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2/23..Perfect sunny spring day!!!

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Hey All,


I'm back from a fun day at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 11:20AM and the fog was finally being eaten away by the sun with a temperature in the lower 50s. I drank a beer and atomic Jeff and Nazareth Jay showed up a few minutes later and I shared some pepper jack cheese, pepperonis and pretzels and ended up pounding a second Hop Ranch. Hit the snow and there were about a dozen demo tents. First run nightmare to Dreamweaver and I skied the wall on the right side of the nightmare bumps and was nice corn and no holes yet as a stream runs down that when it gets really warm eating up the snow. Dreamweaver was pretty nice smooth corn on the far right.


We then hit up Barneys bumps which were big, especially the last section and very deep. Ended up skiing them four times some nice and some just barely holding on. Lower Main Street was mashed potato piles that my shiros ate up like Hungary hungry hippos. Rode the lift with MamaSkeez and she was having a really nice day and began at opening bell. Marty was also in the house and I rode the lift with him later. Root arrived around 1230 and I saw him in the lot later. Atomic Jeff and Nazareth Jay peaced out around 1pm and I skied a few more runs and then had more beers in the lot then root joined me and we worked on our suntans as the temperature soared through the 60s


Around 330pm I booted back up and root gave me a lift beer and first skied upper paradise to Dreamweaver the corn was ripe then did the right wall of nightmare again and the Dreamweaver bumps which were right but not as steep as Barneys did a another paradise to Dreamweaver and then crazy mile to falls to end it. It was 68 degrees when I left and peaked at 71 degrees on the drive home. Was super nice spring skiing and the only real skeet spot is the end of paradise. They should push some snow around and Saturday and Sunday nights the snow should set up solid before more warmth next week. I may have to hit up blue again tomorrow afternoon as its gonna be similar sunshine and 70 degrees. Was an incredible spring skiing day with lots of corn and bumps and beer. JADIP



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why the hell are you still there?!

Cause he's getting after it.

I got to eavesdrop on some of Roots conference call in the lot. Almost as exciting as a Target team meeting. Root has two phones. Shit is real. Almost made the lower lot a wifi hot spot.post-512-0-01045900-1487893807_thumb.jpeg

Exclusive members only trail 1eea4321587a1bec5432ca3188b1270d.jpg

Good day for the bacons.

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Was up around 7 rode with the dude, thought I saw GSSucks but who knows.

I bet edge was loving the bumps. Yesterday bumps were better than today..just slightly like a 9 out of 10 vs a 7.5 out of 10. A full ten degrees warmer today than yesterday. Silly warm out. I'll post a report in a little bit. Wrapping things up.

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