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I like trains!!! Train thread...

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Myself and many PASRs like trains. From the train in the Denver airport to mother-fucking Amtrak being on the rails is aight...


Add your train stoke train stories and what not. I've still never been on a train with my skis I'm adding that to my list.




I like trains I also like dancing switchback burritos at 4am parties that never end and twins..oh wait that's a 90s beer commercial

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Passenger trains don't interest me.

With your fast running skills youd prob be good at hopping freight trains!!!

TP4 did you get robbed of your wallet or just cash??? When I took Amtrak with the JCC travel camp from Philly to Orlando back in 1992 I got my game boy stolen. In the south it was mostly ghetto black people on the train and I never realized they enjoyed playing Tetris. Also at some point the train broke down and everybody on the train was given fried chicken from a local fast food spot. Just two pieces of chicken and a biscuit.


Wow just wow TP4 you pass out on trains alot.

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That one guy who's friends with Justo..Doug is black but he's light skinned and he doesn't talk in Ebonics...but yeah not many black skiers out there. In Allentown it's like five times more Spanish people than black people. I am envious of the 6 black guys who go to Muhlenberg college cause they so much young pussy it's unbelievable. I guess cause they are like forbidden fruit.

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. i probably saw more black people on my way to work each day than most PASR's have seen in their entire lifetime lol (except for maybe justo)


You can't be serious.....

Lots of train stories... Studied a semester in Rome and did the eurail pass / backpack summer thing including ski trips


Dead shows by plane and train


New Rochelle/ Catskills trips by train


Will expand on another time.....

Looking forward to reading this

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First of all I wish there were trains in the Lehigh valley. The mayors of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Phillipsburg met recently to discuss commuter railroads. The trains I've been on are as follows.


Denver airport, Amtrak Philly to Orlando, Amtrak Philly to Atlanta, in England London to Brighton beach....mainland Europe...Paris to Amsterdam..Amsterdam to Basel..Basel to Basel Rhinelander and Basel to Paris. NJ transit Princeton junction to grand central station NYC and I've taken the dinky between Princeton and Princeton junction. When I was a little kid I also took Amtrak from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh and I've been on the Jim Thorpe train.

There are alot of train songs. Runaway train is a good one if you are into 90s grunge...Chattanooga choo choo is a good one for the old timers...I've been working on the railroad is a childhood favorite...last train to Clarksville is a baby boomer favorite. Crazy train by ozzy osbourne is also a classic.

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Tahachapi Loop takes it I think.


That is pretty baller as well. It's the horseshoe curve of the west. I like the scenery of horseshoe curve better because of the greenery.





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