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  1. Do Blue pass holders still get 20% off stuff in the shop. Thinking skis and bindings
  2. Didn’t get there until around 10. I think you all were already in the parking lot. Took 9 runs and called it a day. Snow got sugary with scattered boilerplate. Place got crowded, saw folks buying tickets, both bars busy, folks buying food, so hopefully they are making money.
  3. We did a lot of camping and hiking in the spring, early summer and fall. Still doing a good hike every week.
  4. What an amazing first day! So glad the bottom lodge was open and 3 long runs. Snow was perfect. Had to work Saturday so missed out. I haven’t posted on here in a long while, been busy. Happy season everyone!
  5. Here’s a pic I got on my Blue group email
  6. Dandelions are important for pollinators.
  7. I remember charting everything on paper. When we went to computer I didn’t think I’d ever be able to learn it. Now when the computers are down, it causes widespread panic. And my writing is horrible anymore.
  8. Did they ever even restart it? They were going to reinstate, but several weeks after they announced it. Didn’t make sense, if they were that concerned, why not make it immediately?
  9. There’s a lot of rock up that way. Do you think they will have to blast to get through it?
  10. Did Ikon base again this year, I’ve been getting 9-10 days a year on mine. And can’t beat the $180 discount for military/ medical workers. And of course, my Blue Mountain pass.
  11. Yes, it is. But people aren’t being hospitalized with it nearly as much. I had COVID after I was in Montana, was sick with cough, sneezing, for about 2 days. I only tested myself because I had a dentist appointment, and thought that was the right thing to do. I was glad I didn’t miss any ski days. Hubby had it and didn’t do as well as me, fever and slept for 3 days.
  12. It’s weird how altitude sickness can hit. You think you would be in the clear once you are there a few days and doing all the right things
  13. Yeah, just heard that. Philly now has a mask mandate.
  14. I’ll definitely check it out this year. Had planned to go last year, but it was so beautiful out, we went hiking instead. Then they closed because of fire.
  15. Yes, I’ve played there. Gets covered in poison ivy.
  16. I find disc golf completely boring. But I have some friends that love it.
  17. Sorry for your loss. Perhaps you will be reunited soon. Miracles happen.
  18. Is it a lot cheaper to park at Philly than Newark? I usually fly out of Philly when I drive to airport, took a bus to Newark going to Montana. I use Express Park in Philly. They shuttle you to airport. Used to be $18 day, I think
  19. That is amazing. They probably got more snow than a lot of other resorts out west this year. I’ll have to look and see what their average snowfall is. Locals in Big Sky said they haven’t had good snowfall since 2020, when everything shut down.
  20. Or you could fly Southwest and get 2 free bags. Still take your boots as a carry on. We flew United out to Big Sky. 80 bucks each way for two bags. WTF.
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