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  1. Last year Pa State Parks saw a 26% increase in visitors. And yeah, people who have no respect or experience with the woods will trash it, unfortunately.
  2. Now wait a minute. Weren’t you like super paranoid about COVID just a few months ago? I would love to get back to normal, too, but many younger people have not been vaccinated. The numbers where I work are going up again.
  3. I think Bear really upped their game this year.
  4. I also saw post on IG, park riders still gather at the top of B chair at closing, and hammer SP with snowballs 🙂. I actually did a night session there in February, place was PACKED with middle/ high schoolers. Demographic hasn’t changed, but it was still a lot of fun.
  5. That was what I understood, and also couldn’t use it end of this season
  6. I doubt I’ll be there Saturday. Getting ready for Killington. I may be able to squeeze in a late afternoon session, but doubt any of my crew will be there later.
  7. Blue’s website says Saturday 9 pm closing. No Sunday.
  8. Just curious how you managed to qualify for your shot. I’ve been bugging my 26 year old to try and get one, not eligible as far as I can tell.
  9. I’m hoping for Sunday. By the looks of today, I’m wondering if they’ll make it. Already have plans for Saturday. On the up side- skiing Killington next week.
  10. A HUGE difference between today and Tuesday. I hope they make it until Sunday. ☹️
  11. I wonder if any riders reported to anyone that it was acting up? I definitely would have alerted a least ski patrol.
  12. I think they’re really popular down south. I think they tried to sell them in grocery stores around here about 10 years ago. Never really took off.
  13. Yeah, I guess she thought I was a little strange. Much easier to approach a woman in that group.
  14. It’s been a spectacular season. Not much traveling, but still amazing
  15. I did stop at PASR party briefly around 1030. Talked with Toast a bit, everyone else looked pretty occupied. Didn’t even bum any delicious food, as I got hangry on my 2 hour ride from Jersey, and had some Wawa. Skied from about 11-2, hung out in lot a bit. Fun day. Thanks Indiggio for for fixing my phone 👍👍
  16. Ugh. I definitely won’t park in the PASR row!
  17. I did Ikon this year, and will probably do the same for next. Along with Blue pass. I don’t think Epic announced what resorts are on their pass next season yet.
  18. Staying overnight Saturday at my Mom’s in Jersey after she gets her second COVID shot. Then headed to Blue.
  19. What do you think crowds will be like Sunday? Can’t get there til about 10 am.
  20. I skied from about 945-630. What a fun, fun, fun day!! Lots of ski ladies in the house, marvelous tailgate, then back out. Snow was absolutely perfect, even Burma. And no crowds.
  21. I grew up not far from there. In middle school, it was called Jr. high school back then, 9th graders got to go on a ski trip there. I can’t remember if they had snowmaking. I believe it was run by the county.
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