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the pics from today thread


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4 minutes ago, Kyle said:

Closed on this place today, 3br 2 full bathroom, decent sized lot, 20mins to the beach 20 mins to the bay. Property tax less than $2200 a year. 


Now you'll need a truck to tow the boat you're going to get.  

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In Charleston for the weekend and spotted this yacht. Heard it’s for sale for $40m. Heard yachts like this can rent for $250k a week + staff. 


but if you look closely, there’s a floating tiki hut with a motor and a bunch of bros on it. 

spotted this giant shipping boat - Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Learned that it has a bunch of BMWs on it. Turns out it’s like a giant parking garage that floats. 


then just normal sailboats soaking up the sunset light


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29 minutes ago, Barb said:

Up in Marble and things are coming along. Went thru almost white out conditions on Vail Pass to get here. Siding is done, concrete floors getting polished starting tomorrow. Waiting on the inspectors to decide to drive from the other side of the valley before we can do insulation and close up walls. Fingers crossed by July will be ready for CO inspection. 





Looks cool and your dog looks to be having fun.  

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