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  1. 1/17 - powder day

    i thought happy land was much better than t-bolt glades. snow was very sticky in t-bolt.
  2. TR 1/20/2018 - Subaru Swag

    swag was only available to subaru owners. everything else was open to all.
  3. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    i didn't think billy idol was "classic rock".....but then again, now they are call stuff from the 90's classic rock. smh.
  4. TR 1/20/2018 - Subaru Swag

    short answer: to sell more subarus, and to provide current subaru owners with a little something special. yes, i took advantage of all the free (to subaru owners) swag, free snacks, etc.
  5. had a nice day with all my fellow subaru owners at jack frost. today was subaru's winterfest and all the ppl decided to show up for the festivities. parking was crazy and so was the lodge, but the slopes weren't too bad. snow conditions were pretty good and coverage in the glades was also generally decent. jf blew more snow after last week's storm, but the quality of snow that was blown wasn't the best. the man-made snow was a bit wet and sticky, which was unfortunate. bumps on exhibition and happy glades were nice. towards the end of the day the exhibition bumps got a bit scrapped, but nothing too bad. one park was nice....i made sure to hit a few features on the way down. it was a jerry-sighting bonanaza: loads of teletubbies, ski jeans, eagles jerseys, etc. could be seen everywhere. also, lots of ppl skiing with mad technical packs and such: i guess that's needed at jackson frost, lol. one girl had this backpack, and it was seriously too big for her to have one while attempting to ride the lift. she fell off the chair at the bottom, so the lifties had to stop the lift so she could get back on....and then she fell off the lift at the top, and the lift almost hit her on the head. womp womp. subaru did a nice job with their swag area. they had a stage flanked by two trendy tiny houses, forming an outdoor courtyard with two fire pits and adirondack chairs and such. at 2pm a 90's cover band took the stage. the played quite the gambit of songs....rock, hip-hop, pop, etc. they were just OK. it kinda made me feel a little old to hear the kids out there getting all excited about the band playing "90's music". oh well.
  6. Powder Day 2018 Mega Thread

    umm....your skis, they have edges. learn to use them.
  7. The effect of the ski width on knees

    I haven't taken the bump clinic, so I can only speak for my experience with the race clinic vs other lessons I have taken. The racing clinic is waaay more focused on skiing skills for "good skiing" and that mostly translates into good racing....at least that's for the drills portion of the clinic. And it's also nice to have coaches who specialize in racing. They approach skiing differently than the general instructor who deals with the average recreational skier. Most other "general" skiing lessons i have had were OK, but much less detailed and/or technical.@tinymoose has told me that she has improved loads more with this race clinic than any of the women's clinics and other misc lessons. I think the other thing that helped me with the race clinic is the duration. It's 6 weeks long. Of course one needs to practice on their own to improve, but the multiple sessions does provide more time for repetition of new skills and feedback of that practice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    those teeth.....
  9. 1-18-18

    I thought the upper set of moguls were in better shape b/c it's a little steeper. ditto the sticking to the edges of the mogul field. FWIW, there looked to be much better bumps to be had in the sleepy hollow glades. natural bumps are always better than cat-pushed moguls.
  10. The effect of the ski width on knees

    dilly dilly! PSIA instruction gets too formulaic to me, that and they seem to base their technical skill set around a certain skiing aesthetic, instead of what could be truly efficient skiing (in terms of mechanics and energy exertion). I like seeing different "styles" of skiing amongst skiers. it's kind of like a fingerprint or a personality, and it allows one to really and truly "own" their skiing.
  11. 1-18-18

    @tinymoose and I rolled into the upper lot around 6.20-ish and headed into lodge and @Grimblygunk was already there booting up. made in on snow about 6:45 for a warm-up lap before meeting with the race clinic at the racing office. I forgot my phone in the car, so I couldn't do any live TR reporting (which I was intending to do, oh well). pretty much lapped the 6-pack all nite doing more drills and exercises that are supposed to make one a better skier, but in reality made me feel like a moron, lol! my run of the nite was a quick blast down razor's early on to catch up to a clinic straggler. good thing we were working on technical skillz b/c we needed them given the variable surface conditions (sugary chop, polished slick hard pack, to boiler plate ice). ran into atomicskier, GSS, mbike, nastarglen, and jlaw a couple times at the bottom of the 6-pack. called it quits about 9:15 and did two laps through barney's bumps, which was a mistake. there were a few good turns to be had in there, but for the most part the moguls had been severely skied out and/or destroyed entirely to expose the nasty boiler plate. def high impact skiing, and my ankles and right knee are a bit angry with me today. after that, we retired to the upper mtn bar for apr├Ęs. got home about 12:30 and the cats were angry with us b/c we had left them alone all nite long.
  12. 1-18-18

    wow, the rare nighttime GSS sighting! be sure to stop by and say hey if you see us.
  13. 1-18-18

    only if they close it for the college race teams first. I don't think we're gonna be hitting any gates this week. we'll prolly be lapping paradise, NM-DW, Switchback, and Razor's.
  14. 1-18-18

    i'll be sporting my RTM's for the race clinic tonite.
  15. Trip Report - 1/17/2018

    nice TR! seems like you are learning some mad tactical skillz for handling ungroomed and varied surface conditions. I used to ski at camelback in high school, and I remember the Hump always being an icy mess. But, you have your trusty RTM's and they are more than capable of providing control over ice if used properly. watching youtube clips of skiing can only help so much, then as @GrilledSteezeSandwich points out, you'll need to start taking in-person lessons to progress even further. keep up the good TR's!