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Hey All,


I’m back from a fun Saturday at Blue mountain the true mountain. It was around 30 degrees when I arrived with strong winds and some early sunshine. In the house were Atomic Jeff, JFDan, JohnnyLaw, Mute, Ryan, Mixilplix, PSUFly, Bethlehem Ford Guy, Schifdawg, Rodney, Fritz, Lil John, Nastar Glenn, Mrs Snowbunski, MBike Mike, Root and many others. 


Second civilian chair and first run into the challenge wind tunnel and snow was better than expected firm but edgeable and very good consistent grooming. I did a repeat of challenge then did several runs on sidewinder which had similar snow but a bit less wind. Razors was closed to the race team and nightmare to dreamweaver for the free ride crew. 


No real liftlines both the six and quad running and a lot of tickets and rentals being sold.  Fun parking lot today although kind of cold..tomorrow will be much warmer..all in all way better skiing than expected and a pleasant day. 


Only oucture i took was wegmans tomato pie that MBike brought!!!


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3 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

I forget people sometimes..it happens.  Salty what was your favorite fun today 

My favorite fun was surely the parking lot fun. My favorite run was Challenge, since all other runs were super annoying skiing into the damn headwind. At least on Challenge I still got some zoom. Challenge looks like a green now after skiing the steeps of Steamboat. I can't wait for tomorrow, blue skies and no wind! It's gonna be so dang rad!!

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Yeah, I remember how someone was saying recently that grooming is always inconsistent at Blue, and there are always trails that are in less than skiable condition...

Well, today everything was excellent. Good job!

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