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  1. Last year Pa State Parks saw a 26% increase in visitors. And yeah, people who have no respect or experience with the woods will trash it, unfortunately.
  2. Now wait a minute. Weren’t you like super paranoid about COVID just a few months ago? I would love to get back to normal, too, but many younger people have not been vaccinated. The numbers where I work are going up again.
  3. I think Bear really upped their game this year.
  4. I also saw post on IG, park riders still gather at the top of B chair at closing, and hammer SP with snowballs 🙂. I actually did a night session there in February, place was PACKED with middle/ high schoolers. Demographic hasn’t changed, but it was still a lot of fun.
  5. That was what I understood, and also couldn’t use it end of this season
  6. I doubt I’ll be there Saturday. Getting ready for Killington. I may be able to squeeze in a late afternoon session, but doubt any of my crew will be there later.
  7. Blue’s website says Saturday 9 pm closing. No Sunday.
  8. Just curious how you managed to qualify for your shot. I’ve been bugging my 26 year old to try and get one, not eligible as far as I can tell.
  9. I’m hoping for Sunday. By the looks of today, I’m wondering if they’ll make it. Already have plans for Saturday. On the up side- skiing Killington next week.
  10. A HUGE difference between today and Tuesday. I hope they make it until Sunday. ☹️
  11. I wonder if any riders reported to anyone that it was acting up? I definitely would have alerted a least ski patrol.
  12. I think they’re really popular down south. I think they tried to sell them in grocery stores around here about 10 years ago. Never really took off.
  13. Yeah, I guess she thought I was a little strange. Much easier to approach a woman in that group.
  14. It’s been a spectacular season. Not much traveling, but still amazing
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