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the pics from today thread


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32 minutes ago, Barb said:

3F30FC31-4783-4FA7-8838-A4D112F02D9D.thumb.jpeg.30c82ff5782a7ed8febf67d2168f77ea.jpegYay for windows!  Delivered yesterday exactly one month after they were supposed to be delivered. 


Anymore, i just dont expect anything to be delivered when they say it will be. I had a trailer show up yesterday that was supposed to be here in August.  

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2 minutes ago, Barb said:

Finally drove up to see the progress on my cabin and order some kitchen cabinets. 

driving in my neighborhood


On the drive up I was thinking I would check out the 4 x 4 road that goes up to the top of the hill to see if it would be skiable. Coincidentally, my new neighbors were at the base of it, putting on skins. They reported it wasn’t an epic ski down but it was fun and would be right outside my door. 
This is the start of the road


The road up to my house is about an 8% grade so I could pretty much ski back down to my driveway. 

Nice, are you gonna get any skiing in on this trip?

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