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BLUE now renting season lockers


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Thats just absurd.

Even if this month they renewed a hundred lockers and collected $11,000, you really think that

compares to the working capital they made selling 300,000 $40 lift tickets last year?


They are just doing a good job kicking off the season right and calling the season pass holders who got on the list.

When that money is gone and you're negotiating payment terms with your suppliers and contractors and meeting payroll off a line of credit, yes, $11,000 is alot of money.

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11 minutes ago, Justin said:

Really wish they had smaller seasonal lockers. Truth is, I'd love a boujee season of warm lodge booting with a place to stash a bag. Not paying $249 for it though. Am I allowed to parking lot pimp if I'm a lodge booter though?

The seasonal lockers are outside. 

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