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  1. Excellent train spectating on the looooooong drive to Taos, NM.
  2. Haters gon' hate. Glad to see you're still alive Douglas; stunned that almost 40k posts is a thing...
  3. Just dropped a mad smash to get into my backcountry weight for PowMow on Thursday. Feelin' another one comin' on in a minute. Beeyah! ^ first gear purchase of 2014-2015!
  4. I have a Sector 9 Pintail I'd sell for like $50. Think I put new trucks on it like 4-5 years ago. Haven't ridden it since college.
  5. Anyone post this yet? http://www.serfassconstruction.com/projects/view_projects/summit_splash I've seen the flags along the top lodge access road but I'm still kinda surprised how close to the road the waterpark looks in the renderings...
  6. kinda interested in the air but would have to move my current macbook/iPad and some other stuff in order to make it happen... probably wouldn't happen until mid-February so don't wait but if you still have it then consider me interested...
  7. I have a Burton Feel Good ladies snowboard just sitting around. Brand new with the stickers still on the bases. I have no idea what year the board is, but it is definitely a few years old. The topsheet has some small scratches on the bottom from being stored, and the base has dried out after a couple years. A good wax and it would be in new condition. Board is 156cm long. Looking for any reasonable offer, someone needs this more than me!
  8. The BRZ is the fun result of a Toyota/Subaru collaboration. You can get a pretty good understanding of the 'why' behind the car by reading what the majority of the automotive press has said about it. Basically their hype is that for the money it is one of the best driver's cars available. They used a Cayman throughout testing and development as the benchmark for the car. You don't have to like it, but personally I've had a blast driving it and just about everyone I've spoken with who has driven one has really enjoyed it (almost every dealer I've spoken with will not let customers test drive it
  9. STI = torsen diff front and rear with a driver controllable center "diff" (multiple settings between 50-50 locked to 60-40 split; depends on the year of the STI but in the past it was able to get closer to 70-30 split rear to front) BRZ = Torsen ltd slip rear diff carry on....
  10. Uhhh yup thats what we saw... edit: Doug great job posting the vid, that was your greatest contribution to this site. ever... + points to you.
  11. So I was in Jackson last during the winter '98-'99 season. Unfortunately I didn't ski during this pass-through, just stayed a night in Jackson, WY with the fam and then did a day of snowmobiling in Yellowstone, which was pretty sick and I'd recommend. I might do it again, we'll see... Jackson Hole is unlike any place I've ever skied. Whistler has over a mile of vert, but its not Jackson vert. This place is steep from top to bottom. I'm not a convert from Utah, but Jackson is still somewhere I'd like to return to as much as possible. Today was the first day I haven't skied open to close, we
  12. Darn if I knew they were gonna shorten the course I woulda stuck around and filled in for Travis... One look at lower Razors and I had no interest, that was a great call on their part to shorten the course.
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