (this is a late trip, so the high
  7. @saltyant, you need another hobby for the summer time. And since you are a fan of Florida, why not get some instructions and go dive wrecks in the Keys? I’ll be your buddy 👌🏻
  8. And what’s that strange blob that we’ve spotted from the air in the way down?
  9. Oh well, so the it looks less of a rerun, here are some downtown pics.
  10. Nah, this place feels like Milly Express today.
  11. Just got there. One hour till boarding 🤣
  12. Btw, the guy on the stone was a slacker. He could’ve hiked higher.
  13. Had some time to kill before the 1pm flight... Hiked to Ensign and beyond. Salty, did you end up going here?
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