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Season Pass Holder Perks


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I see to recall someone at BM asking somewhere what perks season pass holders liked and/or would like to see implemented.


Anybody hear about any new perks being added for this season?


Personally I'd like the "Open @ 7:30am (or even 7:00am) for season pass holders" to be put at the top of the list.


I think these little perks BM gives to their pass holders is what makes them better than any of the other mountains.

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Mmmm....Sad to say I've been skiing Little Gap, er, Blue since, well, let's just say early 80's. I recall when season passes were $200.00.


The absolute best skiing was Sunday night. We'd get there for the Sunday twilight pass and get out to Main St. as the groomers were coming up on their final run. Weekend crowds were gone and we'd have fresh cord and no boilerplate to ski until closing. Ah, the days...


I don't think it would be such a hassle to open at 7:30 for passholders. Yeah, I get it that some employees would have to get there a bit early, but not all and ski patrol are probably already there anyway getting their first tracks in. I really think it would work w/out too much expense to Blue.


I have to admit that the VIP line is one of the best perks going, when they police it. I actually think they did a pretty good job policing it on the weekends by having an attendant at the head of the line. Also to 10% food discount is beneficial as well, but doesn't get you back a whole lot as you say.

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Indiggio, are you one of the people waiting to be scanned in at 759am on Saturdays and Sundays at Blue at the lower lodge?


Sometimes. Most of the time I'm too lazy to drive all the way down the other side, so I'm one of those waiting up

at the top shack to get in the first run down.


Might be all those years of not having a lower lodge, my brain automatically makes the turn, since I'm still half-asleep! :blink:

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youve been skiing here since the 80s and just now found this site? or is the entire internet a new concept to you?


free big air bag would be nice.

free tubing too, or is that already in?


and whats the deal with nastar?


Internets, what the hell are they anyway? Are they something you go fishing with or what?


I wonder how they did with the air bag??? Sure didn't seem to be such a big draw or get a lot of use each time I was up there.


Yeah forgot about the free tubing. It is kinda fun for a ride or two. They need to put some jumps on them to make it more exciting.

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