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Skiing above the clouds this morning. Conditions were fantastic early on and stayed pretty good up until 10. Challenge first run was the best Challenge run by far for me all season. Lazy was roller city. NMDW and Razors were closed for skier cross and racing. Sidewinder was good. Main was ok. Overall a really fun morning. In the house were[mention=2392]Johnny[/mention] Law[mention=511]toast21602[/mention][mention=13117]Benm[/mention][mention=13012]enjoralas[/mention][mention=3245]tarponhead[/mention] and lots of others...(sorry if I missed someone). Fun day.


Edit...the sixer was running but at half speed.




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Double to Widowmaker-Chute-Main was great, may have decayed since I went in. I went over there after the line went past the readers on the quad.


Racing has summit school hill closed too, for the special olympics. Looks like Nightmare is locked down hard to keep the  boardercross restricted - I wonder when that’ll get open. Late Sunday? Monday?

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Incredibly fun snow today and for the most part the grooming was pretty good. The fog was thick on the way to the mountain but dissipated as the morning went on and didn’t impact on-trail visibility at all. 






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