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  1. That is some set up!! A two story camper and tent. You could use as an Airbnb.
  2. Yes, I like that tent, too. But we already have 3 tents, for different kinds of camping. BTW, are the snowboard pants sold? I know someone who may want them.
  3. I don’t know how they can say that. Their website keeps crashing.
  4. Everything was 20% off in store on Tuesday. I just got some base layers for Maine. Going in February- it’s gonna be cold. Kid got a new helmet. I’m thinking maybe it’s going to be hard to get ski items later in season. One of the sales people said they got very little new skis shipped in.
  5. Have you seen the prices for those houses? Unbelievable. And the houses are HUGE! I’m like WTF, it’s 2 people, why do they need 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and more square feet then I had growing up with 4 siblings 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. The price of houses now is so ridiculous. I feel bad for anyone trying to buy their first house.
  7. And congrats to no longer being a two-plater👍👍. I have a lot of family in Jersey, I don’t know how they can afford the property taxes. When did you buy a house? Kind of a crazy time to buy, isn’t it?
  8. We used Bair couple years ago. To trim a huge oak near the house.
  9. How often do you plan on testing your kids? Sounds like it could start getting expensive. And I’m curious, all you folks with younger kids, will you get them vaccinated if approved?
  10. I have a few things I’d like to try and unload at the tent sale, as well.
  11. Baseball hats are the best when hiking
  12. Going to Big Sky in March. I don’t care if they have don’t have the most uninterrupted vert.
  13. We have a neighbor with a koi pond that hasn’t been maintained in years, also people down the street with an abandoned pool. I feel like calling the health department on them. And yeah, the mosquitoes have been ferocious. We also never put chemicals on our lawn, so they probably love our place.
  14. Since you were not there, and don’t the circumstances, don’t judge o quickly.
  15. We had a honeybee swarm near our garden this week. Fascinating, we had never seen this before. A local beekeeper came and took them.
  16. We have unlimited data, so I’m using my phone for everything. There’s just some things I prefer my desktop for. We went with Comcast, renting the router. I think it comes out to $55/month. When we had Verizon was up to $79/month. T-Mobile was $50, and it worked great….until it stopped working. It was so frustrating talking on the phone with their tech help, they all seemed pretty clueless.
  17. Ok, time for someone’s expertise here. We had Verizon Fios for years, but it got pricey. Now when I shop for internet, there’s all levels of plans, different prices. At this point maximum number of devices online here would be 3, and that would only be if only if one of the kids were here on their laptop. We basically use our internet for movies, paying bills, buying stuff, phone, my workouts, and I have to do work classes on occasion. No gaming. It’s mind boggling all the choices. Do I really need top of the line for $$$, or can I go with something a little less pricey?
  18. Don’t be a baby. Get 2 shots. And you’re more likely to be on your deathbed and wish you had a vaccine
  19. Holy crap. Your house sounds like a disaster between the electric and the roof leaking. Makes our internet problems seem very minimal. Good luck tomorrow.
  20. Yeah, I get that. We can’t find ER techs to work at our hospital. Starting pay $13 an hour?! Are you f@cking kidding me?! Aldi starts at $21 an hour.
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