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the pics from today thread


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7 minutes ago, Barb said:


My guys got the roof dried in just in time for this latest storm. Gonna head down early January once all the windows are in. Can’t wait to lay eyes on it. My builder said there was a bald Eagle hanging around all day. 

Property goes uphill and eventually reaches forest land. Although that lot belongs to someone else I have heard they live out of state and only come every few years. There is enough space to ski it on a makeshift 4 x 4 road. Only a few hundred feet of very but the steepness of a black resort run. 

Way to get after it.  I can’t imagine what construction costs are in such a remote area.  Probably over $200,000 for that tiny house but it’s cool.  You’re rich!!

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Aspen is one hour 10 min. But if I ever get better at BC stuff this whole area is like a playground. 

In the summer when Kebler pass is open, CB is only about an hour plus  

and yeah construction costs have been nuts. This will probably be my last project. 

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1 hour ago, Benm said:

Is wawa selling wrapping paper now or did you ask for it from the deli?

Well done either way

Lol is that masking tape? If so, even better. 

Full disclosure…..not mine. Stolen from the WWW. I didnt notice the masking tape…lol. 

I have minimal patience for wrapping gifts, and the wawa hoagie paper seems like a baller idea. 

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Just now, saltyant said:

Thanks! It's really neat seeing people skiing from the plane. I could see the line at the Sullivan Lift.

It’s a super good picture. I already showed my friend Steph both pictures because she’s intrigued by skiing.  She said Blue looks way cooler than camelback 

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29 minutes ago, antman12 said:

Sooo did they just want to test the snowmaking on Coming Soon? 

No coming soon is ready they just need to blow snow on paradise and it’s good to go..the new snow guns on that trail super efficient...I see some sweet manmade whales and chalky refreshers on the cold days on coming soon...next week looks cold. 

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