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Big Boulder Lifts

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2 minutes ago, rgrwilco said:

The only thing i've heard about a new lift was from that guy who basically got laughed out of the thread. Has there been any talk about it?

Knowing blue and their history of opening new stuff, they will cut the lift line and clear it over the next 10 years then add the lift without announcing it. It will sit for a year then open on a powder day, then have a naming contest in the off season.


Blue is now under new management....

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Read the comments of that post. Everyone is pissed at Vail and doesn't care about lift improvements. Especially since some of those will reduce total uphill capacity, but cut down on staffing (replacing a double triple with a quad, for instance). 

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2 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

How much?

I have a bunch, but I’m refinishing all of them with new paint and slats. They’ll prolly be similarly priced to what blue sold theirs for, not as expensive though. I can’t believe people paid what they did for them. 

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For those that were considering cashing in your bitcoin for the chairs at Blue, JFBB will be auctioning some off soon, according to a recent FB post.  

you might even be able to beat some of the others that bought them over year ago, into making something functional about it.  

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