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Found 5 results

  1. Ski season up here took its time arriving then dumped four feet on us all at once and it was so much snow you couldn't move the first day. For a few days all the backcountry rock stars from up around Stowe were down here in little ol' Brownsville because Ascutney got hammer-slammered with powder in a storm that didn't go much further north than White River Junction. You never saw so many Sprinter vans and Labrador retrievers in our parking lot. Then two weeks later it rained and washed ALL of that snow away and that's how Vermont winter rolls. Then February arrived and kept giving and gi
  2. Hey All, I'm back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. At 730AM it was around 2 degrees with 15-20mph winds actually warmer than expected. There were a lot of PASRs in the house including Atomic Jeff, Shadows, Enjorales, JFDan, Root, Ryan, Toast, Matt Edge, Johnny Law, Justo, the real KT, T maki, skier112, Indiggio, mbikeMike, Mrs Snowbunski and many others. As always the gates opened before the liftees got ok but first chair was had. I had a very nice first run on Razors before it was closed to the race team was between hardpack and aoftpack not bad
  3. This is actually pretty funny, and pretty much backs up my thinking that the Vail EC resorts wont be getting the full "vail treatment:" They plan on spending 215 million in 2020 on some western resorts, and then at the very bottom says they plan on spending 15 million on improving "guest experience" at the 17 resorts they just acquired from Peak. Shows you exactly where those resorts rank on the Vail ruler. 15 mil over 17 resorts is some card scanners, new deep fryers and a hot dogger. https://snowbrains.com/vail-resorts-capital-plan-2020/?fbclid=IwAR04NDqTn0X7Obp1NVhOcffEqN6jAj
  4. Just passing this along in case any of you are thinking of being EPIC with skitoolive. I didnt buy any, so dont blame me if its not EPIC. https://ufcwlocal152.org/news/introducing-jack-frost-big-boulder-ski-resort-discounted-tickets/?fbclid=IwAR1ybgPcByMvBzD7Cu468vYRlmlWNhPz7K4hkEBSsGe-xhohA6S5MlDfQ5o#.XerbuDlxMug.facebook
  5. Opening day is finally here! The earliest in Blue Mountain history. The groomers are finishing up, the lot is still empty, the beer is cold, and employees are scrambling like they didn’t know the place was opening today. You my boy, Blue! Feels good to be back.
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