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Utah stoke thread...2021!!!

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How is this 5 pages and zero skiing has taken place ?

@saltyant I have a pair of these you can borrow for your trip. Might make your parking situation easier to sort out. These will fit in your overhead bag so you won't even have to deal with lugging a s

take it to the discunted parking thread...

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Just now, Schif said:

The upper vs lower thing is new since January but the daily rate is the same as long as you're there for more than 72 hours

Thanks, I'll likely just do that then. I was initially confused by the pricing and short term vs long term but now it makes sense. I'd rather not deal with a shuttle and especially not valet (dont like people messing with my Sonic)

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1 minute ago, Mixilplix said:

I should also state that along with hating most people that snowboard...I also hate most people that ski too.....That said there is a big difference between people that ski/snowboard and a skier/snowboarder...

So you’re an equal opportunity hater?



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1 hour ago, saltyant said:

Anyone fly out of PHL lately? Where the funk do you park? They closed the economy lot for some stupid reason which worked perfectly for me 

When I fly out of Philly in April to Denver I’m just gonna park at the gate..YOLO

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1 hour ago, saltyant said:

Thanks, upper levels are $16 a day which is only $3 more than economy. That's fine with me. I just worry about fucking up and parking in the wrong spot and have to pay $300 or something so I hope it's clearly marked

Where does it cost $40 a day to park in philly??

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2 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Yeah he was better than Hillary but he didn’t do anything he said he’d do and mishandled the pandemic plus he’s a bigger asshole than I thought.  People like me are why he lost PA

Trump is the reason vaccines are being distributed.  Without Trump, you wouldn’t be going to Colorado.  





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