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Found 2 results

  1. Tomorrow I head to the 'dacks to ski Whiteface for 3 days - Wed. 2/3 through Fri 2/5. It's gonna be siiiiiick.
  2. Another rad day at Camelback. I missed First Trax for the second day in a row, since my bed was just too comfortable to get after it. I decided on a late start and arrived at 10:51. Surprisingly, there were plenty of parking spaces available near the Nastar Glen Lodge, so I was pretty stoked about that. First run of the day was on Pocono Raceway. I aimed to practice carving and making wide "S" turns, but unfortunately the race teams took up half of Pocono Raceway, and also half of Rhododendron Glen, which is a trail nearly identical to Pocono Raceway. That was a little disappointing, since it would be better for most people (i.e. me) if they set up two racecourses on just one trail, and then left the other one empty for the general public. Then I moved on to do a few runs on Cliffhanger, which was mad steezy and started forming tiny moguls (good news for all you mogul lovers). I find that moguls make runs unnecessarily difficult, so I then went to other black diamonds, and found The ASP and Marjie's to be in surprisingly excellent shape, a stark comparison to last night's ice fest on those two trails. The Rocket was fairly icy, but The Hump (opened this Saturday) was terrible! Practically nothing but wall to wall ice, with just a few small patches of sugary snow here and there. The express lifts were operating better than last night, with far fewer stoppages. A worker explained they recently installed new cable on both express lifts, and because the cable is stretching, or something, a cable tension checking monitor keeps shutting down the lift. I have no idea why it can take several minutes to restart a lift because of that, but apparently the stoppages are forecasted to continue for the next one to two weeks. Well, another successful day at Camelback, and I remembered to include some discussion of skiing in a skiing trip report today. If anyone of you is interested in what I ate, I'll provide full details.
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