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New Purchases... What did you buy so far

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New pow skis.  

I got some things. Not sure why there are two of them, guess one is a spare. 

On the - What Did You Buy So Far - list, you can add a pup. His name is Wally and he's a bernese mountain dog / poodle mix who will likely be in the parking lot this winter.  Does Blue Mountain n

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I just ordered this... been looking at it for a little bit now..

I had a $10.95 credit I needed to use and a 20% off coupon


Gore Tex jacket for under $100 shipped (after my credit / discount)

Can't beat it...

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186cm ON3P rockered custom powder ski 130-115-120 with Jesters -9cm for me.


178cm On3p symetrical centermount with STH12 for Ridge.


Nips is riding all Salomon head to toe. Good quality outerwear BTW.. check it out if your store has it.

171 Suspects STH14 and Kaos and Kreation boots - Bright Red Gangster Jacket and pants.


I dropped off 60 items for sale at the Ski Bum in Newark DE. The stuff is priced cheap, way too cheap

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Seasonal Locker $199 (increase of $45 or so which Siblet funded)

Season Pass $535

New Recons, purchased end of last season $429?

New bindings, purchased end of last season from store going out of business, $100


Total so far: $1253, not counting Siblet's pass (last year we are paying for it! She's on her own once she graduates. $435 for college pass.)

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Grabbed a pair of Rossignol Experience 88HDs, 172, on Saturday at the Camelback Demo sale. Demo'd them and several other skis at Buckman's demo day at Blue. Was hoping to get a chance to get either those or Volkl RTM 86 in 170 at a decent price. Put a few runs on them on Saturday and Sunday, couldn't be happier with them at this point. 


Hoping to get to try them tomorrow as well.

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