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  1. A little over two hours left on everything and so far the only thing sold is the board. This is a good opportunity to get some really good gear wicked cheap.
  2. I just put a bunch of new shit on eBay for relatively low prices so I can just get it out of my house. MENS Barely used 2010/11 Gnu Danny Kass with C2 BTX Banana & Magnetraction Large Lib Tech Bailout Jacket (Orange) Second Large Lib Tech Bailout Jacket (Orange) Medium Lib Tech Bailout Jacket (Black) Lib Tech Crisis Pant, one large orange, two medium box scratcher colorway WOMENS Small Roxy Navy Academy Deluxe Jacket Medium Roxy Rocket Pant (Faded) Medium Roxy Corvette Jacket & Matching Pant (Purple)
  3. 5 day used 09/10 Capita Ultra Fear 151 Flatkick 1 day used 09/10 Capita Quiver Killer 155cm New Banshee Bunge Urban Assault Package
  4. People don't get hurt when they slide off and hit snow because that's not really possible. People DO get hurt when they land wrong and blow knees/tear rotator cuffs/compress their backs/tweak their neck.
  5. Coincidentally this is the same airbag that I watched sideline multiple dudes this summer. I know I'm belaboring the point right now but these things are sketchy at best and dangerous as hell at worst.
  6. Saw the thread title and assumed that the thread was about the current resurgence of snowboarders spinning 180 while on rails. This is honestly the most disgusting thing you can do on a rail, please don't do it :/
  7. They had those at one of the camps this summer and they're good for one thing; getting completely broke-the-fuck-off. They are really really dangerous and I've seen multiple people get severely injured on them. If you can't sack up and don't have the abilities to throw something on a real jump then you probably shouldn't be trying it in the first place.
  8. Didn't read thread, Glenn I've got a pair of brand new medium black Holden pants I'll sell to you for cheap. IM/PM me. welp nevermind.
  9. Boots are probably the most important piece of equipment because if your boots are not comfortable then you will not want to snowboard. Please do not force your son to use boots that are too small unless you want him to really hate snowboarding. If he's really growing that fast do a seasonal rental like Glenn said or go to Play it Again Sports and buy him a pair of boots that fit for $75. Saving a hundred bucks a year on a pair of boots is ridiculous when you factor in how much money you're going to lose on day tickets or a season pass when he takes two runs then spends the rest of his time
  10. Hahahahahahahahaha. You're like that annoying dipshit who played football in high school and is constantly reminding people about how good he was even though he didn't have the chops to play college ball or ever actually do anything with the small amount of skill he was given. You are the snowboard equivalent of this guy; No one here is impressed with the majority of the nonsense you post because we do the same shit and in some respects do it on a much bigger scale. Have fun pushing your $900 snowboards to the limit in the 6 foot "halfpipes" of NEPA. Just to expedite things, here'
  11. Haha, I remember this guy from a long time ago. It's nice to see that he still is claiming his USASA wins like they actually mean something. Also the concept of a decent pipe rider who's local mountain is Camelback is absolutely hilarious. Isn't your name Jer or something? Wanna tell us again how you used to ride with Keir back Shawnee?
  12. Ahahahaha oh how the tables have turned.
  13. 15% off any roundtrip flight I'm going to fly roundtrip to denver for the tradeshow for ~$80
  14. Oh yeah I just remembered that thanks to absolute dipshits that post on this forum I have lost the ability to edit my posts! Thanks guys! Here's another; Don Vivi's Pizzeria (2727 NE Glisan St.) Also, a big part of me suggesting against riding while you are out there was before I remembered about the Greasebus. It's an awesome service run by some friends of mine who charge $10 for roundtrip service to Meadows. If you have the means to rent a car then by all means do it but I would still recommend taking the Greasebus regardless of wether or not you have a car. It's too cheap and t
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