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Montage TR - 12/8/2019

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 we skied montage yesterday and had a blast. pretty good coverage for early season, and the 5 inches of natural snow from last week's storm helped things out a bit.

we did a few warm-up laps on high ball and switch. snow on highball was very nice...so it was prime-time tip-it and rip-it. visibility on switch was a problem, and with the surface undulations (prepping for the terrain park features i presume), care had to be taken with each turn. we spent the rest of the day on the north face, alternating between cannonball and boomer. run of the day was definitely boomer. best snow on the mtn and they left it ungroomed, so a nice mogul field was starting to develop. nothing too crazy, but at least it was nice to get some solid bump practice in on day 2 of the 2019-2020 season. cannonball was OK, but had a lot of traffic on it which was causing some areas to become scraped off. the flats near the lift had a bunch of death cookies early on, but they got mowed down as more ppl hit up that area. we found that the death cookies were not really a problem, even though we were on SL skis, as long as we we skied assertively and kept the skis on edge.

apres was at the slocum hollow bar. hot tea and chili was in order after a good day on the slopes. we'll most likely be back up again next weekend.

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