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The PASR Magazine cover thread.


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As an expert with an extensive background in skiing Whiteface and Vermont, I've performed vigorous quantitative analysis to determine which is best and will now weigh in. After running numerous Monte carlo simulations in a quantum supercomputer, analyzing every nanometer of vertical drop, taking thousands of samples of powder and viewing the snowflakes under an electron microscope, and performing countless interviews and surveys among skiers, I've concluded in my expert unbiased opinion that Whiteface is better than Vermont.

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Awesome...in the off-topic section of the magazine, maybe we could have a recipe section (baking bread with Toast) and Automotive Section (car care with Salty - in this issue, topics include "WTF is an O2 sensor")

"Craft Beer Corner with Ryan and Mute".

You could have your own section too called "Fishing with Fly". I have a ton of ideas!
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1 minute ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

The bar code adds a nice touch.  Are these available at Waldenbooks?

You can deliver them since you've got extensive and regionally recognized print media delivery skills. 

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1 hour ago, RidgeRacer said:

Well thank you! Here's issue #1. Should probably place in this thread since this is the cover thread. we made some enhancements for the new issue.

What an honor to grace the first cover of PASR magazine!

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