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Future Plans for Blue?


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On 5/17/2023 at 11:13 AM, indiggio said:

After going up to Cameltoe on the alien pass and seeing all their new guns/heads, I would have thought Blue would have gone the route of replacing the existing manual guns with automated ones instead of just getting fewer, far more expensive fan guns.  They make great snow, just not a lot of it in comparison to the stick guns.

The fan guns cover more ground though so maybe they are thinking bang for the buck and throw down more coverage on the flat spots.  Throw more guns at the intersections and cross overs which generally are the toughest.  Somebody else said it too but fans don't require compressed air so again more bang for your buck.  


The far side of razors is always thinner and I can see the groomer being like yo pushing this slop across is dumb but I'd throw all these guns up high on the flats and same down low.  The new sixer was thin all year.  

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2 hours ago, indiggio said:

With all the electricity shutdowns they had this past year, maybe they should have invested in generators instead.

i will stick with them putting more guns up around the place over a diesel generator.  I dont think they had that many times they were asked not to run stuff.  i can kinda figure out what one of those fan guns take for power, but pumping water is another thing.  i can only imagine it takes a huge amount of power to move 5000 GPM uphill, and with some type of pressure.  

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