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  1. Wait until you see the prediction for El Niño/La Niña around October-ish. We are very much affected by those events, with the best seasons being La Niña (in my records kept since 2005, we get well over 100 inches more snow during La Niña). Total Last Day Snow Depth 304.5 110.1 weak or neutral average 359.6 134.8 La Niña average (best year was 426"/142") 246.0 82.4 El Niño average (worst year was 173"/79") 311.7 113.3 average overall Failing that, I'd say the best week to be here for snow is the LAST week of February, not President's week, the next one. That's based on my notes about particularly good days in the last ten years. Any later and you risk spring conditions. If you can't make that week, then earlier is better, but you don't want to be here President's week.
  2. I hear Bumble is the place. I don't know how to get rid of that empty quote.
  3. Almost 32. Not married yet. Seeing a guy who is into mountain biking and back country skiing, tho, so you never know.
  4. I use a real camera. I still own a flip phone. I take plenty of pictures over the course of a season, but as we all know, not every picture is a keeper. So the goal is to pick the picture that either embodies the day, is a real stunner, or somehow stands out. The reality on foggy days it's the one that looks like something, anything. 😰😇😱👿🤓🤓😠😝😧.... Hmm, emoji window came up, never got populated with anything, Chrome froze, now I've got all these stupid emojis and can't delete them?..... You've got a bug here. The pictures posted above have been pulled from Facebook, which does a lot of processing, downloaded to an Android tablet, and reloaded here, so they've suffered a bit. Siblet's pic was probably taken with an iPhone. It was taken by a skiing companion, certainly not by me.
  5. I'm thinking Big Face. That gets some cupping due to wind, but the really dangerous tree wells, that appear to be solid snow right up to the trunk, appear in truly treed areas. The snow surrounding the tree might appear level, but it's not consolidated, so it's this invisible pit where snow keeps cascading down on you the more you struggle. There's a lot of these areas on the back, around Evan's, and off Bigfoot T-Bar. Those areas don't get so wind blasted so the snow stays fluffy and loose. Great skiing until...
  6. I go through periods when I do, but it hasn't lasted long. It's pretty mellow here compared to a lot of other places. We getting more popular though, and I hope it stops. 🙂 Plus, starting next year, Super Seniors won't be free. One of my goals had been to ski at least until I could ski for free, so that stinks.
  7. Testosterone is a big help. 😉
  8. Thread drift: Siblet hits the back country down in the Bitterroot:
  9. Because it was so cold this season, we had a lot of clear days. (You're lucky I didn't post all 63 pictures.)
  10. This year? 63. We're closed now. February 10
  11. Some other good pics. January 30: February 5:
  12. Actually, I don't have heated boots, but they are toasty when I put them on my feet. Also, wind chill is not actual temperature. As long as no skin is exposed, you're fine. There was only one day this year when my feet felt sort of cold (it had been warm and sunny the day before and this day was cloudy, and I'd dressed for the prior day), and I never lost feeling in my toes. It's a matter of layers. They will shut down the lifts here before it's too cold for me. I do use a double face mask, I do wear two layers of long underwear, I do have a down layer as well. It also makes a difference where you ski. If you're riding a lift with wind in your face the whole ride up, you might get cold. But there are always lifts in some direction that are less windy. The very worst lifts for lack of protection from the wind are 1 and 5. Both can be brutal!!! Especially as they come up over the final rise. Finally, where and what you are skiing can either cool you or warm you. Cruising the blues at Warp 9 will make you cold. Working hard in bumps, trees, powder, etc. will heat you up. You learn all these things when you ski up here. We normally have about 10 days to 2 weeks of super frigid temperatures. This year it was more like five weeks. I skied plenty of days where the Summit temperature (not the wind chill) was -14. Good times. I prefer those days because no one is here and the super cold air makes Glacier seem super close and we get that diamond dust sparkling in the air. By the way, there's projects in the works to expand lift-served terrain: https://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=8bfee85ec43c6496c2d381e3f&id=a048d110be
  13. You timed it pretty well, by the way. Missed most of the frigid days (which I personally live for, but that's me) and yet the snow wasn't gummy yet. Things went downhill rapidly after March 12.
  14. I have this down as a "zero chair" day as well. Got better later, and even had a snatch or two of blue sky. Where did you go in a tree well? I'm sort of surprised you found one, given it was a low snow year and the snow was pretty dense, either dry and extremely fine, or wet and compact-able most of the time.
  15. I was there this day as well. Notes say I had to tell myself not to get cocky. Another gorgeous day!
  16. I was there, place was empty. Great day! The main lift opened late, but that was fine. Flat out gorgeous day!
  17. https://skiwhitefish.roundshot.co/summit/ New web cam And view at sunrise:
  18. PennLive.com: Here's what new at Roundtop, Camelback, Liberty and more ski resorts in Pennsylvania. https://www.pennlive.com/expo/life-and-culture/erry-2018/10/065606b1971974/heres-what-new-at-roundtop-cam.html I'd be interested to see this new Scarab trail and how much it's just a rebirth of the old cross mountain trail.
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