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  1. I learned to ski at Belle Mt. in Lambertville in the mid/late 70's. They kept skiers from sliding into the street with haybale walls, every once in a while someone would ski into one. Those walls stopped a lot of runaway skis from going into the street. I remember many winter nights sitting in a car in the parking lot across the street with friends, partying and watching for wipeouts. Another lost ski area was on route 611 in Pipersville pa. at the intersection of route 413 and route 611. I remember it being called the Pipersville Chalet. The ski area closed long ago, but the lodge is st
  2. I heard through the lift ride rumor mill blue is/was considering raising the age to 75.
  3. Sounds right. When I am on an extended motorcycle tour around 300 miles a day is enough.
  4. Not sure about the darth vader guy. Seems off.
  5. Agree, Challenge was really nice. Lazy was a lot of fun as well. The initial stickiness on razors improved as more people skied on it.
  6. Confronting someone over parking in a handicapped spot is how the guy got shot and killed in Florida in the video that was on the news a while back.
  7. good day fun conditions. the parking lot was a quagmire when I left.
  8. I agree with all of this report, plus widowmaker was very firm, and burma was in good shape. Had a real good day skiing yesterday with hayata. Even though the lines are long at the six they seem to move along ok. The burma lift sitting idle with long lines on both sides is a bit ridiculous. ROTD = sidewinder.
  9. Left a little early, glad I did, got ahead of the slick stuff, I need to move closer. Sleepy hollow and switchback were good. I moved to the little gap side early but as has been the case a lot this season, the Burma chair did not start spinning until late. Added another fun day to a good year so far.
  10. was he the gentleman with the foo man choo moustache? When you blew by me on challenge I don't think you where actually touching the snow.
  11. Enjoyable day. Snow was ok. Rotd was paradise, and the cross trail under the six near the bottom. Moguls were freshly seeded were rough at the end.
  12. Most entertaining social media site on the web right here.
  13. Conditions were very good today, all season really. A little bit of brown starting to show near the bottom of switchback.
  14. Real good day today, even with minimal lifts running and a handful of closed trails at the start, bumps were great.
  15. The fog was thick in buck's county this morning. Had some fog related accidents in the area. Decided not to risk it.
  16. Half speed is better than no speed.
  17. The six is spinning and they are setting up the orange fencing this morning.
  18. They have had a VIP line at the quad a couple times this year. Didn't mean much, still had to wait the same as everyone else once past the gate. The conditions at blue on everything but sidewinder were very good today. Sidewinder was rock hard with cookies on top, not much fun. Barney's was a little slick in between the bumps but still fun. Skied the sleepy hollow glade the conditions at the bottom of that required your attention. The six of course was down and they were only spinning the main street chair on the little gap side (vista chair too I guess) so the lines there grew quickly. But ov
  19. Friday, with Hayata, and Ernie, maybe Vince too.
  20. We headed over to the little gap side, the conditions were excellent, and the old school lift rides were fun.
  21. I passed the car accident on 78 on my way home, it was bad, thankfully I was going in the opposite direction as the east bound side was closed.
  22. Did you score first chair wednesday?
  23. Thank you, great info, I saw that ToR place on line.
  24. I will check that out, thank you.
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